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The Situation in Rehab ...

Co-Star Saw It Coming

3/21/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino initially denied his rehab stint -- but plenty of people on the "Jersey Shore" set knew he was headed down this path. Angelina Pivarnick tells us what she saw during tapings -- and we'll tell you how we broke the story that could seriously change MTV's hit show.

Plus, Rihanna knocking boots with Ashton Kutcher? We have photos of a mysterious late night visit. Also, the documentary "Bully" is pegged with an "R" rating ... while "The Hunger Games" violence only gets a PG-13. Horror movie master Eli Roth joins us to explain why that's totally fair.


(0:10) TMZ broke the story -- The Situation is in rehab ... so why is he denying it?
(4:51) Angelina from "Jersey Shore" calls in ... she's surprised it took Sitch this long to get help.
(8:35) Is Rihanna hooking up with Ashton Kutcher?
(12:10) Eli Roth joins us live to explain why "Bully" has a "R" rating due cursing ... but "Hunger Games" only gets a "PG-13" for child violence.
(15:05) Sorry ... there's no Whitney Houston sex tape.
(21:01) We talk to Michael Lohan about Dial-A-Star ... and play Rick's hilarious conversation with Angelina.
(26:01) An inside look at "American Idol" contracts.
(31:10) Two controversial topics -- Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro are both taking heat ... for no real reason.
(37:00) Israel's ridiculous new law -- banning fashion models from being too skinny.
(44:00) MJ's death house on sale ... for nearly $30 mil.


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arale norimaki    

Come on, you've seen that TV show. It's just a bunch of sweaty Guidos getting hopped up on energy drinks and giving each other diseases."

917 days ago


question is. is it really for abuse or more PR stunts for the sitch cuz we know he likes the attention plus more news = more promoters.

917 days ago


meth is what makes you paranoiac

917 days ago


I read The Hunger Games trilogy last summer and I don't think it's appropriate for some of its target audience. I will admit I'm strict, but I think The Hunger Games in particular was too violent for a middle school audience. I hope parents will read the book themselves to decide if it's appropriate for their child.

916 days ago


The Situation never denied anything. TMZ posted the un-confirmed story without any real facts.Sitch just said not to believe everything you hear from TMZ.
Then he announced the facts himself.That's his right.
Angelina,really? She was castoff on season 2.She's still mad at Sitch because she left her tampon on the floor and she didn't want to help with dishes.Dirty little hamster!

916 days ago

chris menard    

Why does Kelly wear such hot low cut tops now? Is it for ratings? It makes me tune in everyday. What a doll.

916 days ago

who dat    

Don't waste time watching this live. Wait til you can (fast) forward thru the worthless crap. Which is usually 90%

916 days ago


Can you say someone is soo obsessed with Snooki & attention, that he's pretending to get help for his issues, to get everyone off talking about her & baby, and back on himself. All he ever does is create drama because he thinks he gets more camera time, and fame...But baby...letting the world know that you are clinically admitted to a nut hut to get "help'', makes me feel even sorrier for you then before. Then again if I had to put up with myself in a 3rd person, I'd have to self medicate also. Save the money Sitch, just kill yourself<3

916 days ago


what happen to the Booze in whintney

916 days ago
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