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Charlie Sheen

I'm HONORED Kathy Bates

Is Playing My Ghost

3/22/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If casting Kathy Bates as Charlie Harper's ghost on "Two and a Half Men" was supposed to be an insult, it failed miserably -- because Charlie Sheen is telling friends ... he's "honored" Bates will be playing his old character.

In case you didn't know -- Charlie Harper is scheduled to make a cameo on "Men" on April 30th, and exec producer Chuck Lorre thought it would be funny to cast Kathy Bates instead of Charlie Sheen.

But the jab backfired ... because sources close to Charlie tell TMZ, the Warlock LOVES Kathy. We're told Charlie thinks she's an incredibly funny, talented actress -- and is "honored" the two now share a connection.

According to sources, Charlie can't wait to see Kathy's portrayal -- and will definitely be watching the upcoming episode.



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cool story bro

913 days ago


It's pretty pathetic that this guy can't move past this show, still commenting on everything that goes on there. You are boring. Go away.

913 days ago


Sounds like Chuck Lorre is getting desperate. Ashton isn't that bad on the show, but the show is Charlie Sheen. With Ashton, if I watch the show, I watch the show. If not, no biggie. With Charlie, if I didn't watch it, it got DVR'd. Chuck should swallow his pride, shake hands with Charlie. I am sure Charlie would want all of this behind him. Bring back Charlie !!!!!

913 days ago


Don't know who she is.

913 days ago


Lorre is such a freaking baby. Grow up!

913 days ago

two cents    

It used to be a great show with Charlie. Ak and Lorne have somehow managed to ruin it. I have to settle for reruns because these new episodes just aren't funny anymore although Alan still does a great job with what crapola he's given by writers. Why would KB touch this? It doesn't make any sense. Sounds like lorne's jumping sharks again. Be humane/kill the show! It's over without Charlie.

913 days ago


pretty pathetic of chuck lori. He just can't get over stickin it to charlie can he? Charlie will always be more loved than chucky will ever be

913 days ago


Kathy Bates is one of my favorite actresses. However, the show still sucks and wont watch

913 days ago


he always says how honored he is, and that he will be watching, and then he goes all crazy train again.

913 days ago


Charlie and Chuck need to blow eachothers peeeeppp

913 days ago


Sheen is so full of crap. What else does he ever say. He pulled the same crap with Kutcher wished him the best then turned around and badmouthed the guy to no end. There was no reason for that. He'll do the same thing again.

Granted the show was getting old and stale before Sheen got his ass fired. But Sheen did get himself fired. Let's see how big his mouth will be if his Anger Management TV show should crash and burn.

Sheen pretty much playing himself was funny because of the writing but that was also getting old. His same old schtick. When you're pushing 50 funny is not so funny anymore.

913 days ago

yeah right    

nothing against Ashton or anything, but Two and A Half Men was way more funnier and better with Charlie, he was the show really. I like Kathy Bates, I think she is a great actress, but its kind of a head scratcher that Kathy Bates or anyone for that matter would play Charlie's "ghost" on the show. I honestly don't think Two and A Half Men is going to last much longer, its just not the same without Charlie...its like a huge peice of a puzzle missing.

913 days ago

Paul B    

Two and a Half Men have finally "Jumped the Shark". Talk about milking something to the bitter end. John Cryer is an over rated actor and should go back to b-grade movies. The Fat Kid will always be the fat kid and will end up telling fart jokes on a stage in a smokey bar. Ashton, your just an attention seeking goose. Bring back Charlie..............

913 days ago


Chuck Lorre really just can't let things go, it seems that Lorre is the problem here, not Sheen.

913 days ago

Not A Fan    

What an ego-maniacal d*ckweed! She's playinmg Charlie Harper's ghost, not his.

913 days ago
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