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Jason Biggs

Mocks 'Kony 2012' Director

in Naked Meltdown Video

3/22/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"American Pie" star Jason Biggs stripped off his clothes in the middle of a Chicago news station this morning and ran around completely naked ... in what seems to be a parody of the infamous Jason Russell meltdown video.

It all went down moments after Jason and Seann William Scott sat down for an interview for the WGN-TV Morning News.

Obviously, the whole thing was a joke to drum up publicity for their new movie ... but with Russell still in the hospital suffering from what's being described as a "reactive psychosis" ... we gotta ask ...


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Because if this kid represents all things good in the world, the polar opposite has to be outlets like this one. Distracting the masses from reality and making money off of it. Oh well. It isn't Harvey's fault by any stretch. It's our education system and national IQ.

947 days ago


I'm usually the first one to chime in on the "hilarious" bandwagon, but this particular guy deserves a a lot more support. He's done something with mass media that all of us dream of doing. I will always have the utmost respect for this guy. The problem lay in dark side of our attention spans. We all thought the video was fantastic and then 10 minutes later TMZ et al, posted some crappy unwarranted article on Kim Kardashian and the world went back to keeping its' head in the sand. Sad, but true.

947 days ago


Not really funny, sorry. I like Jason Biggs, but if you follow his tweets, he does sh*t like this all the time. Mocks things that are really not funny. While he looks funny doing it, making fun of someone who tries to help others and then has a mental breakdown isn't funny.

947 days ago


Just sad, ridiculous. what ppl have to do to get some fame. I'm sick and tired of this ppl.

947 days ago


Grow up people- who laughs at someone having a breakdown? Again Pathetic!!! Makes me just want to donate more.

947 days ago


Hilarious!! Everyone is so uptight.. Love it and hey everyone there are bigger things to worry about then Jason mocking some guy who loses it. Go put your time to discussing something like starving children etc.

947 days ago


He must have been tired & thirsty for all the interviews.

947 days ago


sean william scott should have joined him.

947 days ago


There is something really funny about the Jason Russel thing. For me, it's the closet case thing / anti-gay funding the organization has done.

If this was Maria Shriver or someone who was well respected, it wouldn't be funny. It would be sad. Yes, I feel very bad for this guy but there is something fishy about it.

947 days ago


NOT FUNNY. Mocking someone for having a mental breakdown is WRONG. If you don't understand what a mental breakdown is like you need to educate yourself and understand it's a serious issue and not to be taken lightly. I'm already pissed at TMZ for not understanding this very personal issue but this is just over the top.

Oh and I'm sick and tired of people using the word "hilarious " when in fact very few things are actually hilarious.

Shame on you Jason for your insensitivity on the matter. :(

947 days ago

billy cema    

Making fun of another person's illness is not wise. Be careful, Jason; this might come back to bite you!

947 days ago


It wasn't funny. Not because it wasn't making fun Jason Russell, it just wasn't funny. And to everyone who says he should be ashamed of himself at himself for making fun of him, I'm sure Russell can take a joke.

947 days ago


Who said it's a parody of Jason Russell's breakdown, this is Jason "I bang pies in movies" Biggs, running around naked, the new American Reunion movie is coming out soon, if this is the only way they can get media attention, you proved it worked.

947 days ago

billy cema    

Maybe Russell can take a joke. But poking fun at another person's illness is not a joke. And, I worry about those who do laugh at this. Time moves slowly, and who knows but universal justice may strike Jason and his ilk with illness in the family, or something worse. Then, would they still be laughing, this time at their own misfortune?
There's a time for humor; a time for laughing at little accidents; but never a time to mock your neighbor's illness.

947 days ago


Mental Illness is cruel and devastating for everyone it touches. There really is nothing even close to "hilarious" about it. We really can do better than to make fun at others who are suffering from mental illness. Never know when it may be one of us or one of our loved ones. Probably won't be nearly as funny then!!!

947 days ago
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