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Jason Biggs

Mocks 'Kony 2012' Director

in Naked Meltdown Video

3/22/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"American Pie" star Jason Biggs stripped off his clothes in the middle of a Chicago news station this morning and ran around completely naked ... in what seems to be a parody of the infamous Jason Russell meltdown video.

It all went down moments after Jason and Seann William Scott sat down for an interview for the WGN-TV Morning News.

Obviously, the whole thing was a joke to drum up publicity for their new movie ... but with Russell still in the hospital suffering from what's being described as a "reactive psychosis" ... we gotta ask ...


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just because    

HORNY 2012

883 days ago


Genius!, get publicity for his movie and minimize the jason issue as nothing a win to win parody.

883 days ago


You don't hear these supposed Christian athletes and other assorted celebrities talk about feeding the hungry, housing the poor.
What are you talking about alot of these so called athletes do alot of charity work and show up to support other peoples charities and give a good amount of money to charities. Yes some people talk bad about people getting food stamps and goverment support why you may ask because their are a good amount of people who are exploiting goverment support because they are lazy and other selfish reasons. Also alot of people that get food stamps keep having more kids and cant even afford the ones they already have. Now not everyone that has food stamps is guilty of that and people do understad some people dont have choice and most people feel compassion for them.

883 days ago


You've gotta ask???? Are you not the repugnant lowbrow media outlet that released those extremely painful and personal videos of Jason to begin with, a man who I will remind you is not a fame hungry celebrity like Paris Hilton? I was proud of the positivity and awareness you were promoting when the KONY 2012 video was released but since your disgusting invasion of privacy became apparent I have nothing but disgust for this company.

Your staff needs a lesson in grace, peace, compassion and love. ASAP.


883 days ago



883 days ago

Susan Reno    

would he mock someone who collapsed from a completely physical cause? Or does he only mock those with a mental illness triggered by physical stress

883 days ago

veronica wiksten    

It's in bad taste to make fun of a mental illness.

883 days ago


Anyone in the mental health field who viewed that video clip can tell you it was obvious that poor man was psychotic while the incident occurred. Another example of how the public has no idea what a real mental health crisis can look like. And yes, it is entirely possible that man became psychotic simply due to malnutrition, dehydration and lack of sleep.

883 days ago


I we can't laugh at ourselves...can we atleast laugh at you??
He's too funny, some people need to relax and take it the spirit that it was intended!

882 days ago


Let's see, one guy makes a film trying to draw attention to the abuse of Ugandan children and the other guy makes a film about screwing apple pie. Not hard to figure out who has no redeeming value as a human being.

882 days ago


Jason Biggs, geez man. At the end of the day, you made some cash and sold your soul. Yea could be considered funny but is this all you got? Really,, What a sell out. I don't even think your that funny and I still would say your better then this.

882 days ago


What's more disturbing is that this guy has parents who - IF THEY ARE DECENT, probably aren't - who are motified and this same ******* will have kids who will be equally fvcked-up plaguing the schools with their maladaptive behaviors and attitudes and indulging parents... and you wonder why our country has descended to the moral decline that it has... then there's TMZ with its offering. Hey Harvey, why don't you or any of you Hollywood Jews try bring down Israel-you folks don't give a crap about America... It's all crazy

882 days ago

Bob Dobbs    


882 days ago


"alot of these so called athletes do alot of charity work and show up to support other peoples charities and give a good amount of money to charities"


The only impression I get from a Tebow type person is that God is up there somewhere deciding which plays will result in points scored, and he can say 'thank you for making me this famous superstar celebrity athlete.'

At the moment while everyone is looking, while on bended knee, perhaps he could turn to the camera and recite Matthew 19:20-22 or Matthew 6:1-4. He's already making a show, how about adding some words to clarify the reason for the show?

Then I'd believe he's not just posturing to make us think he's posing religious or saying thank you for more superstardom in advance, but that he actually wants to make a difference and will use the best moment possible to do so.

882 days ago


Oh come on! HILARIOUS?! People!?!? He didn't even "air the pair". We saw the "crack of dawn" for a split second. But there was no "doppelgänger" action going on. Weak!!!!!!!!!!!

849 days ago
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