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Joe Francis Sues

Where the HELL

Is My Damn Helicopter?

3/22/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Girls Gone Wild" honcho Joe Francis dropped almost a quarter mil on a helicopter 10 years ago ... but he still has NO IDEA where it is -- and now, he's suing the guy who's allegedly behind the mystery.

According to papers filed at the LA Superior Court, obtained by TMZ, the GGW guru went halfsies on a Bell 206 Long Ranger helicopter in 2002 -- with some rich dude named Mohamed Hadid.

According to the docs, Joe paid $226,000 for his share -- but claims he never signed any paperwork or asked any questions, trusting Mohamed with all the small details ... like location, full price, and working condition. Joe claims he doesn't even know who currently holds the title to the chopper.
But now, Joe wants his $226K back -- claiming he was prevented from using the flying machine ... and worse, believes it was secretly sold behind his back. Joe says he has no clue where the helicopter currently is.

Joe is also seeking unspecified damages. Attempts to reach Hadid were unsuccessful.


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You have got to be kidding me! He actually believes he has a chance when he doesn't have the details, copter or any claim to ownership on it??? He cannot be more of a douchbag! I can't wait to see the judge laugh his azz out of court!

908 days ago


Funny thing is why did he give that guy the money rich or not? he could have gone to a local company and put this money down for the helicopter and gotten proof of do***entation and gotten a real reassurance. Nope gave it to some rich guy he probably barely knew; not some trusted family member but a stranger A local trusted dealer who'd be happy to score such a big purchase vs some rich stranger he barely knew, Pure Genius; waits 10 years before noticing

Sigh...this guy is all kinds of stupid he should hook up with lohan as the perfect drug taking lawsuit making couple
He's a immature and has the maturity and mentality of a arrogant ahole frat boy; sad thing is he's not a college student anymore and he could put that money and invest it like an ADULT nope he's deluding himself the money trains going to last

As i stated probably his finances are coming short and thats why hes suddenly looking at his books anyone else see it coming? like enron asking everyone to stop watering the plants to save cash prior to going out of business; he's trying to quickly figure out a way out of the pile of crap he's in

908 days ago


if this pervert puts on make-up he becomes kim krapdashian. he made the world a ****tier place to live in. wonder where he'll spend eternity... greedy, perverted duck-face... i want to sue sue sue....sounds just like a krapdashian

908 days ago


My guess is soon we will find out the guy is going to go bankrupt or on the verge of it. He lets 10 years go by without checking on the status of a major purchase? wtf he thinks he bill f'ing gates? How much money does he really think he has that he can play like some big name rapper soon to be penniless due to blowing it like an idiot

My guess is he's feeling the heat in his pocketbook and just now is starting to take a closer look and doesn't like what he sees coming. Too many lawsuits too much money wasted on crap. This guy is going to be penniless soon and his sudden accounting of money shows that

10 years no paperwork? Now your waking up??? His accountants must have woke him up to the cruel reality that he's not hugh hefner and doesn't have money to burn left (not that hugh has any now; but at least i'm certain he put aside money for a rainy day ie: his kids,etc) Francis is blowing it on drugs, lawyers and fun rides like he's Charlie Sheen

908 days ago

maybe he caught the gay? he is going to hire jason russell to be his chopper accountant.

p.s. i renamed my penis Kony.

908 days ago


I don't believe it. Mohamed is the very wealthy friend of Lisa Vanderpump. Sounds like Joe is looking for a scabe goat for his mistake. smh

908 days ago


Sounds like dude is running out of money and is looking to sue anyone. Should've gotten that receipt dude. If the chopper deal isnt made up

908 days ago


Mohamed appears on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

907 days ago


The moral of the story is: Dont trust people named Mohamed

904 days ago
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