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Justin Bieber


Can Handle F-Words

3/22/2012 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
insists ... 13-year-olds nowadays can handle a few F-words -- which is why it doesn't make sense to give the new "Bully" movie an R-rating ... especially when young teens can benefit from the message behind the film.

Bieber called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago -- claiming the anti-bullying message of the new documentary far outweighs any harm that comes from the F-bombs contained in the movie. As a result, the rating should be lowered to PG-13.

According to Bieber, if "Hunger Games" can be rated PG-13 -- a movie that depicts the violent deaths of young teenagers -- so can "Bully."


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They have already split up the world between them the asians and the anglo-saxons. Anything else is dust in your eyes.

909 days ago


The Biebs actually makes sense. How a few F-bombs can be bad for teens but bloody violent killing=OK is just twisted. either both are R rated or both are PG-13.

909 days ago

Ross Ellis, STOMP Out Bullying    

Justin Bieber is absolutely right. The MPAA should visit some schools and walk their hallways. So should any parent who doesn't think the Bully film or the language in it is something their kids shouldn't hear. WAKE UP CALL --they already do. Every kid, every parent and every educator must see the BULLY film.

Ross Ellis
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
STOMP Out Bullying

909 days ago


and the oirish :-)

909 days ago


That's right, I'm going to take child rearing advise from a fvcked-up 18yo. Hollyweird things that you have curse and put some T&A in everything to be "cool", forget that their movies are still losers and the family flicks are always the top revenue generators. I frankly don't care... I haven't given those Jews in Hollywood a dime for any of their crap. I was probably 20 when I saw my last movie and I'm well over that. Just keep PUSHING THE ENVELOPE... just remember, once the demons are out of the bottle, they won't go back in.

909 days ago


Justin Beiber is a little punk trying to mimic the THUGS in the music industry. Like the pants pulled down. Hollywood constantly lowering the standards for society.

909 days ago


He want's everyone to watch it so that when he comes out as being gay, no one can say a word because he would then be bullied.

909 days ago


What do we have to do to get rid of this little kid?????

909 days ago


F You Bieber.

909 days ago


hes right i hear parents cussing in front of their kids 24/7 and we show them boobs and butts and murder alll the time everywhere.. whats the big deal? you guys f'd up this country so just let it go.

909 days ago


you guys make a big deal out of the fword but adults all over the country talk about how they want to shoot beat to death and strangle justin bieber for being a fa^^ot get over it.

909 days ago


I'm not a fan of his music but he's right. Believe me your kids have heard worst at the age of 13.

909 days ago


of course he thinks its OK to use the F-word. He tries to mimic all the THUGS in the music business. Just like the pants pulled down..SAD

909 days ago


Time to come out of the closet Biebs.

909 days ago


Is this movie well done? The anti-bully crowd always thinks all it takes is a slogan "It Gets Better" or a movie "Bully" to fix everything. So what if the words, may not sound Christian. If it helps kids isn't that Christian? The hard core bullies seem beyond reach. I'm glad Bieber is supporting this. I hope it's not overhyped.

909 days ago
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