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Kim Kardashian

Assaulted with White Powder

3/23/2012 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian flour bomb attackKim Kardashian was assaulted Thursday night by a woman who threw white powder all over her, and it was concerning enough to call out the fire department.

Kim was at the London Hotel in West Hollywood for an event touting her new fragrance line, True Reflection.  She was walking the red carpet when a woman threw the white powder at her from behind, covering her back and her hair.  During the incident, the attacker shouted, "Fur hag."

Kim went to a private room, took the jacket off, brushed the powder off her hair and returned to the event.  But the fire department had to examine the powder and deal with any possible danger.

They determined it was cooking flour.

The woman who threw the powder was detained by cops, but according to the Sheriff's Department Kim decided NOT to press charges and the woman was released.


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Kardashian news of the day...Check!

More funny comments about the Kardashian flouring at

909 days ago


I'm sure they'll 'spin' this somehow in her favour.
I hate how the fact that this woman was protesting, and making an anti-fur statement is completely overlooked.

909 days ago


WTF ... TMZ why don't you for once out the pert who comits a crime againts a cleeb?

909 days ago


OMG!!!!!! people! It's flour! your all acting as if she's the F**King Queen. Get over it! She needs to get over it.

908 days ago

Amber Jade    

Girl throws flour at Kim and is arrested on side, man shoots dead Trayvon Martin is still free...

908 days ago


"This wouldn't have happened if I was there" twitted little chubby sister Khloe...You are correct Khloe, it wouldn't have because you would gobble every trace of the flour before it reached your used up skanky sister. Btw, The flour bomber was much prettier than Kim, that's why she's suing.

908 days ago

Terri Crane    

You know what? I don't understand the cruelty of the world. Everyone has such mean comments. I'm not exactly a Kim Kardashian fan, In fact I don't really care one way or the other but she is a hell of a business woman. You have to give her that much. How many of us would do it if we could and make milllions? I would. But I don't have the resources or the looks. lol. Let's be a lttle positive in life and find something more constructive to do with our time rather than pound someone in the ground we don't even know.

908 days ago


Trying to take the STUPID out of the Kardashian clan is like trying to take the wet out of cant be done

908 days ago


Have to agree on grounds of bullying. However I do wonder about Harvey's comment regarding commonalities between Kim K and Whitney being powder and no-one mentioned AJ....

907 days ago


Damn ya'll hate Kim. All of you need to do some soul searching ya damn selves. Then when a celebrity commits suicide from all of you broke bi-polar General Public bastards then you want to celebrate them.....****in HATERS!! NOBODY deserves that!!!

907 days ago


press charges and stop the bullying !

907 days ago


Kardashians remind me of over dressed and made up reptiles. And Kim and her mother; the clones of each other, are even overfed. I think they should stuffing their bellies and begin stuffing their heads with some brain. And how about a heart and a little social conscience.

907 days ago


I seriously don't understand why everyone hates on the Kardashians. What the hell did they do?? Must be the fortune that they make a yr. Guess what peeps, they work just because their not flipping hamburgers at Mcdonalds does not mean they don't have a hard life to. Imagine being in their shoes trying to live, being embarrassed everyday with rumors and such not being able to have a private life. This bullying sh*t needs to STOP!

906 days ago


I think that is really mean and I'm disgusted. Way to ruin a positive moment, and not only that, it also shows what a coward she was coming up behind Kim. I don't understand how people can be so cruel, Kim is a really nice person. Get over the fact that she made bad choices already, she is allowed to be human!!!

906 days ago


she should have thrown blood at her, for all the blood that was shed by those animals, so she could wear there fur! Why not, she doesn't mind wearing there carcass!

906 days ago
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