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Lindsay Lohan

Alleged Hit-and-Run Case

No One is Cooperating

3/22/2012 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0322-lindsay-lohan-dog-tmz-EXLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ ... both Lindsay Lohan and the man who claims she struck him while she was driving her Porsche last week are refusing to cooperate with police.

We're told Lindsay and the alleged victim -- Thaer Kamal (right) -- have both refused to sit down with the detectives for an interview.  Important to note ... neither has an obligation to sit for an interview, but it's unlikely cops will even refer the matter to prosecutors if the alleged victim is uncooperative.

But it gets way more interesting ... Sources tell us an investigator from an insurance company contacted Lindsay's lawyer and said they were investigating the alleged victim for 6 - 8 cases of insurance fraud -- allegedly staging car accidents and filing phony claims.

And the plot thickens ... although the insurance investigator told Lindsay's lawyer he believed the person accusing Lindsay of hit-and-run was the same person they were investigating ... sources at the insurance company tell us the alleged fraudster's first name is Amr -- not Thaer, and the last name is different as well.

We do not know if Thaer -- a former soldier in Iraq -- used such an alias.

But we do know that Thaer has hired famed lawyer Mark Geragos, who has already made a settlement demand to Lindsay.  We contacted Geragos about the allegations and he said his guy was not involved in insurance fraud, but when we called back regarding the alias Geragos did not pick up. 

And the final twist -- Lindsay is in court next week for her final probation progress hearing.  If the hit-and-run case goes haywire on her, it could jeopardize her freedom.

We could not reach Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley for comment.

Stay tuned ...


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messenger, actions that indicate consiousness of guilt are very powerful. Sautner noticed actions of that kind on the theft tape and commented on Lindsay's level of brazenness.

892 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Blame! Blame! Blame! Spin! Spin! Spin! Drama! Drama! Drama!


892 days ago


It doesn't matter what you haters say, the fact remains he told the cops her car didn't hit him and there was no injury. The cops have that on record.

Oh and lets not forget, when he heard it was Lindsay driving he called his lawyer, he said her car grazed his knee. Now its reported the car ran over his foot...anyone got a spare rock?

892 days ago


just copy straight from this board.....these are Lohan Inc trolls saying this not me.. for military ...tell me sweetie you have a TOP SECRET clearance for the United States Army as in the Pentagon...NO ! then shut the hell up about what and what not the military allows...

892 days ago


help and messenger--The police don't reveal ALL their info publicly. They put out a bit of info and wait.

THAT"S how they catch people. The criminal never really knows what they have.
Holley knows that and that's why she won't let Lindsay go in and clear things up. It's a trap.

892 days ago


Well, Lindsay`s hard up days are over, at last. They can all **** themselves. But it`s a cute doggie. Love the pooch.

892 days ago

Ellie G    

GC, you are cracking me up!

892 days ago

erica brittany    

maybe people shouldnt stand around cars like idiots when obviously the car is trying to drive off. smh

892 days ago


Who fricken cares about her anymore......throw her in jail and end every bodies misery of seeing her again!

892 days ago


I am the last person in the world that would defend Lindsey Lohan, but for some reason I think she might be getting taken advantage of in this situation. Most of you on here is saying that she is lying because she is not cooperating with the police, well neither is he. It seems like all he is concerned with is getting money not justice. And to the person who said that because he is in the military, we should side with him; not everyone in the military is honest. Also most of you people are focused on not liking Lindsey, and taking enjoyment with being mean about wanting her in jail, look at what he is doing also. Because his actions isn't showing that he is the victim in this either.

892 days ago



Mark Geragos scrapes the bottom of the barrels
just like Gloria Alred. I think they are the same
person..but Gloria is Mark in drag. Both s***
of the earth ambulance chasers.

Can't get the man go after the lawyer !! great move Lohan Inc proves just how stupid you really are......

892 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"We're told Lindsay and the alleged victim -- Thaer Kamal (right) -- have both refused to sit down with the detectives for an interview. Important to note .." that's because her lawyers are trying to bribe the guy and he keeps jacking his price up and she's having trouble weighing whether or not she can tug the judges nip just one more time...stupid twaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

892 days ago


This is really getting confusing with so many chiefs on here! Also, a different yellow egghead that isn't Help!

892 days ago



Nope...but I could teach her a few things !!! She's just too gentle at times......
I just figured she left them in you ass sweetie...

892 days ago


Best comment of the day Award goes to:
(I wish I could copy/paste the avatar, because it loses something without it...but it's still funny!)

grandma cracker: 47 minutes ago

Nobody makes any statements until I have concluded my investigation!

892 days ago
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