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Lindsay Lohan

Alleged Hit-and-Run Case

No One is Cooperating

3/22/2012 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0322-lindsay-lohan-dog-tmz-EXLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ ... both Lindsay Lohan and the man who claims she struck him while she was driving her Porsche last week are refusing to cooperate with police.

We're told Lindsay and the alleged victim -- Thaer Kamal (right) -- have both refused to sit down with the detectives for an interview.  Important to note ... neither has an obligation to sit for an interview, but it's unlikely cops will even refer the matter to prosecutors if the alleged victim is uncooperative.

But it gets way more interesting ... Sources tell us an investigator from an insurance company contacted Lindsay's lawyer and said they were investigating the alleged victim for 6 - 8 cases of insurance fraud -- allegedly staging car accidents and filing phony claims.

And the plot thickens ... although the insurance investigator told Lindsay's lawyer he believed the person accusing Lindsay of hit-and-run was the same person they were investigating ... sources at the insurance company tell us the alleged fraudster's first name is Amr -- not Thaer, and the last name is different as well.

We do not know if Thaer -- a former soldier in Iraq -- used such an alias.

But we do know that Thaer has hired famed lawyer Mark Geragos, who has already made a settlement demand to Lindsay.  We contacted Geragos about the allegations and he said his guy was not involved in insurance fraud, but when we called back regarding the alias Geragos did not pick up. 

And the final twist -- Lindsay is in court next week for her final probation progress hearing.  If the hit-and-run case goes haywire on her, it could jeopardize her freedom.

We could not reach Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley for comment.

Stay tuned ...


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TOO MANY 'sources' (Dina) 'allegedLIES', 'We don't know's'. Way too much supposition. Making Blohan the 'victim' + shaming the other party = Lohan, Inc.

947 days ago


Lindsay has been too damn busy, with all these birthdays to talk to the police

947 days ago


right now the ex soldier has a truckload of Cupcakes..and a tanker of coffee....
she offered some "In and Out"...and with out thinking he said.."No thank you, ever"

947 days ago


LMAO.......should have checked this one......

947 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Let's see, 200 comments deep into this story and 175 are from the inbred, cornfed, illiterate, rode lizards whose a*ses are o big, they need two pews to accommodate them. And go figure, they're siding with a fraudster who shouldn't have been denied access to CA!!!!!!!!! FACT!!!!

947 days ago


This is so B O R I N G . God TMZ, what gives?

How about some Tulisa sex tapes? Give us something interesting to work with here.

947 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey guys, I really am a nice person, I just have this little Napoleon complex thingy that I'm working real hard on. Google it and share my pain.

Red Cloud, where are you , friend?

947 days ago


LINDSAY PREGGERS! ' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ Walgreens Security on Sunset tracked Lindsay to the Ladies rest room and nearly caught her red handed lifting an EPT test stick. After her visit to the stall, she dumped the stick and scooted. The stick thought it was a positive (+) experience and was blue to see her leave without paying, eh? This may be as close to a starring role on video that Lindsay gets anytime soon and it certainly explains her major weight gain, why she continually covers her mouth and her voracious appetite. Maybe the power of positive thinking for two will help get her clean and sober. Store security audio picked up her repeated exiting comments: “MEAL TICKET! MEAL TICKET! THAT BASTARD IS GONNA PAY! OH SH*T, THIS IS GONNA COST HIM! HE RUINED MY COMEBACK!” She booted into a flower pot before being driven away. There may be a worse mother than Dina…sooner or later!

SHOCKING UPDATE! VooDoo is the dad according to a paternity test, according to the UltraSound the BOY is hung like a STUD! Good planning Lindsay...for the family porn business!

947 days ago



947 days ago


He fought for his country..she fought her way through security at the mens room door..both circ*mstances were very dangerous...but Both of them can leave you wounded for life

947 days ago


Seee and heeear u, still am neeeeeding u, now i don`t feel the pain.
Come and kill, come and nourish me, there is no gain.

I will kiiiilll you, I will kiiiill you, like you killed me.

Christ I will see.

947 days ago


HelLia, I'll just starting my 'dinner' boozing rounds now, thankyouverymuch for reminding me. Its 15 minutes early, no worries!

Speaking of the cloning of avatar pics, it wasn't ME who was fooled, you even admitted so. Who's the DUMMY now? TWIT! LOL

947 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

It looks like pigeon sh*t up in here with all the H8TURDS trying to imitate the best of the best posters. Looks like they let everyone out of the moronic temple to try and fight this non battle! Lilolicious and C-Low say FU!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, so do I, I H8 bullies.....

Now I gotti roll, and you can get back to your pork rinds......

947 days ago


Ok, this is my take on this story. This guy wants a paycheck, you haters know thats the truth but don't want to admit it because its Lindsay he wants the paycheck from. Your dislike of Lindsay outweighs a fraudsters attemped scam, so you support the fraudster with the dollar signs in his eyes.

Neither is cooperating with the police, thats their right. Lindsay has probably been advised to do/say nothing, thats normal in cases like this, afterall, she isn't accusing anyone of anything...he is. The onus is on this guy to show the police a crime was committed, they investigate then make their decision.

The problem for him is his actions and what he said to police during their initial investigation and what he said and did after, changing your story so drastically is never a good idea, you are instantly recognised as being unreliable.

His lawyer has already made a claim against Lindsay so this guys motives are now absolutely clear. He won't press charges because his claim is bogus and the cops ain't stupid.

Normally I don't believe sources from TMZ or any other site but the fact TMZ have named this guy's possible variations of names he might have used in the past, throws up a red flag. We'll have to wait for all the facts on that.

In conclusion, he wants money, that was his intention all along.

947 days ago


threatening to sue LA courts,COs,police officers..maybe they developed a sence of humor, and will arrest her on the 28th.that would was for sautner to bail her out

947 days ago
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