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Lindsay's Alleged Victim

Pay Me at Least $100K ....

Or Else

3/23/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who claims Lindsay Lohan struck him while she was driving her Porsche last week is demanding "six figures" from her .... and she must pay before her big probation progress hearing.

Sources connected with alleged victim Thaer Kamal tell TMZ ... Mark Geragos -- Kamal's lawyer -- has contacted Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, and made the demand ... and Geragos made it clear that his client has not yet cooperated with cops by sitting down for an interview.

We're also told Geragos claims to have a surveillance video showing Lindsay behind the wheel as her Porsche strikes Kamal, then getting out of the car and wobbling into the passenger seat as the passenger takes the wheel and drives off. But our sources say none of the witnesses corroborate what Geragos claims is on video.

We're told Geragos gave Holley a deadline of today. That's significant because Lindsay is due in court on Thursday for her final probation progress hearing. If Kamal goes to cops and presents evidence of hit-and-run, Judge Stephanie Sautner could violate Lindsay's probation and she could go directly to jail.

On the other hand, if Lindsay pays the money ... Kamal could decide not to press charges and the case would be dropped.

By the way, we're told Kamal told people at the scene he was not injured but had a change of heart after learning the driver was Lindsay.

8:58 PM PST: Apparently Lindsay is not going to pay Kamal, because we've learned he's now going to plan B -- we're told he's trying to sell the video.


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r license Now and save someones life it is only due time before something happens...then Dina would put a smear campaign on another innocent person

893 days ago



I think this guy is trying to frighten Lindsay into paying money. She's a few days away from her court apparance, he puts the screws on and is hoping she'll pay up for an incident that didn't happen. Lindsay isn't paying this conman a dime.

893 days ago


VOODOO did a Hit and run on lindsay and got paid $100,000...and he burned rubber before the paps showed up

893 days ago


turn your License in Lindsay,you cant drive..the very few times you have it always ends up in a mess...
Is it what your fan DarkRage said "lindsay cant help her self, she has the mind of a child" <---(retarted)...
or her ego, over rides her ass?

893 days ago


This Mark Geragos is a parasite. Wasn't the one that defended that assassin Scott Peterson? He is shameless, and this is black mail, extortion and THEY are the ones that should go to jail. Pathetic!

893 days ago


Hey "susan/jill/whatever"..... why switch seats AT ALL? The whole "nervous from the SWARM of paparazzi" means that Linds is so inept behind the wheel that she admits she's incapable of performing a basic driving maneuver without serious doubt, she should voluntarily give up driving on out streets and highways. Forever.

Begin, begin - spinspinspin.

893 days ago


OK. Once and for all.... Linds was driving in the alley - not anyone else. After she mowed that guy flat - and took out a fire hydrant around the corner - she drove a couple of blocks, pulled over, switched with her "assistant"......

*KABOOOOM!!!* - The cops are there. That's how it happened, and that's all there is to it.

Fvck it. Off with her head.

893 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

This was fun and all, but it's dreamtime. Play nice. If y'all cant do that then win.

893 days ago


after JILL^^^ and susan come on an post I feel lindsay is more guilty..and deserves more punishment..they really dont help her cause..they make lindsay seem worse then before they state their opinion..
I might like lindsay more if her friends werent so stupid...
except for the few good ones that come on and speak the truth

893 days ago


Call me a dumbass but isn't this blackmail?

893 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I wonder how much TMZ paid for this story?

Enough to buy a tape and make a manager go away?

After the outrageous claims in these stories if this guy just disappears and no tape is ever seen, we shall have our answer. If these allegations of blackmail are not prosecuted everyone will know.

893 days ago

Fat Mike    

Bring Geragos down to the Fine Arts building in DTLA, which Geragos owns, and I'll smash his face in, right in front of everyone.
You're a POS, Mark! Every time I see you I want to punch you in the head. I dare you to challenge me next time I walk past your crappy restaurant.
Engine Company sucks balls, big time! The food is crap and so is the service.
You should stick to suing airlne attendants and stay away from the real world, otherwise you might end up like your former client, Scott Peterson.

893 days ago


Geragos is a Gold-Digger. If it was anyone else, no case. Starting to feel really sorry for Lindsay. Looks like she is really trying to go down the right path, but knobs like Geragos keep wanting to kick her to the curb at any chance. Hey Geragos, how about we come to you nightclub, or your place, or stand in front of your car, and get injured, then sue you. Gold-Digging Knob.

893 days ago


Hey, isn't this blackmail ? Maybe LiLo should have this DB charged with blackmail or extortion.

893 days ago


Lindsay only had a duty to stop and exchange information if there was injury. If there was no injury at the time of incident then she had no duty and her alleged switching seats is inconsequential.

Therefore, it is reprehensible and unethical to demand compensation from her if the client did not communicate injury at the scene and in fact stated he was not injured. If she wobbled away with witnesses around, one person would have come forward by now and the alleged victim would certainly have had an opportunity to request her info from her.

Definitely don't put it past Geragos.

893 days ago
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