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The Situation

In Rehab for Alcohol

Problem for 'Jersey Shore'

3/22/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation is in rehab not just for prescription drugs
The Situation
is in rehab not just for prescription drugs, but also for alcohol, TMZ has learned, and this turn of events could pose big problems for next season's "Jersey Shore."

Sources involved in the situation (sorry) tell us ... the Situation went through detox at a facility before he checked into Cirque Lodge in Utah, and the detox involved alcohol.

Our sources also say The Sitch is "very open" with other patients at Cirque about his drinking.  He discusses how his club appearances escalated his alcohol use.

Now here's the problem for "Jersey Shore."  The Situation and alcohol have been tied at the hip for 5 seasons.  If the show allows The Situation to fall off the wagon to make the show better in season 6, they will look like crass enablers.  If they don't let him drink, there's a good chance they will lose viewers.

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"30 days in rehab is better than 30 minutes in Snooki"

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854 days ago


I have never watched Jersey Shore, but I have watched someone very close to me end up dying from chronic alcoholism. This guy needs to get his priorities straight--as do his friends. If this show is anything like I've heard it is, no alcoholic has a chance of staying sober as long as he is involved in it.

854 days ago


Jason, you are very misinformed. DT's (delirium tremens) is a heightened alcohol withdrawal that is characterized by sweating, shaking, auditory and visual hallucinations, extreme agitation and paranoia, very high heart rate and seizures. It is the worst type of substance withdrawal a person can go through and if left untreated, has a high mortality rate. People are hospitalized for it in a medical facility and many times on the ICU. It is the only substance withdrawal that can kill a person. It is much worse than coke or meth or crack withdrawal or even opiate withdrawal.

854 days ago


Uh, it's not just alcohol and "prescription drugs"...better add X and Coke to that list too...don't be stupid TMZ, you know better than that!

854 days ago


What else would be expected when the guy gets paid to party?

854 days ago


"The Situation", is the media catch of Today! He is "the poster child" for the use of "illegal remedies". Everyone is doing the same remedies!!...Mike is getting the finger that most in the communities are equal or worthy of being pointed out for the very same reasons. The Media sucks!! They need to give more of what matters in Today, and what can we do to be better as a community...or something of that sort stuff. Tire of this type of media!!! Its BS

854 days ago


That's ok, he'll only drink a little on the side and keep taking adderal and maybe start some steroids to make up for the booze.

854 days ago


Goog luck Mike. We're all pulling for you!!!

854 days ago


Who really cares? Looks like he got himself into a situation there.....

854 days ago


You're not dead if you don't drink! You can still have fun without it, it's up to him to decide not MTV.

854 days ago


How is It Jason Russell Had this HUGE Meltdown over exhaustion, and We can't get nothing fabulous like that out of this HalfWit?

854 days ago

TMZ Sucks    

I think TMZ finally found a story that they really know nothing about, and cannot stand that so have been reduced to speaking out of their ass, which I think is proven since TMZ has been specifically called out on Sitch's Twitter page of the source not to listen to since they're just spreading baseless gossip. Your series of events changes every hour TMZ...leave it alone already and go harass someone else whose trying to get help for themselves.

854 days ago


He looks like a young WC Fields. Don't get the attraction, he's pretty gross.

854 days ago


he does not need to go back on jersey shore. if he has a real problem with alcohol, then diving right back into the atmosophere that exacerbates his problem will definitely be a bad idea. mtv should not be doing a 6th season of jersey shore. they also should not have brought deena on. the show has sucked since they went to italy and with snooki pregnant it's not going to be any good!

854 days ago


MTV should throw the meat puppet off the wagon and make him perform. He is an asset, just like a football, baseball, basketball, or hockey player.

854 days ago
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