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Whitney Houston's Death

Sources Say Cocaine Removed

From Singer's Hotel Room

3/22/2012 4:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected to Whitney Houston who were with Whitney the day she died tell TMZ ... an individual removed all traces of cocaine from the room before authorities arrived.

The Coroner's Office says Whitney used cocaine "immediately prior to her collapse."  Investigators who arrived on scene found no traces of cocaine or any other illegal substance.

One source who is extremely close to the situation tells us ... the individual who removed the cocaine was also the person who supplied it to Whitney.

As we previously reported, other items were removed from the room as well, including bed sheets.

The Beverly Hills PD just told TMZ ... its investigation is not closed.  Cops will not comment on whether they are looking at evidence tampering.


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It was Bobbi Kristina, in the bathtub, with the cocaine.

946 days ago


Her skanked out family supplied her drugs and bashed RayJ in the media later..he was no where around when she it was probably her SIL Pat who got her her drugs and directed the clean-up after she died. All the Houstons made sure Whitney always had her coke so their freeloading gravy train would keep on running. Poor Whitney had the worst family ever in terms of money grubbing hangers on. RIP Whitney

946 days ago


Yes, the Brown family is on Dr. Drew tonite, they have alot of explosive info, she said Gary and Pat were more concerned with moving Whitneys Jewelry and clothing from the room, rather than tending to B. Kristina who collapsed in the hall way, that they just rolled right past by her on the floor trying to get away with Whitney's possesions, also Pat tried to get B. Kristina Committed, and that Whitney would never use a public hotel bathtub, she thought they were disgusting, and a host of other stuff.

946 days ago


They've already ruled, officially, that it is an accidental death. That's official. There is no "evidence tampering" issue when they rule the death accidental. Period. They would have to have found enough cocaine in her system to be an amount to get a warrant for distribution, and no one has that much in their system, especially when cocaine was simply a contributor, NOT the cause of death (drowning). Accidental Death. The end. Stop trying to make something more of an already tragic story.

946 days ago


Did said person remove all traces of cocaine from her system as well?

946 days ago


MAYBE the sheets were removed from the hotel room because they had DNA (sperm) on them??????????????????????????

946 days ago


Oh please, just because the police says something, does not mean it is true and set in stone for all time. The Brown family is on Dr. Drew tonite and they said they are the ones requesting an investigation, and are not satisfied about what was reported tonite. They are still demanding an investigation, along with other individuals, and I agree with them. Just because something is reported does not make it automatically true.

946 days ago


The police still need to interview her
drug runner...Ray J!!

946 days ago


Pat strikes me as cold and calcuating. Perhaps she wasn't the friend that Whitney thought her to be. She knew the relapse was underway and she was obviously upset and fed up with Whitney in the photos of them coming out of the club a couple of days prior to February 11. In addition, she said Whitney had been trying to reach her all day on the day she died. She was one floor down. Why didn't she call her or go up there before Whitney's body was found.

Quite frankly, I don't want to hear anything else from those Browns, but if anyone knows about drugs, shady dealings, runners and scandalous behavior, it is them.

How I wish Whitney had stayed away from Bobby, Ray J and the rest of the enablers and users.

946 days ago

Tay Tay    

That interview the family members did with Oprah were filled with lies and cover up. Her Brother was with her that day, her sister in-law was with her that day, the hairdresser was with her that day, all these people can Not claim that they did not see Cocain with Whitney around the time she died. Ray J should also be investigated. Bad family and wrong decision killed Whitney.

946 days ago


Rita, I don't agree with that. How could Whitney not want to use a hotel bath tube, but swim in a public pool where people sometimes don't even shower before going in?

946 days ago


Don't turn this into a MJ trial or anything. She willingly was a coke-head, just like MJ was a propofol-head, no need to go after whomever supplied whatever. Do drugs, end up dead. That's all, no need to flood the media about 'wrongful' death and whatever nonsense.

946 days ago


And the same enablers are the ones who want to try and tell Bobbie Kristina Brown what to do?

Yea, the rest of the family can go'n F*ck themselves!

946 days ago


Ray J was seen sneaking out hanging his head after she died. Just sayin.

946 days ago

Lamar Odom    

Authorities should look finally look into Raffels Van Excel! Perhaps he knows where and how she got the drugs...

This is too weird and crazy! I met this clown here in LA many years ago while working at an Agency. I was introduced to him by comedian Eddie Griffin who at the time owned a small bar on Sunset Blvd. He had somehow found his way into Eddie’s circle.

I would then see him all around and notice him with other celebs that I knew or was acquainted with thru work or personal (the late Michael Jackson being one). I could never really figure out this guys angle however, my associates and I were always skeptical about him. I would noticed him at many events and pics with celebs. I always found it weird that he had worked himself into MJ’s circle and was doing the same with so many others although, he would never have a real job title or function.

Anyway, after MJ’s death and now Whitney’s, I recently asked and began looking around to see if Raffles was anywhere around.. To NO surprise @all, I found him front and center again. Before, during and after!

My guess is that MUCH MUCH more will begin to come out regarding this guy and who he really works for. Also, I wouldn’t @ all be surprised if he ended up dead or missing to keep from exposing all that he really knows or may be involved with.

Obviously Raffles is involved but I doubt that he working alone. There is something very sinister going on here and around him….

INVESTIGATE Raffels Van Excel, ask why he was on the 4th floor with Whitney? why he claimed to have found her body? Why & how he used Whitney's ticket to get into Clive Davis's party? Why was he with Whitney the entire week prior to her death? Why he took the photo of Whitney in her casket and sold it to the National Enquire?

So many more unanswered questions surrounding this con artist drug, drug providing character...

946 days ago
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