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L.A. County Coroner

Whitney Was Coked Up

At Time of Death

3/22/2012 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An official for the L.A. County Coroner's Office just stated ... Whitney Houston used cocaine immediately prior to her death.

Coroner Chief Craig Harvey just held a news conference -- claiming the toxicology results suggested Whitney was a "chronic" cocaine user.

Harvey described the cocaine level in Whitney's system as "acute" -- indicating Whitney used the drug not long before she accidentally drowned in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel last month. "Accidental drowning" is listed as Whitney's official cause of death.

According to Harvey, the autopsy revealed a 60% narrowing of Whitney's arteries -- a direct result of the chronic cocaine use. Harvey claims the artery constriction led to a cardiac event before her death.

As for the other drugs in her system -- marijuana, Benadryl, Flexeril, and Xanax -- which Harvey claims were all at or below therapeutic levels ... and did not significantly contribute to her death.



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Looks like they cleaned up the hotel room before the cops arrived.

She must have done a ton of coke to pass out like that.

943 days ago


Oh please Whitney's family was her drug supplier. RayJ was in San Diego when Whitney died..he wasn't anywhere near her. I give the stink eye to her holier than thou SIL Pat..what a skank in sheep's clothing and Whitney's brother is a loser, hanger on too. Whitney needed someone in her family strong like Britney Spears had to take control years ago and get her straight..but Whitney's family was too interested in freeloading. RIP Whitney you deserved better.

943 days ago


Wow, what a surprise. The coroner found cocaine in her system. So for that family they can call her death "natural causes"!

943 days ago


WOW!!!! so sad cocaine is a bad drug.


943 days ago


You people, the 'commentators', really make me sick. TMZ's just reporting information they've checked out. The rest of you, did you know her? Her family, best friends? Leave her and hers rest in peace,,, seems like you guys find such heartbreak for others sport. Even sadder than the ladies demise

943 days ago


In other words, she had a heart attack due to cocaine use while in the tube and as a result drowned.

Bottom line: Cocaine killed her.

943 days ago


When this 1st happened, I was not surprised and thought Whitney was selfish. As time has passed, I see how her family have displayed grief and love for Whitney. I wish Whitney and her family peace. I think Whitney had a troubled soul which many of us do.

943 days ago

Lamar Odom    

Authorities really should finally look into Raffels Van Excel!

He knows where and how she got the drugs...

This is too weird and crazy! I met this clown here in LA many years ago while working at an Agency. I was introduced to him by comedian Eddie Griffin who at the time owned a small bar on Sunset Blvd. He had somehow found his way into Eddie’s circle.

I would then see him all around and notice him with other celebs that I knew or was acquainted with thru work or personal (the late Michael Jackson being one). I could never really figure out this guys angle however, my associates and I were always skeptical about him. I would noticed him at many events and pics with celebs. I always found it weird that he had worked himself into MJ’s circle and was doing the same with so many others although, he would never have a real job title or function.

Anyway, after MJ’s death and now Whitney’s, I recently asked and began looking around to see if Raffles was anywhere around.. To NO surprise @all, I found him front and center again. Before, during and after!

My guess is that MUCH MUCH more will begin to come out regarding this guy and who he really works for. Also, I wouldn’t @ all be surprised if he ended up dead or missing to keep from exposing all that he really knows or may be involved with.

Obviously Raffles is involved but I doubt that he working alone. There is something very sinister going on here and around him….

INVESTIGATE Raffels Van Excel, ask why he was on the 4th floor with Whitney? why he claimed to have found her body? Why & how he used Whitney's ticket to get into Clive Davis's party? Why was he with Whitney the entire week prior to her death? Why he took the photo of Whitney in her casket and sold it to the National Enquire?

So many more unanswered questions surrounding this con artist drug, drug providing character...

943 days ago


****, leave her alone she is dead.

943 days ago


what a **** head he is...

we already knew that but does he have to be such an ******* about his "findings?)

943 days ago

Butch Maxse    


943 days ago


"As for the other drugs in her system -- marijuana, Benadryl, Flexeril, and Xanax -- which Harvey claims were all at or below therapeutic levels ..."

So, what's the therapeutic level for marijuana? She had glaucoma too?

943 days ago


Look at all the negative people and media salivating over this new discovery. Everyone has something to say about her, no one knows her personal struggles. R.I.P Whitney, now you can finally ignore the critics.

943 days ago


This has got to be a sad day for her mom Cissy who has already been through so much. God bless this woman.

943 days ago


Cocaine is a helluva drug.

943 days ago
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