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L.A. County Coroner

Whitney Was Coked Up

At Time of Death

3/22/2012 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An official for the L.A. County Coroner's Office just stated ... Whitney Houston used cocaine immediately prior to her death.

Coroner Chief Craig Harvey just held a news conference -- claiming the toxicology results suggested Whitney was a "chronic" cocaine user.

Harvey described the cocaine level in Whitney's system as "acute" -- indicating Whitney used the drug not long before she accidentally drowned in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel last month. "Accidental drowning" is listed as Whitney's official cause of death.

According to Harvey, the autopsy revealed a 60% narrowing of Whitney's arteries -- a direct result of the chronic cocaine use. Harvey claims the artery constriction led to a cardiac event before her death.

As for the other drugs in her system -- marijuana, Benadryl, Flexeril, and Xanax -- which Harvey claims were all at or below therapeutic levels ... and did not significantly contribute to her death.



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For Whitney's sake, TMZ should take off all their articles about her because there's no one on here but people who've never suffered from addiction judging her without knowing when she started, why and if she did quit somewhere alone the line. None of these negative comments are going to get you flags flown at half-staff or platinum records, just leave her alone.

941 days ago


Wow. I can't believe some of the comments I'm reading! Really ppl? Come on now, we all knew Cocaine would most likely be involved, at least show some respect.

941 days ago


Wow. I can't believe some of the comments I'm reading! Really ppl? Come on now, we all knew Cocaine would most likely be involved, but at least show some respect.

941 days ago

Jill Conway    

I, for one, am damn sick and tired of these glorified celebrities killing themselves with drugs. Ooh, poor, poor Whitney... The stupid b-t-h had the world by the -ss, had plenty of money for help/rehab, had an entourage/family that should've intervened and helped her, but of course didn't because then the "tap" might dry up. You can SO TELL when someone is coked-up, everyone around her knew, trust me. Now we'll have to sit through months and months of her family demanding to find out who gave/sold her the coke, like someone else forced it up her nose, made her smoke it, whatever. Anyone with her talent that throws it all away for a messed-up high (trust me again, I've tried it) is an blatant idiot. I don't feel sorry for her AT ALL.

941 days ago


They said she died from a list of drugs and they included pot in that list .Pot had nothing to do with her death .The coke and pharms did her in .Pharms end more peoples lives then illegal drugs .

941 days ago

Just me    

Didn't coroner say there was no water in her lungs after autopsy and now she had water so drowning.? Which is it?

941 days ago


I remember that the Houston family" went back into her room and said they were removing anything before some looters could profit from anything left in the room" They did this with Police knowledge as well as the Hotels. My question is the same as it was the day I read that, "Why was anyone allowed in that room?" at that time her cause of death was unknown and I believe the Police are suppose to keep everyone OUT of the room (in any of these cases) until they have searched it, processed it or whatever they are to do. Dropped the ball?

941 days ago


"Crack is cheap." -Whitney Houston

941 days ago


Flexyril is a muscle relaxant use for the treatment of back spasms, much like diazapam (valium)...with that in her system it would have been used to help bring her "down" from the coke high...she fell asleep in the tub.

941 days ago


And this come as a surprise to someone?

941 days ago


Bad title for the story that shows TMZ's ignorance, immaturity and desperation to grab ignorant readers who believe everything reported in this site.
The coroner said that cocaine was a contributing factor. He did not say the Whitney was "coked up."
TMZ obviously doesn't have a clue to what happens in an autopsy and the lack of reporters at TMZ who actually know how to read a medical report, much less have trained, witnessed, performed post mortems is telling.
It is imperative to go over EVERYTHING before giving a final report on cause of death. The medical examiner did know that heart disease and drowning were factors in the death. The medical examiner also knew of Houston's past history of addiction which is a cause of heart disease. In a thorough post mortem, blood and tissue are taken for toxicology and micros--microscopic study of tissue to find things not evident to the naked eye.
Cocaine is well-known to real doctors as causing cardiac events. Cocaine raises the blood pressure, causes constriction of arteries, which causes the heart to beat faster, harder and erratically, loosening plaque, the clots that cause a heart attack. This in turn causes unconsciousness, coma... lack of blood to the brain causes brain functions to fail, eventually to die. A person in such a state is medically unable to come out of such a state, so drowning is possible. The reporters at TMZ would be surprised at how common such a death can be, but they aren't doctors.
Houston did not need to take large amounts of these medications and drugs to be incapacitated. Someone with heart disease just needs a very little cocaine to cause heart failure and arrest.

941 days ago

Lee Nevins    

They ruled this death accidental drowning even though cocaine was found to be the cause,
So if you get killed in a car accident while drunk driving is the cause of death ruled accidental collision?, or if you are shot & killed in an armed robery is the cause of death ruled as heart faliure? Many deaths daily are ruled drug overdose, and not shown as death cased by
heart failure, or suffocation or accidentally fell off a roof top or out a window, I guess you just have to have the right connections with the coroner or enough money to buy the results. It seams obvious to me that the cause of death should have been ruled drug overdose. Also why is there so much secrecy about this case such as who was with her prior to her death, reports say someone was drinking if not her than who was in her room just prior to her death, also who was in the room after her death before police got there and who removed the drugs & tampered with the evidence prior to the crime sceen investigation? Far to many loose ends to called an accident and should be further investigated.

941 days ago


TMZ you are like a weatherman - but just lots more S***MY n SLEAZY - First you LIE and say "Whitney Houston‘s family was told by L.A. County Coroner officials … the singer did not die from drowning, but rather from what appears to be a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol … this according to family sources. We’re told Coroner’s officials informed the family there was not enough water in Whitney’s lungs to lead to the conclusion that she drowned. "

Then when the Coroner says Whitney's CoD is Drowning you start the even more LIES the cocaine was removed from the scene prior to LAPD coming to the scene.

Don't You THINK is time to just let the poor woman Rest In Peace and her loved ones Heal!!!!!

940 days ago


The toxicology report mentioned her arteries were narrowed but how come her heart didn't give her a sign that something was wrong or maybe it did and she ignored it.

938 days ago

derty ernie    

Her mother said they had a relapse due to being afraid of her comeback. Of course she was afraid. She lost her voice years ago. In Europe, audiences were fleeing her concerts in droves, demanding their money back. Her career was trashed and she wasn't coming back.

934 days ago
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