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Kim Kardashian

Flour Bomber is a 'Bully'

3/23/2012 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian says the woman who attacked her with flour last night is nothing more than a "bully" ... and claims the only reason she's NOT pressing charges ... is because she's just too busy.

Kim just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and gave us the blow-by-blow about how she handled herself when a female animal activist broke on to the red carpet and attacked her at an event for her new fragrance.

Kim tells us ... she tried her best to "laugh it off" ... and refused to leave the event because she didn't want to disrespect all of the people who worked so hard to put the event together.

And while Kim says she understands the flour bomber's beliefs ... KK raised a great point -- "If you're trying to promote nonviolence towards animals ... why are you trying to be violent towards humans?"


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A. She chose not to press charges, because her mother set up the whole thing.

B. She wants to tell everybody how she was able to 'laugh it off' because she wants everyone to believe she's so nice, and such a 'Good Sport'

TMZ, really? I thought you guys of all people would be able to figure this one out? I mean she did have a FAKE WEDDING just for the publicity? How about the SEX TAPE?

She's an attention whore.

944 days ago


"A BULLY" ... That coming from a lier, cheat, thief, con, grifter. That's the best she comes up with a bully? That's funny. Kimmy, just keep adding to your your NEGITIVE 53 Q SCORE.

Violence towards humans? Kimmy how 'bout your sweatshop who make your very poorly made over priced ripoffs claim to be your own and call it the Kardashian Kollection? Oh, that's right it's Robert Shapiros problem. No one believes you know nothing. Kimmy / Kardashians knows everything when it comes to their money. Your a long distant bully. It's called greed.

944 days ago


The flour bomber deserves an award, or a medal.

944 days ago


Just another Kardashian staged incident to stay relavent..

944 days ago


Because your too busy huhh!.....Your just a scary little bitch hiding behind her money!

944 days ago


No one cares Kim. I'll be so happy when I can read TMZ & there isn't a single article about the Kartrashians. Isn't it about time their 15 minutes were up?

944 days ago


The lady was just trying to help all those black men find her wet spot. You know, because she's fat.

944 days ago


I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that animals would prefer "the violence" of having a harmless sack of flour thrown at them vs. being electocuted and skinned alive.

But I'm just guessing...

944 days ago


Kris Jenner humiliated her husband and her son,Rob, on his birthday,by posting a disgusting, inappropriate photo of her self, almost naked and 9 months pregnant!! So vulgar and in poor taste.That woman seriously needs professional help!

944 days ago


Flour on your hair and jacket is not violent. A set up PR stunt perhaps to garner you headlines for your stinky perfume launch.

You want to speak about violence, how about the way you and your sisters act on TV with the toxic tongue lashings, the hitting, oh and what about that closed fist punch at Kris Humphries?

You want to speak about bullying and violence, watch your own behavior on National TV! Throwing tantrums at your age, throwing things, hitting, being verbally abusive, lying, etc.

Check yourself, because you have wrecked yourself Kim!

944 days ago


Dress for success? You wear fur Kim. It means you are unaware of what they do to animals so you can sling them around your neck. They strip the fur off of them while they are alive. Can you imagine the agony? No, of course you can't because you only think of yourself and promoting your nauseating scent.

944 days ago


This was nothing more than a shameless promotion of her perfume, mentioned 4 times in her call to ass licking Harvey! How much does she pay TMZ, I wonder?

944 days ago


Kim is the bully. Just watch how Kim Kardashian, Khloe and Kris Jenner have bullied Kris Humphries on National TV and in their malicious smear Kris Humphries campaign.

Want to talk about who is the bully Kim, everyone sees how you use your lawyer and the media to try to bully Kris Humphries with your threats, and malicious things you sell about him to the tabloids.

She does not even see her own nastiness.

944 days ago


Why if they are trying promote nonviolence are they being violent towards humans?.....ITS BECAUSE PETA PEOPLE ARE CRAZY AND PUT ANIMALS ON OR ABOVE THE SAME LEVEL AS HUMANS...THEY ARE NUTTIER THAN A SQUIRREL TURD

944 days ago


It was embarrassing to see Harvey not want to hear Joanna Krupa tell her story about Kim not wanting any of the homeless people to touch her ....Harvey didn't want to hear anything bad about his favorite family ....

944 days ago
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