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Kim Kardashian

Flour Bomber Couldn't Rattle Me

3/23/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian joined us today to fire back at the woman who unleashed that flour bomb -- and explained why she brushed off the attack so quickly. Kim also issues a challenge to anti-fur protestors who resort to violence.

Plus, Harvey's got beef with fanatics of "The Hunger Games" ... "Iron Chef" Michael Symon defends Rachael Ray against plagiarism claims -- and Super Bowl champ turned model Will Blackmon says something that leaves the entire newsroom speechless!

(0:30) Kim K. attacked with flour by a PETA supporter -- she calls in to talk about how it all went down.
(3:15) Kim doesn't understand how people support non-violence against animals ... but are okay with attacking people.
(6:15) PETA supporter/model Joanna Krupa says she has no problem at all with the flour attacker's tactics.
(10:00) LiLo's alleged hit-and-run victim wants $100k or else ... how is this not extortion?
(14:10) Whitney Houston -- we found out there was a cocaine cover-up in her hotel room.
(18:30) The Hunger Games -- Harvey doesn't understand why people see midnight showings.
(24:41) Celeb chef Michael Symon calls in to defend Rachel Ray.
(30:10) Madonna fights for gay rights ... in Russia!
(35:01) Super Bowl champ Will Blackmon calls in to talk about his possible modeling career ... and crack a joke about his man bits.


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That woman is an idiot, assault is assault regardless if they intended or didn't intent to hurt someone or whether or not someone got hurt. Its one thing to be anti-fur and have an opinion on it, its quite another to try and force that opinion on others, to the point that you're willing to physically and publicly attack them.
You find people who attack others your hero? Really? Because this woman was so courageous that she stuck around and shared her message of anti-fur right? Oh, wait... She didn't, she took off after screaming "fur hag". So your heroes are spineless cowards who aim to insult and attack others, but don't have enough back bone to stick around and share their views, but chose to run the moment they act? Really?
And for peta to condone this is beyond ridiculous, you should be hanging your heads in shame that one of your supporters did this instead of applauding them.

891 days ago


Isn't the guy Lindsey allegedly hit blackmailing her?

891 days ago


Good Job, Joanna Krupa, at making yourself look so very stupid!

891 days ago


Why did Harvey cut off the model that was saying how Kim was begging her publicist to not have her touch the homeless people that were there? oh I know why, because TMZ works for the KarTRASHians. I hate this one way crap.

891 days ago



891 days ago


Love the way Harvey describes ray j-- a singer how about the guy that did porn with Kim that is what he is known for

891 days ago


your constant kissing of the Kardashian Azz is starting to wear thin. Take some time and READ the comments here and you'll see that the public isn't as stupid as you think!!! It's so obvious you're in Kim's EXTRA LARGE back pocket.

891 days ago


I will bet any amount of money that the Kardashian film crew was filming the whole incident for there show. I don't believe that any organization had anything to do with the flour bombing, I bet that the kardashians set the whole thing up for there show that is why kim did not press charges.

891 days ago


Who cares about this cookbook fiasco! Big authors do this all the time. Tom Clancy makes millions off of other people writing for him. William ****ner's Autobiography wasn't even written by ****ner. There's a reason there is the term "Ghost Written".

891 days ago


Joanna is such a fool. Of course animals are more important to her than human beings. Too bad her mother did not abort her.

891 days ago

Poor, poor Mindy ...    

It just HAS to be said. It is the 1st time in a LOOOOONG time that anything white has been next to her skin. Yellow YES. Black YES. White No.

891 days ago


Can I just say recently, i find your stories very biased & you are now like fox news,you side & slant stories depending on which stars are feeding them to you.

891 days ago

Jay W.     

@poor Mindy... lol nice

891 days ago


That was obviously a trick to make the media talk about her, maybe next time it will be something liquid like PETA does & she not be so upbeat about it.

891 days ago

Flying Blind    

i guess their done, i don't hear anything .... logging off.

891 days ago
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