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Kim Kardashian

Flour Bomber Couldn't Rattle Me

3/23/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian joined us today to fire back at the woman who unleashed that flour bomb -- and explained why she brushed off the attack so quickly. Kim also issues a challenge to anti-fur protestors who resort to violence.

Plus, Harvey's got beef with fanatics of "The Hunger Games" ... "Iron Chef" Michael Symon defends Rachael Ray against plagiarism claims -- and Super Bowl champ turned model Will Blackmon says something that leaves the entire newsroom speechless!

(0:30) Kim K. attacked with flour by a PETA supporter -- she calls in to talk about how it all went down.
(3:15) Kim doesn't understand how people support non-violence against animals ... but are okay with attacking people.
(6:15) PETA supporter/model Joanna Krupa says she has no problem at all with the flour attacker's tactics.
(10:00) LiLo's alleged hit-and-run victim wants $100k or else ... how is this not extortion?
(14:10) Whitney Houston -- we found out there was a cocaine cover-up in her hotel room.
(18:30) The Hunger Games -- Harvey doesn't understand why people see midnight showings.
(24:41) Celeb chef Michael Symon calls in to defend Rachel Ray.
(30:10) Madonna fights for gay rights ... in Russia!
(35:01) Super Bowl champ Will Blackmon calls in to talk about his possible modeling career ... and crack a joke about his man bits.


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How much do the Kardashians pay TMZ to publish these stupid stories. Does anyone really care about her or getting flour thrown on her. Bullying? Violent? Illegal?

What a joke. Why do you enable this trash. TMZ is pathetic and I am going to take a break from this site for a while, just bored about these weak stories.

It seriously looks like you are a company for hire. Whoever pays you the most, you will make look the best. Whether this is the Kardashians who you never write a negative story about, or whether it is Mike talking about how great Lindsay is and how she will win an Oscar one day.

Give it a rest and report some meaningful stories for a change.

907 days ago


Harvey Levin I really thought you were smarter then to buy into KK BS this was staged for PR end of story!!!!! What are the Kardahsians doing for TMZ that you put up this smoke screen like she's the victim???? Come on this family is pathetic,greedy and care's about NO ONE did you catch how at first she said it's was about all the women then the truth came out of her greedy mouth when said said perfume Hum interesting. I just hope the real media keeps on digging uo the dirt on this disgusting family and the negative press continues.

907 days ago

Lari animalover    

Rot in hell you ****ing slut. If you have no compassion for the voiceless ones why should we have for you? We don't need people like you in This world anyway you shallow bitch.

906 days ago


"Kim doesn't understand how people support non-violence against animals ... but are okay with attacking people."

Ms.Fur hag! u re not a human! Human is someone who respects other livings and u dont. U cant call urself human if u let animal be killed in such terrible way just cause u feel like putting fur on ur fat ass.

904 days ago


Maldita perra.
Ojala se muera

903 days ago


DEAR READERS, JUST WANT TO SAY, I AM "BUTTERFLY" #1 not to be confused with "Butterfly" #2 , post #27, who uses vulgar language which is NOT MY STYLE!!! Please know I am NOT signed in on "Twitter." "Facebook," "My Space," or, any other social network other than TMZ with whom I have been with for several years. I will not sit back and permit ANYONE to put a STAIN on me regardless of what it is! NO WAY!!! I already stated I DO NOT own the "Butterfly" signature, but, I will go after anyone who chooses to degrade me in any way! Count on it!!! Thanks for your patience! I, truly, appreciate it!!!

901 days ago
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