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Angelina Jolie

I Didn't Pay Any Attention

to 'Jolieing'

3/24/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though her Oscar night pose spawned its own photo trend and even its own Twitter handle ... Angelina Jolie says she didn't pay any mind to the craze known as "Jolieing."

The woman with the most famous right leg in Hollywood tells the Huffington Post she ignored all the press following her red carpet appearance.

She told HuffPo, "I honestly didn't pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don't watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don't click on it. And the people I surround myself with don't really talk about that kind of stuff ... I heard something, but I didn't pay any attention."

First we're supposed to believe she just struck the pose naturally (we're sticking with our theory that she did it on a bet -- someone told her they'd donate money to a children's charity if she stuck her leg out) ... and now we're supposed to believe she didn't relish the attention?

More people bought tickets to "The Tourist" than believed her story.


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I want someone to explain why people worship this depressed psycho? I think people have forgotten what she was like a few years back.

914 days ago


looks like she is getting rid of a little gas!!!!!!!!

914 days ago


Although I do not believe there was any "bet" involved with her choice to stick her leg out of her dress multiple times, (including on stage), it was clear she knew what she was doing, because she did it multiple times.

Either she is truely retarded, or she was trying to make sure focus was taken away from JA, since her movie was coming out around the same time as the award show, AND, JA had just gotten a star on the walk of fame.

Angelina is an attention whore, and unless the focus is naturally on her, she is not happy.

She's a nut job, and I personally thought she looked terrible that night, leg sticking out of dress or not.

914 days ago


I heard that Angelina is jealous that George & Brad call Stacy Kiebler "legs" because of her long, beautiful legs and that Angelina stuck her leg out to mock that.

914 days ago


but....if she did it on a bet, thats just hillarious!

914 days ago


OMG SHE SHOWED HER LEG! Why the hell is this even news? Considering half of the women wear see threw dresses that leave NOTHING to the imagination, what is so news worthy about someone's leg showing through the slit of a dress? it's not like she exposed her cootch. It's just her freaking leg. grow up people? What is this, the 1800's where seeing ankles is shocking?

914 days ago

Who Knew    

This woman must be great in the sack, as she seams to have no sense of humor.

914 days ago


Talk about insecure! Green eyed monster has her in it's grip. Steals a woman's husband and jealous over comments about another woman. REALLY! Get a grip!

914 days ago


Who believes her when she says that she doesn't read the stuff about herself?

914 days ago

Umm ok...    

"I had no idea I looked so fake and stupid because I'm way too famous and important to concern myself with that." HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That chick is crazy.

914 days ago


when i first heard harvey say his theory about this being a bet, i thought he was joking.. and here it is again?

that theory is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.. she made an ass of herself and harvey is making it an altruistic move... just too dumb

914 days ago


That's one ugly looking gam! Eat a sandwich or two, Jolie. I will never find the look of legs with a dress and without hose attractive.

914 days ago


If she did that on a bet (which is so ridiculous), then why hasn't she said so? That would clear up a lot of confusion about wtf she was doing and why. The opinions of her were not good that night and she is a laughing stock. Explaining it was a bet to raise money for some charity would give her a bit of credibility back. There was NO BET! She's just nuts like she always has been. She can pretend all she wants that she is Hollywood Royalty and buy into the media's perception of her but really, she is just an ex-drug addict, mentally messed up woman with an eating disorder and a lot of secrets and insecurities.

914 days ago


Trust me when I tell you, these two don't give two hoots in hell what you think about them. Their filthy rich, and happy, and that's all they care about. Not some low life like K.K. who actually reads these. lol

914 days ago


this bony narcissist is full of it. Go eat something.

914 days ago
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