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Kim Kardashian

Pressing Charges

Against Flour Tosser

3/24/2012 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has decided she will press charges against the woman who threw flour on her at an event Thursday night ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ she does not feel the woman who threw the flour at her should get away with it and that she should be held accountable for her actions. According to our sources, Kim didn't press charges that night because she didn't want to take herself away from the event, which was for charity. 

We're told Kim will contact law enforcement in the next few days to tell them she wants to press charges. According to our sources, Kim wants to send the message that people are entitled to their opinion, but should not resort to violence.  

The decision to press charges represents a change of heart for Kim, who told TMZ Live yesterday she was wasn't going to pursue the matter.


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Kim Kardashian: "Hmm, how can I like, get back in the like news again today. Oh I like know, I will like play the role of victim again today and like claim that the flour was like a violent act." (cue hair toss)

E!, make sure your cameras are rolling!

889 days ago


I hate this bitch, BUT she is absolutely RIGHT. Assualt is assualt.
I'm a member of PETA
P eople
E ating
T asty
A nimals

889 days ago


....and cue the role of victim.

889 days ago


To Dontgetmestarted:
H I L A R I O U S!!!! and true!!!

889 days ago


She didn't want to leave because it was a charity event??!! So when did launching a new fragrance line become a charity event?! Come on TMZ we are not idiots! She didn't leave because the fame whore didn't want to miss out on money making opportunities!

889 days ago


throwing flour on somebody isn't violent...legally it's probably considered assault, but it's not violent nobody is physically hurt from it
and for goodness sakes stop blaming PETA, this is not PETA and even if you do hate that organization, their existence is a whole lot more beneficial to the world than this talentless worthless family

889 days ago

Who Knew    

Just trying to convince us it was not a stunt. Those skanks had to negotiate with the person they paid to those the flower.

889 days ago


Good for her. I'm sick and tired of idiots like the flour thrower.

889 days ago


"Sources close to Kim tell TMZ" = Kim or her Pimp-Momma called Harvey this morning to tell him.

889 days ago


Too bad it wasn't ANTHRAX.
Stupid, worthless, ugly Kartrashians.
Money grubbing TOO Bruce..
you are as feminine as all of them..*****

889 days ago


So being peed on is okay, but having flour in her hair, not okay.

889 days ago


Kris Humphries should sue her for taking a closed fist to him on National TV. That was violent. What else was violent was the verbally abusive tongue of hers when she lashed out at him and at Khloe.

Funny how she is not held accountable for her own violent acts of rage.

889 days ago


clearly Kim has been on TMZ all night reading the comments and she's now realized that by filing a lawsuit she'd stay (in her mind) "relevant".
Kim didn't you just YESTERDAY (Friday) say you were "too busy" to file a suit?

889 days ago


Everyone on New Year's Eve should sue when confetti is poured down on them at New Year's Eve events.

Everyone at Birthday parties should sue for the can of string being sprayed on them.

Such acts of violence.

Eye roll.

889 days ago


Kim probably paid the chick to throw the flour on her and is now suing because it didnt have the desired (positive) PR results she anticipated. The suit is to recover what she paid for the stunt!

889 days ago
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