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Kim Kardashian

Did She Deserve a Dusting?

3/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The flour bomb unleashed by an animal rights activist against Kim Kardashian has also unleashed a raging debate over fur, and the tactics used by protesters. 

So we gotta ask...


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I think there is an error in one of the choices.."Kim is more sympathetic now" it should read "Kim is more pathetic now"..

946 days ago


Every time I see a picture of this ho I have to pee.

946 days ago

two cents    

What I don't understand is Kloe did an ad for "I'd rather go bare than wear fur" yet her sister wears furs all the time. Kloe saw how animals were skinned alive and did the promotion so you would assume Kim wouldn't wear them. A tramp in a fur coat is still a tramp.

946 days ago


It's obvious tmz gets paid by the kardashians. Otherwise, why wouldn't there be a vote on this whole thing being staged? Flour? We all know that real peta uses red paint. Also the way she was dressed, I've never seen her covered head to toe with so much clothes. A normal person would be horrified if a stranger had thrown something on them. Kim is Kris' meal ticket. Mommie didn't seem worried about it.

946 days ago


I think she did. She actually looks like Michael Jackson in this pic. (sorry Michael)

946 days ago

Troy Teixeira    

I'm glad that she was dusted. I'm tired of seeing her stuck-up ass non-stop. What does she have to offer anyone? What's she done for society? Nothing. She rakes in tons of money from all the suckers who watch her dumb ass shows and who follow her snotty family. I'll be happy once people get sick of her and she runs out of money because of it.

946 days ago


Didn't sister Khloe do a add for PETA a couple of years ago?? This was a PR Stunt brought to us by the Ktrash family in order to bring Kimmie Kakes ratings up and me make us feel sorry for her. Sorry she got cleaned up to fast and the smiles on her and mama pimps faces afterwards were way to phony. TMZ how much is mama pimp paying you for all your pro-Ktrash articles!

946 days ago


i can't believe the amount of ignorant people that have been commenting. the fault lies soley on the the fur distributors. how come they don't flour bomb beyonce or jennifer lopez. they both wear fur. why doesn't peta stand outside of the stores that sell it. i'm sure most of you wear leather shoes,carry leather handbags, etc. i'm also sure that you go to church on sundays and repent but come monday you spew your hate towards ms. kardashian. shame on you!!!!!

946 days ago


If it were wrong to eat or use animals for fur or leather, then we would have to prosecute animals for eating each other and for rape, etc. But, we don't. Yes, they may be sentient, but that does not make them moral agents who have rights and obligations as do people. If it were suddenly on a new reading of morality considered wrong to breathe air, I would not quit breathing. So, with this view that animals are morally equivalent to people and to be accorded the same rights. This new "view" which can't really be logically substantiated, does not make it the case that being vegan or vegetarian is a healthier diet. it takes only 5 years for spinal injury to occur in those who eat no animal products. Certain nutrients can only be gotten from animal sources. Something that is not properly possible can not be required morally of one. Thus, it is not morally required to abstain from eating meat. Actually, in terms of healthy blood sugar levels and preventing obesity and diabetes, an omnivore diet is preferable. Further, fur is a renewable resource and is not environmentally polluting and does not "off-gas" after production like synthetics. it is natural, very warm and environmental. We are all part of the world--people and animals, and we all have our roles in the ecosystem. Fur and meat and fish and foul and leather are great natural resources.

946 days ago

The King    

It is Kim's personal choice to wear fur and it has nothing to do with anyone else.

Just remember, Hippies are worse han Pirates.

This comment was written while chillin' on my chinchilla bedspread... Screw you PETA!

The KING from KING Says

946 days ago


does that person know how many wheat plants that were killed so she could pull this prank? Scientific studies show plants have pain. WTG nutty

946 days ago


fur should be banned, and so should all the Kardashians. I wish it would have been something a bit worse then flour

946 days ago


This is obviously a publicity stunt! Why does no one see that. This is a ploy for her to gain sympathy, and turn around the bad press. She did not press charges, hello?
Please stop writing about that no talent bore!

946 days ago


This is obviously a publicity stunt! Why does no one see that. This is a ploy for her to gain sympathy, and turn around the bad press. She did not press charges, hello?
Please stop writing about that no talent bore!

946 days ago


they should have followed thru with a bucket of animal dung, well done. It's sad that so little happens in LA these days that all you have to report about is a porn star. Where is the real celebrity news?

946 days ago
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