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Kim Kardashian

Did She Deserve a Dusting?

3/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The flour bomb unleashed by an animal rights activist against Kim Kardashian has also unleashed a raging debate over fur, and the tactics used by protesters. 

So we gotta ask...


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HAHA there wasn't any sympathy for Kardashian so TMZ makes up some extreme dumb questions. No one cared about the animal angle as much as they were laughing at the dusting. The person who came up with questions like "torturing animals-as bad as torturing humans"in regards to this incident, has the IQ of a tree stump. The flour bomb was hilarious lighten up TMZ!

946 days ago


If you ever eat meat, you have no right to comment about wearing fur. Animals weren't made skinless.

946 days ago


Also the last question "winner Kim or Peta" Didn't you have a story yesterday saying Peta wasn't involved? So what did they have to do with all this? The more I see the direction of all this, the more I'm convinced it was all staged for her dumb show. Last year it was all about her engagement, wedding and marriage. Her image took a beating and she is looking sympathy to breath new life into her flailing career.

946 days ago


Where's a vat of grease when you need it. This chick was in the first stages of shake and bake. We could of seen us some Kentucky Fried Kardashian.

946 days ago


hellooo to alll the retards blaming PETA...did u not read the comment that said PETA was not involved?? Have you ever thought that maybe this woman was an avid animal lover and has a hate for KIM K like 99.9% of the world?
Or maybe she was just hired by Kim's mom to attempt to regain some publicity.
Personally I think the woman should've thrown a bucket of piss on's completely ethical, she loves the stuff.

946 days ago


Everyone wishing and wanting Kim K and her family to go away. It's pretty simple. Once you all stop being interested in her and once you all stop commenting and stop reading her stories. The media would stop covering her stories and following her. Simple as that. You all haters are just adding fuel to the fire by reading all her news stories and posting comments. When TMZ see's there is only 1 comment to every kim k story they do. do you think they would keep publishing her stories? heck no. that's not how the media works. They publish stories that people would want to read and comment. controversial stories. Great example is Paris Hilton. Before there was Kim K. There was paris. Where is she now? media stopped covering her stories because nobody cares about paris anymore. TMZ writes an article about paris now. there would probably be 5 comments and the article hits tmz gets from that story is low. They won't bother publishing another paris story anytime soon.

946 days ago


Funny when her BIG sister posed for PETA, Kim was all supportive of the cause. What changed? Did she move to Alaska, has the temperature plummeted in California, does she need to add extra bulk to her already over-the-top physique??

TMZ, you really overstepped it with this comprehensive questionnaire on Kim's attack by flour!! Give it up -- we know you're Kim-smitten and obviously getting "exclusives" from this greedy bunch! But this time you really look like a ship of fools!!

946 days ago


I dislike Kim and Peta equally

946 days ago


Kim didn't care that Ray J urinated on her and she ended up profiting off of it, Kim doesn't care where their merchandise is made such as young children in sweat shops and profits off that, Kim had a scam wedding and profited off that,ect ect. Do you really think she cares about animals being tortured and killed so she can wear her furs?

946 days ago


TMZ stop kissing that slut's disease-infested ass! You know this was staged!! She wasn't even wearing a fur at the time. And PETA throws paint, not flour or powder.

946 days ago


This whole incident had nothing to do with animal activist or kim wearing fur. Kim paid that woman to throw flour on her so she has something on her show her camera crew was there to capture the whole thing. It was a stunt notice how quick the vaccumes come out and minutes later kim is ready to go. This was a well planned out stunt by kim and her mom to get free publicity for her perfume and a stunt to put on there reality show.

946 days ago


I will lick every last morsel off you Kimmie! Looks like my grandmother's recipe...

946 days ago


Throwing flour on someone for wearing fur is ridiculous IMO. I don't agree with wearing fur, but throwing something on someone is assault.
I'd be more on the crazy woman's side if she had just done it b/c she disliked Kim though :P lol

946 days ago


She stages so much of her publicity so i was happy to see someone tell her off and get her ridiculously expensive clothes "dirty" with flour. she is such a narcissistic fame whore congrats to the flour thrower,i loved the pics!

946 days ago


HOAX,people, perpetrated by Jenner bag (who continues to drag Bruce Jenner's name through the mud.)Jenner is one psycho,who
will ultimately destroy her own daughter. Didn't vote on this garbage,who cares.Don't feed the monster ,>(K.Jenner).

946 days ago
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