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Kim Kardashian

Did She Deserve a Dusting?

3/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The flour bomb unleashed by an animal rights activist against Kim Kardashian has also unleashed a raging debate over fur, and the tactics used by protesters. 

So we gotta ask...


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She's lucky, I think most people would like to see her hit with paint. Or better yet, never seen again, as in go away bitch.

945 days ago


That paper everyone was passing around for signatures to please make this woman go away. Let her stick around, but every one carry flour with them. lol Notice I didn't say paint:)

945 days ago


Kardashians are so desperate they planned this "attack" on her to get her name back in the headlines. They are SO pathetic!

945 days ago

Melissa lee    

These question were bull**** tmz. U guys are the only one who feel sorry for her. Guess what the e cameras were there taping for keeping up with the kardashians so this sounds scripted. Go away Kim ur freaking annoying.

945 days ago


screw Harvey, Kim and her skanky mother. Boycott Kim, Sears (email sears and tell them why) boycott tmz since they are an extension of Kim. They kiss this fat assed woman all the time and it is getting so sicking.

945 days ago


Harvey, you have accoplished your goal. No one really knew who this woman was, until you threw her in our face every day. Now, your hard pressed to find any one who likes her. I don't get it. One day you dish the dirt on her, the next your trying to act like their friend. Read the comments, you've accomplished your goal. No one likes her, and the sad part is no one really knows her. And after all of this, I don't care to know her, or watch anything she's involved in. I won't even go in Kmart now, or sears.

945 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

TMZ is working hard for the Kardashian money. It was a publicity stunt. PETA is just a scapegoat in this, so no need to get worked up over animals or the ever trendy cause of bullying.

Have you ever seen her at one these things without her boobs hanging out? In a velvet jacket no less? Staged like a mofo.

945 days ago


Kim K Superstar's 15 minutes are finally up.

After her 72 day farce of a marriage, it became clear that Kimmy is just out to milk every dollar from her fanbase and will sell her soul to do it.

Kimmy would be really smart to do a pullback, but she's too greedy and too much of a media whore to do it.

945 days ago

Cpl America    

Did they find the wet spot?

945 days ago


PETA only attacks people that won't attack back..COWARDS!

945 days ago


If this wasn't staged by kim or her skanky mother why is it that the woman was not arrested? Why is it no one knows this womans name? Since this skank and her mother love to sue to get noticed why is it that the woman ( who ever she is) was let go. She is promoting her new piss water and it is free advertising. boycott Kim

945 days ago


There were only a few people in on the fake flour attack. Mom, Kim, the flour throwing girl and the camera guy. Everyone else was not let in on the scam for they wanted real expressions and shocked looks from everyone around them just to make it look real. Mom gave it away by being more concerned about the camera's than her own daughter. Kim gave it away by wearing clothes that covered most of her body so that flour wouldn't make it's way into area's she didn't want it getting into. AND she didn't get upset! She didn't rant and rage on and on about her clothes or her hair. She even smirked while they were leading her away. Gotcha!!! The Scam is over, It's time to call it a day.....

945 days ago


I am not a big Kardashian fan, but I am sorry this happened to Kim. And I'm really sorry that PETA sees this as a good thing--it seems they think it is justifiable to treat others this way, and that takes away their credibility.

945 days ago


Torturing animals is definitely as bad if not worse than torturing humans. Humans suck and animals rule.

945 days ago


It is amazing how 1 family has gotten so much attention and hate thrown at them. Perhaps they need to go away for awhile, maybe like Bruce has done?????

945 days ago
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