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Kim Kardashian

Did She Deserve a Dusting?

3/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The flour bomb unleashed by an animal rights activist against Kim Kardashian has also unleashed a raging debate over fur, and the tactics used by protesters. 

So we gotta ask...


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When the world hates you I think you should go disappear and lay on the beach somewhere spending all the $$ you suckered out of people for years and years. Basically what I'm saying is go the **** away crack whore.

910 days ago


She's hairy enough...let her wear her own fur!

910 days ago


If this wasn't staged by kim or her skanky mother why is it that the woman was not arrested? Why is it no one knows this womans name? Since this skank and her mother love to sue to get noticed why is it that the woman ( who ever she is) was let go. She is promoting her new piss water and it is free advertising. boycott Kim

910 days ago


I do not view dumping white flour as violence, particularly in comparison to the things that are done to animals by the fur industry. No one was harmed. Kim got free press like the ho she is. Kim needs to get over herself, her big ass and her GIGANTIC EGO and realize that she is a (lousy) role model, in spite of what moms of America think, and she owes it to the girls of America to set a BETTER standard than that of a rich bitch egomaniacal animal torturer/murderer.

910 days ago


If she stopped shaving and waxing for a week she could grow her own wookie suit.

910 days ago


I am sooo thrilled that this woman threw flour all over big fat ass.....she is hated soooo much....was can't she see that....she should just move out of the country, with her hoe bag siblings.....ugh....can't stomach her or the trashians....another publicity stunt, it seems...whatever still hate the fat disgusting bitch......ugh...................

910 days ago


bahahaha-not condoning what was done, just funny! and also funny-still no one cares-in your own survey, people still pick peta over KK! Just too funny. So Kim, are you still better than all of us? Come down from your self-made pedestal.

910 days ago


Damn, sorry i missed it. Wouldda paid money to see that.

910 days ago


The attacker should get a medal of some sort. Clearly TMZ you must be on the KArdashians payroll, still trying to garner sympathy for that despicable family!

910 days ago


I can hardly believe the violent comments on this page. It really does show how ignorant people can be. Encouraging violence, bullying and even death.Really people get a life

910 days ago


Kim Kardashian deserves to be flour bombed every time she leaves the house--what she's wearing has nothing to do with it.

910 days ago


The family should be happy it was just flour and not some crazy ass doing something so much worse. I admire the family for making a name for themselves and making some great money but they have crossed the line in so many ways. They are loved by many but hated by so many too. One day I believe that something awful will happen to a member of this family because of the hate and there will be no amount of money or fame that will be worth it. Kudos to Kris Jenner for making a big name for the family but I think it's time that she switched gears and takes the fame and fortune and turn her empire into a Humanitarian effort. ALL WE SEE from them is their quest for more endorsements and them making more and more money off of those in a very poor economy. Flaunting all of this is a rub in so many faces, especially in light of the Kim/Kris wedding fiasco. There is no humility with them. It's all about raking in more money and doing nothing more than showing off what they have and constantly seeking attention in any manner they possibly can. It is absolutely shameless. We hear nothing BUT what they do to make money yet we hear NOTHING about what they do charity wise, if they do at all. They've done nothing but show what greedy little pigs they are. Kim can show off via her Twitter her great handbags and photo shoots and great clothing and the fun places she is at but you NEVER see her Twittering about helping someone or anything. It's always about her, her, her and what she HAS, HAS, HAS. Her father would have never EVER allowed her to go into the direction she has. He would have told her to show more manners and humility. He would be proud of her to an extent but not proud of the greed she has shown. These 5 beautiful Kardashian/Jenner girls could do so much more than with their time and money but Momma Jenner won't have it. She'd rather profit off these girls herself than to ever give back to those who put them where they are now. That's too bad because they'd fare so much better if they'd learn to be more GIVERS than being takers. Can you even imagine the publicity they'd get for helping others? Nah. They'd never do that. It's more fun being in the face of others and being hated. That's going to be this family's downfall and something horrible will happen to one of them because of the greed. I hope Kris Jenner realizes that. Smart lady but also so damn stupid.

910 days ago


I just google images 'Kim Kardashian fur'

so.....much.....fur :| I dont wear things that scream before they get to the factory

910 days ago


One does not have teh right to attack an individual person to make a point of a bigger picture. This is a country of laws and it should be addressed in teh legal system to make laws to stop this treatment of animals and those businesses that practice it. Is killing animals for food equally wrong? This behaviour must not be supported.

910 days ago

Emerson J Kemp    

What is this world coming to. This woman went to jail for throwing flour on Kim Kardsdhian. But a man murders a 17 year old boy (Trayvon Martin) and is still free. WOW!!!

910 days ago
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