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Kim Kardashian

Did She Deserve a Dusting?

3/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The flour bomb unleashed by an animal rights activist against Kim Kardashian has also unleashed a raging debate over fur, and the tactics used by protesters. 

So we gotta ask...


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Lets face it! KK has many viewers, not because they like her. People just want to see what kind of poorly orchestrated crap she is going to pull next. I just watched the Flour debute interview with two men. Both men looked like they wanted nothing to do with this phone interview. Well Duh! KK is no longer an interesting subject, be it bad or good, certainly haven't seen anything good from her 99% of the time. Notice in the interview it was all about Me Me, I, I, my team, everything is about her. It was supposed to be a charity, but in the interview all she wanted to do was promote HERSELF and her line of whatever. I will certainly not purchase anything with her label or name on it. OH perhaps if I need some newspaper for litter training a puppy. I will to to an assisted living place and recycle any newsprint with the K name on it. That is the only way aAI will see her newsprint in my home. When she poses, it is always with her chin down, because she has fatty deposits in her chin. I recommend the best place she should go is to h...! KK and her mother have masterminded themselves right into the armpit of hell and KK deserves to stay there. She has brought her family down, even tho she had some help from other family members. Rob is a joke, with SOCKS? He likes color, but where is the quality in those socks. Probably left behind on the designer floor, cuz he doesn't know what it takes to handle his own socks, no less market any. KIM, IT IS TIME TO SAY LA VIE FOR GOOD! The contracts with the reality show seem to be in trouble. The reruns, reruns, reruns, reruns etc. just aren't even worth selecting the channel. When I channel surf, I certainly avoid the KK RERUNS. Jenner has to take viagra just to be with that woman, (who apparently enjoyed a fair amount of extra-marital time being with other men) and I don't blame him. Perhaps some anti-depressants are needed too! I salute Chris Humphries, even during the poorly produced episodes... THE K GROUP HAS NOTHING OF INTEREST TO OFFER ANYMORE, SO TAKE A BACK (WAY BACK) SEAT AND LET THE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE BEING RECOGNIZED TAKE THE FRONT. WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR BEING ON THE AIR, CANCEL THE CONTRACT AND PUT SOMETHING WE WOULD ENJOY IN THEIR TIME SLOTS! THE GENERAL PUBLIC WOULD BE SO MUCH HAPPIER IF YOU JUST MADE THEM GO TO THEIR HOLE AND LET THE VARMITS LIVE IN PEACE.


913 days ago


I hope somebody kills her. She a useless skank who cares nothing about animals or their suffering.
She deserves to be killed just like the animals she wears are killed. And first Id have her live in a cage for a few years covered in her own feces and unable to move.
THEN she'd be tortured and skinned alive.

913 days ago


All of this ruckus to distract us from the fact that the whole thing was STAGED. They are just upset that people are not buying their line of bs any more.

913 days ago

Who Knew    

Those who said she is more sympathetic are the reason That fraud of gypsies have all that cash.

913 days ago


Kim is a puppet, used by her nefarious mother, as a money making machine. BIG publicity stunt-playing the public,their usual modis operandi.

913 days ago


The woman just poured it over kim's head. But did not throw it which could have been harmful. Pouring flower over somebody's head is annoying and inconvenient but not harmful. Unless you are a allergic to it. So I figure the woman owns the dry cleaning bill at the most.

913 days ago


What I haven't seen mentioned is that fact that the flour dusting IS an assault and for some people (Celiac Disease sufferers) this could have proved extremely harmful to her health, even fatal.

913 days ago


If you are okay with eating meat, then it seems hypocritical to oppose fur. Vegetarians and vegans are the only ones who can really oppose this practice. I am not vegan/vegetarian and therefore I do not think that I can really say that killing animals for their fur is wrong, as I just had a chicken caesar salad for lunch.

913 days ago


IT WAS A PUBLICITY STUNT! HELLO, PEOPLE!!!!!! Perpetrated by the deceitful K.s. Listen and learn. Hello in there!

913 days ago


LOL that was so funny

913 days ago


Kris Humphries enjoyed that

913 days ago


o.o What? She was floured not for her behavior, her scams she's been involved with, the fact that she's morally loose, but wearing fur!? Damn it and here I was hoping someone got sick of her behavior. Okay, changed my mind, she didn't deserve it and the person should be punched in the face.

913 days ago

Sara G     

Last time I checked, this is a free country. She can do, say and wear whatever she wants. Peta and other "groups" need to leave people alone to make their own decisions. Just because it is your belief, doesn't mean it needs to be crammed down everyones throats. And she works. Whether you think it's work or not, she is a contributing member to society, paying taxes and living her life. No one has a right to attack her in any way. Especially if she hasn't done anything personally to you. If you don't like her, don't watch her shows, don't buy her products and carry on with your OWN life. If everyone figured this out, we would have a lot less problems in the world. And by the way, I'm not a huge Kardashian fan, I feel this way about all celebrities and their right to live their own lives. Start focusing on yourselves people. :)

913 days ago


Assuming PETA was NOT involved,I strongly encourage PETA to file a law suit against the K.s for defamation of character and harm done to the reputation of their organization! Speak up about this PETA!

913 days ago


Publicity stunt? Hummm. Didn't press charges....hmmmm.

913 days ago
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