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Ex-Kony Soldier

Warlord May Have CURSED

Jason Russell

3/24/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


African warlord Joseph Kony is a master of voodoo ... who may have willed an evil spirit to poison the mind of Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell ... this according to a former member of Kony's child army.

TMZ spoke with Richard Akena ... who was captured by Kony's forces 4 separate times when he was a child and was forced to carry out Kony's evil bidding.

Akena tells us ... most people who were captured by Kony believe he is "being controlled by a devil spirit."

Akena says it wasn't unusual to see Kony try to use voodoo magic in an effort to thwart his enemies in Africa ... and he believes the same voodoo magic could explain Russell's naked meltdown .

Russell's family says the breakdown can be chalked up to "reactive psychosis" ... caused by stress and lack of sleep. 

Still, Akena tells us he's convinced otherwise ... "This was Kony's doing."


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Jeff Williams    

Kony did him a favor, by unleashing the gay in him. +1

941 days ago


No, he was a closeted perv and he finally broke.

941 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

come on now, how hard is it to have one of your workers girlfriends, lets say a hot white girl, fly to san diego under the pretension of doing business,

find the restaurant/bar where this kid was eating, put some poison in his drink and go back ????

this kid is very lucky he and his family is not dead, or worse incapacitated for life,

I am sure his family would love to care for a drooling retard for the next 40 years,

he got another chance, he needs to find another profession,

yes it is true that many want to go up against these evil warlords but they all know that in doing so you will put your life, your families life in peril, so what is the point ?

941 days ago

BB not bb    

Honestly when I saw the Kony interview from 2006, I saw a man and a group of soldiers with quiet and gentle spirits,not twisted evil looking men. That is why I really believed them to be Christians. He didn't look like he was trying to hide anything. Either he is a great great actor, or there is something funny going on here with the allegations.

Kony hasn't even struck in Uganda in a long time so I think that the Russell video is being used by Congress as an excuse to invade Uganda for the benefit of the contractors, like they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to stay out of there, but the theme of the video is that we need to go to war there. We don't even have the facts straight yet.

941 days ago


TMZ - WTF have you done to make the world a better place? Your sensationalized coverage of celebrities is one thing, chasing down any scrap of dirt you can about a man who has devoted the last 10 years of his life to capturing an indicted international criminal (#1 on the ICC's most wanted list, just above other high-ranking members of the LRA) is pathetic. If you want to be a real news organization - fine - but if that's the case: act like it. Your coverage is totally biased because your aim is to create a sensational story, sometimes out of thin air. Sometimes at the expense of a private citizen who happens to be the mouthpiece/face of charity. Please stick to celebrities and leave the actual news to actual news organizations. Africans and other cultures in undeveloped parts of the world (and hell, even in underdeveloped parts of the US) believe in things like black magic and voodoo because it helps to explain the world they live in with the limited knowledge that they have. You can't define 'evil' with completely scientific/quantitative terms and if you don't understand or know science then your explanations for atrocities of any kind is folklore. This story almost seems to be making fun not only of Jason Russell (again) but also the people of central Africa who have suffered unfathomable horrors at the hands of Joseph Kony and who's culture accepts voodoo and black magic as reason why Kony has been able to do what he's been doing for the last 20+ years without having been stopped yet.

941 days ago

Sophia of England'shire    

I practice hoodoo, so this very well might have been the case, but if true, why curse just Jason Russell? Why not curse the CEO Ben Keesey as well.

941 days ago


oh, dear...

941 days ago


Where does one get a Doctorate of Witch Degree?

941 days ago

Fat Mike    

Devil Spirit = Cocaine

941 days ago


That was the first thing I thought of. I wouldn't mess with anyone that practices VooDoo. I know it's not a common belief, but if someone said they put a curse on me I would be sweating bullets.If you saw everything that Kony has done you'd believe in great evil too.

941 days ago


Give me a break. His naked stunt was just that. A publicity stunt.

941 days ago


I believe it. Voodoo is not to be fooled with.

941 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

I believe Santa Claus is a Nazi.

Can TMZ run a story about it?

941 days ago


Don't mess with Voodoo,,Voodoo is real !

941 days ago

wow ew    

I love how your western minds think. There is more in life than just your average mental breakdown a la britney spears. People don't just go ape **** for no reason. Victims of voodoo rarely realize what's going on at that moment. It's a real thing and naive minds need to not intrude if they can't handle it. I'm shocked tmz is even talking about it. Voodoo has been a way too common "cure" for the *******s who are africa or african for way too long and i think it's about time for it to stop.

941 days ago
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