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One Direction

Massive Security Detail

for Dallas Show

3/24/2012 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are five members in the hit British boy band One Direction -- and today in Dallas, there will be 20 security personnel for each of them ... to ensure their rabid fan base stays safe and in check.

According to our sources, a security team of 100 has been assigned to protect the group for their performance ... which is only supposed to last 45 minutes.

The band, which became the first UK group in history to debut at number one with their first album, is scheduled to play just four songs for a crowd of about 7,000 at the Dr Pepper Ballpark.

The security breaks down like this: 40 for close protection security, 50 more for the venue, and then 10 more just on stand by. 

Your move, Bieber.


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My 17 year old daughter loves these guys music. And guess what? So do I, and I'm almost 30, ok coughcough50coughcough. There, ya' happy? Lol
Grew up with 70's and 80's music, so I have a diverse taste in music.
And...I also LUV their hair!!!1. Guess I've made too many trips to Warped Tour over the last couple of yrs! Lol
If you don't like something that's fine, but why try to demean and degrade these kids who have probably worked their asses off to get to this point?
I don't like Lady Gaga, although I did like her first album. I think she's trying to make her fortune off of her gay fan base. I don't believe a word of what she says about her believing they are "Born This Way". She does and says what she says for the love of $$$ she's probably a raging homophobe behind closed doors. That's my opinion. But, I can voice my opinion of her in a civil and mature manner.
And who's this 48 year old Mom's favorite band for the last 3 yrs? "Breathe Carolina". How many my age know who this band is? The lead singer is tatted from head to toe, ears gaged, and cute as a frickin' button. The other singer is sweet as hell. Talked to him for about an hour at WT 3 yrs ago waiting for their signing. Two awesome guys, living their dream. Just like these guys (One Direction), Justin Beiber (which some of his music I like), Selena Gomez (same), and a ton of others I see ragged upon here on TMZ by the commenters all the time.
People! Give something different a chance, our kids don't particularly like our music either. But, I have to say, my kid has pretty good taste and diversity in music. Any given day I can hear her music playing, and ranging from screamo to Skrillex. And in between? Journey, Motley Crüe, Van Halen, Hilary Duff, and Victory Jackson.
Just ignore the post if it's something/one you don't like, as I try to do. My only real weakness is the Kardashians. I can't help myself, and a lot of it has to do with the horrible influence they're having on our young girls who for some unexplained reason, idolize them! Do. Not. Understand.

950 days ago


Never even heard of these clowns. They look like total ***gots. Not saying they're homosexuals. But damn if they don't look like ***s. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

950 days ago



950 days ago


SERIOUSLY? WTF is wrong with these CHILDREN? The "I try sooo hard to be cool" look is definitely not working because they look like complete TROLLS W/ small balls. I hate the hair, really I hate it. Justin Bieber wanna be's are getting old. So many boys try to replicate that hair style and it doesnt work for most. WHO IS YOUR MANAGER?
DEAR MANAGER: WTF are you trying to create? A reject backstreet boy/Bieber group? So sick of these stupid talentless made up groups who try to look cool , put out stupid heart break music ( like youve ever had heartbreak, yall are what 12????) Hello? where is the talent. Atleast get some tats, thatll make you "cooler" than all your UGLY DOUCHEY hair styles and ugly nerd clothes. For realz

950 days ago


BTW, when Michael Jackson toured in Russia/Moscow, 10 000 policemen guarded the crowds, as well as thousands of policemen in Prague (the opening gig for HIStory tour 1996), simply ... all over the world...

950 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Looks like the three stooges with their two stunt doubles.

950 days ago


Forty-five minutes for four songs? Seriously?

950 days ago


They ARE going to be on icarly its not a rumor anymore .People are talking about how hot they are, how great they look etc. Not how good their music is, that's what the fuss is.However, What Makes You Beautiful & One Thing are extremely cheesy but incredibly catchy. Think they'll last longer than people are writing them off..
Fair enough, I'm going tbu my 16 year old and her friends who wouldn't be seen dead buying their one-direction tickets at or songs, and my friend who bought them for her 11 year old.

949 days ago


One Direction will NEVER be the next Backstreet Boys. The Backstreet Boys still hold the best selling boyband of all time title and are still going just as strong. They vocally p*ss all over the One Direction boys. tickets are easy to find at but I can see what the fuss is with One Direction (although I cannot stand them), but they were only put together to make money and they've definitely reached out to their target audience. They're there to make money for Simon Cowell or whoever they're signed with, nothing else.

949 days ago


is there a wind storm?

943 days ago
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