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Donald Trump's Sons

Reportedly Under Investigation

for Controversial Hunting Trip

3/25/2012 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump's sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, are under investigation in Zimbabwe to determine if their hunting trip -- which made news when photos of the guys posing with dead animals surfaced last week -- was actually legal. 

The independent Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said that Trump's sons used a South African safari firm that is not registered in Zimbabwe during their 2011 hunting trip. They reportedly killed an elephant, an endangered leopard, a buffalo, a crocodile and other "big game" animals.

The task force is currently investigating whether license and trophy fees were paid and if the South African firm had been cleared by Zimbabwe wildlife authorities to operate.

Donald Jr. tweeted after the photos became public, saying, "I'm a hunter, for that I make no apologies ... I can assure you it was not wasteful ... the villagers were so happy for the meat which they don't often get to eat. Very grateful."


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Barbara Short    

@ Jac I posted this before and its worth saying again, for the amount of money he undoubtedly paid for the hunt, he could have fed the villagers for a year....just food for thought. No pun intended

908 days ago


sorry donnie-girl but the ULTIMATE PUZZY MOVE is to kill an animal when there is ZERO RISK to yourself.

step into the octagon if you need to prove you have stones . . .

908 days ago


Good! Glad they are looking into this. How in the world was it allowed to shoot an endangered leopard?

908 days ago


Right - The big hunter supplied the villagers with meat! I'm sure they enjoyed eating the poor little leopard. This is not killing for food - this is killing for your own inflated ego, to show what a big man you are, the big almighty hunter, look at me. Just look at the photo where Trump is holding the severed elephant tail up triumphantly. These Trumps are such self-entitled a-holes. The firm that booked their kill should be investigaged too.

908 days ago


I went on a photo safari two years ago in Africa. The thought of these Trump pigs slaughtering endangered leopards is sickening. If you could see elephants gathering around the carcass of a downed elephant you would cry at this travesty. Running down animals in speeding vehicles and mowing them down with high powered weapons is not hunting it is criminal butchery.

908 days ago

Tom Cruise    

These POS should be shot themselves for this. I've been to Africa and I can tell you there is no risk nor challenge to shooting any of these animals. The real animals are the Trumps.

907 days ago


legal or not - only a spoiled rotten, tiny-****, mega-douche would get pleasure from killing these animals.

907 days ago

Christina G.    

I'd love to open a wildlife "refuge" for the Trump boys and their ilk, and people can pay me to hunt them down, kill them, cut off their testicles, and pose for the cameras. The ultimate Safari adventure.

907 days ago

Cindy L    

The trumps are just white trash with money,IF I ever seen that little fairy son of his I would whip his ASS.NO CLASS SNAKES IN THE GRASS

907 days ago


They ATE an endangered leopard?? WTF?? These guys are millionares, bring these people some beef from the cattle farmers in America for Chripes sake! This was NOT about feeding villagers, give it a rest.

907 days ago


This story is days old. Zimbabwe is investigating and there could be fines and jail time for these so called organizers, not the Trump losers unfortunately. They killed an endangered leopard. Also there weren't any villagers that were fed. The area they were hunting did not have any and that claim is also being investigated. Whatever trophy parts these loser brought back should be confiscated, I'm not sure what the laws in the US are about bringing them in under these conditions.

907 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

I just love the way he throws the word "hunter" around. The fool has no clue to what being a hunter really is. He's just a spoiled rich kid with money to blow. On the other hand, if animals went to feed a local tribe/village then I have no quarrels with that.

907 days ago


907 days ago


I was just commenting on how short and unattractive Donald's boys are and here they go proving me right with acting out their Napoleon complex. They killed an endangered leopard? how nice for them. How did the disgusting spoiled brats justify that to themselves? I say these two be dropped in the sequel to the hunger games with only their small penises to defend themselves against real hunters and see how we all can justify their deaths by hunting. we can feed YOU TWO to the villagers. in the meantime let's hope they get the Kardashian treatment. What a bunch of losers, real big time losers.

907 days ago

doesit matter    

they got kim, now they need to throw a brick in this pricks fu*king lame... lock his ass up...they locked up mike vick for dogs, and this a-hole was killing endangered animals!!! fu*king injustice!!!!

907 days ago
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