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Drake Party

Marijuana Mayhem

In Oklahoma City Nightclub

3/25/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is responsible for a MASSIVE cloud of pot smoke that shut down an Oklahoma City nightclub this month -- resulting in at least one arrest -- this according to the club owner ... who now wants the rapper to pay for his troubles.

The owner of Dollhouse Lounge in OKC just sent Drake and his manager a letter -- obtained by TMZ -- claiming the rapper asked him to open the nightclub just for him on Thursday March 1st to host a private party ... and it went off the rails.

According to the owner, Drake showed up with his massive entourage -- and when the party was in full swing, several Dollhouse employees noticed the smell of marijuana coming from Drake's VIP section.

The owner claims the party was shut down immediately -- and soon after, the Oklahoma City Police showed up to restore order and usher people out of the club.

While the cops were there, the owner claims they discovered a half-burnt marijuana cigarette in Drake's section -- and then ARRESTED the club manager ... after issuing her a ticket.

But the owner thinks it's BS his club is taking the blame -- because he'd never be in this mess if Drake never asked him to host a party. Now, he wants Drake to pay for all his trouble ... several thousand dollars worth ... or ELSE.

Drake's reps could not be reached for comment.


No Avatar


thats what happens to club owners who let this kind of trash use their clubs. Drake should be man enough to take responsibility for his trashy krew. Smoke dope outside or in your car. Drake you lookin like a little BITCH right now prick. Can't Drake control his own krew? Grow some balls Drake and make your krew take the rap like the bad boys and girls they suppose to be.

945 days ago


Wheelchair Jimmy. This guy is trying way too hard. I can't believe people actually take AUBREY seriously. He grew up in the suburbs of Canada, thus he's as soft as Charmin tissue. I can't wait until Drake and his annoying voice go away.

945 days ago


I grew up in OK and now live in LA. I'm a bartender in Hollywood. Weed is not an issue here. Sometimes I'm extremely embarrassed about OK's view on drugs, women and people of color. I guess that's why I bolted and never looked back. Wake up! Marijuana is not a harsh drug and easier on the body and soul than alcohol or cigarettes. We smoke it here and it is not a big deal. Drake is hardly trashy and he is a talented artist. I hope no one is actually charged for this. I saw so many people arrested at a 311 concert in OK for weed. It just seems like such a waste of police time. Weed. Ha! I'm glad I left those silly rules. Oklahoma is a beautiful state but some idiots still seem to be running the show.

945 days ago

terrell m    

like biggie said.. more money more problems!! drake been in the game for a lil while now so he should know better.. as a person getting money you should personally never allow yourself to be in a situation where the moves you make can backfire and thats what he did.. drake needs a serious reality check from the people closest to him about how easily all this can dissapear! just my humble opinion..

945 days ago


you gave into greed now deal with it...

945 days ago


I love Drake's music, but WHY would you go to Oklahoma and smoke weed it is illegal there if you need to smoke don't do it in public where it is illegal come to CALI you will have no problems...Drinking liquor is more damaging to your body than weed but there are states that do NOT legalize weed so DON'T do it there, PERIOD POINT BLANK!!!!

945 days ago


He's a rapper completely devoid of any sense of personal responsibility and no class while having insane amounts of money. Of course he's gonna do stupid thing.

945 days ago


Too bad the owner isn't legally allowed to say "no" to someone requesting a private party at his club and therefore was forced to accept what happened. Wait...what? You mean it isn't illegal and the owner could have told Drake he wouldn't allow a private party? Who knew!

945 days ago


Lmao how is everyone getting mad at drake just cause he was smoking weed in the "VIP" section. Everyone on the comments board is probably old as **** cause ya'll are acting like he was smoking crack. Do yourself a favor and smoke kush

945 days ago


lol huh? back here in toronto everyone be smoking a blunt in the clubs, why are they being so strict?

945 days ago


This is a fricking strip joint in OKC.. so many more classier places he could of chose.. lol GEEZZZ

945 days ago


If this club was in wouldn't be an issue. It's amazing what tight wads some states are. It's just some bud. Cops waste too much time busting weed smokers. Now you know why so many crimes go unsolved.

945 days ago


Drake - you are a terrible performer. However, I can't help but feel sorry for you right now. I wish your 15 minutes of fame was over, so you wouldn't have to be put in this terrible situation.

If this were California and the cops REALLY wanted to get involved over one half smoked blunt in the VIP section - the maximum penalty would be a $100 fine.
I used to think OK was a cool state... Its clear now they are as backwards & ignorant as the rest of the bible belt.

945 days ago

I am Spartacus    

come on, not Jimmy. It's so funny that the wheelchair kid from a Disney show is now supposed to be some rapper we take serious.

945 days ago


Why in Hell would you go to Oklahoma? That state is run by a bunch of crazy religious republicans who want to kill everyone who doesn't live as they demand. Seriously, legalize pot already. God wants you to smoke pot. That's why it grows wild, like strawberries.

945 days ago
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