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Lindsay Lohan

No Worries Heading Into

Final Probation Hearing

3/25/2012 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's latest bizarre driving incident will be included in her final probation report, but sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she's confident the judge will see it as nothing more than someone trying to make a quick buck off her. 

According to our sources, Lindsay discussed the alleged hit and run with her probation officer last week. We're told while it will be part of the report, the rest of it will be all positive.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she believes Judge Stephanie Saunter will address the incident during Lindsay's final probation hearing on Thursday, but Lindsay believes the judge won't take it too seriously. 

As TMZ first reported, the guy who Lindsay allegedly struck with her Porsche is demanding a six-figure payday from LiLo to make it all go away.


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Proud Veteran    

The judge has an opportunity to win the admiration of the world. All she has to do is tell Lindsey she feels sorry for her because she is stalked by s*** sucking parasites. It would be even better if the guy she allegedly hit was there and brought his rat, ambulance chasing, lawyer with him.

Now, that would be a show worth seeing!!!!!

910 days ago


Why is this news? When was the last time she was in a movie or tv show? Don't know why anyone would care.

910 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

There may be more (or less) to this story than any of us is privy to. If Sautner sees an issue, I am sure she will have good reason to. If she lets it go, I am sure she knows what is best. We still have not heard a direct quote from Geragos (sp?) or the manager, only claims made by unnamed sources.

910 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This guy's claims are a non-issue. Just look where he's from, enough said! Not to mention ALL the witnesses say absolutely nothing happened!!!! Therefore, it's a gr8 day for the H8turds to chase oncoming traffic!!!!!!!!

910 days ago


Who cares when this is over it will be Lindsay who? So of course she will do something stupid to get back on tmz. She hasn't changed one bit despite all of her BS.

Wonder how long it will take her to get herself fired from the Liz movie. She even comes close to pulling any of her known crap not being prepaired, professional, disrupting production shes gone. Her career is so far in the toilet now it will be royally flushed down the drain.

Lohan simply doesn't care her attitude is still the same I'll do whatever I wan't cause I get away with it.

910 days ago


See, this is the exact reason why we are closing it down. It's people like you, who think you are so much ABOVE everyone else, and yet spend so much time here *coughs guess who I am referring to, and she is a long standing commenter.
I'm beginning to think that some of the trolls have it right when they say the things they say about you all.
I am honestly sorry if you felt you were so much better than the chat room, and that's why you never went in.
Like BRW says, good luck on creating a new one.
Oh, and saying you never came in? Lies. you happen to have been in there as often as the next person. Stop trying to make yourself sound so above it all. You aren't.

910 days ago


She's got a fresh set of enablers with Honig and she hasn't really grown up.

Maybe putting the pressures of constant court appearances behind her will free her up to a more reflective period.

910 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Thanks for the nice supportive comment. We did the chat in order to get to know our fellow posters better. (guess we did lol) Also to get to talk to seldom posters and the ones who lurk. But reg chat people were running anyone new off and were just making it an awful place.

910 days ago


Oh poor Rogie. I'm sorry. Are you upset I didn't include you hun? Silly goose.

910 days ago


to get it wipped out would be too hard..VOP is a crime..she has multi would cost millions..and take many years to dismiss all those counts.
they cant dismiss a crimes and not dismiss the VOPs..
sorry it record is to far gone,,
when she plead dealed them out and put in a NO CONTEST.(Guilty) its through..
is she pleaded innocent.and fought it.then she would of had a better chance.

910 days ago


Of course she has no worries. She's never been held accountable for her MANY, illegal activities.

910 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Could someone please give me a complete list of who sucks so I can understand where all of this anger is coming from?

I am confused when people do not use names, because then I might make an assumption and be wrong because I don't know what is really going on.

910 days ago


She thought that little pesky stealing incident would be shrugged off too after she scrambled to return it when it became news... just saying.

910 days ago


Wow, Spartacus, I think you need to go and do your homework on me a little more sweetheart if you plan on being a stalker. If you did, you'd know I wasn't Lindsay, Dina, or Ali. But nice try though!

910 days ago


The question has been asked: Does Lindsay store nuts in her cheeks?

The answer is...yes, it's true. Nicole lives in those cheeks.

Also, Nicole is the real-life Lennie from 'Of Mice and Men'. Lindsay is just her next puppy.

910 days ago
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