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Uncle Sam to Nas

Your Music Money Is Ours!

3/25/2012 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The next time you buy a Nas album, you're really just handing your money over to the government -- because the rapper's delinquent tax filings have caused Uncle Sam to begin garnishing his wages ... TMZ has learned. 

As TMZ first reported, Nas is in tax debt up to his eyeballs ... if his eyeballs were $6,000,000 tall. 

So the government has finally tired of waiting for Nas to pay up, so they filed documents in the state of Georgia to have his wages garnished -- via the music publishing organizations BMI and ASCAP -- until the debt is paid off. 

So if you like Nas, but hate the government ... perhaps you'll want to find an alternative way to listen to his music.



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Probably a large number of these tax dodgers come from backgrounds where taxes aren't paid.....because the government is paying them to stay home and do nothing. They get rent subsidies,food stamps and free medical care, So why would they pay taxes on anything they make?

839 days ago


Here's a better headline: "Your money is music to our ears."

839 days ago


Along with your publicist and promoter to keep your gigs and deals going, you have your lawyer to keep your ass clean and something called an "accountant" to keep your taxes straight. Where the hell was that person?

838 days ago


Another moron who doesn't want to pay his "fair share". Why don't people learn from history? You are not going to cheat Uncle Sam and get away with it.

838 days ago


I am not surprised with the the stupid and racist comments you white people are sharing. It is one thing that the man didn't pay his taxes, but because he is a rapper and black you have to make such nasty comments. For your information, white people don't pay their taxes either. Considering the fact that the IRS is a private corporation and all of you Europeans are land snatchers and murderers of people of color, I don't blame him. You remember when you stole the land from us?????? (The so-called United States)You try to act like black people and other cultures and inter-marry with other cultures because you know you are foul. But you are not fooling me and you are time is coming. Thank you for showing your true colors. But you know better than to talk like this around black friends, don't you?

825 days ago


Why I am not surprised at all the racist and stupid comments. Nothing but white people of course. It is one thing to pay taxes of course but your comments do not have to be derogatory you damn land snatchers. If that man doesn't want to pay his taxes that is on him. It should not have to do with the fact that he is a rapper or black. For the record there are white people who don't pay their taxes either. For your information, to all you patriotic Europeans this is not your country anyway!!!!! You stole it from us, remember? So please keep that in mind when you comment or better yet just go back to Europe to your cave!

825 days ago
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