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'Precious' Star Mo'Nique

Weed, Illegal Immigrant

Accusations in Dog Crap Lawsuit

3/25/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Precious" star Mo'Nique's dog-stink legal battle with her landlords just got downright PERSONAL -- with the Mo's husband accusing the landlords of being alcoholics ... and them accusing him of smoking weed in the house.

TMZ broke the story -- Mo's Georgia landlords sued the Academy Award-winning actress and her husband Sidney Hicks last year, claiming they walked out on their rental contract, still owing $370,000 in unpaid rent.

Mo and Sid responded shortly after -- claiming there was a reason they reneged on the contract -- the house smelled like dog crap, wet dog, and urine ... the septic tank was an overflowing mess ... the security gate was broken ... the list goes on.

Now, new docs have been filed in the case, including a massive collection of emails between Sidney and one of the landlords named Alice -- in which Sidney claims the landlords should be "embarrassed" by the state of the home.

Alice responds, mocking Sidney over Mo'Nique's canceled talk show -- writing, "We do understand that your business has been greatly affected by the cancellation of your weekly talk show. However we do not want the publicity and heartache/hardship for either of us."

Sidney shoots back, claiming Alice "has a poor man's mentality ... you talk tough when you are owed but run when you owe."

And here's where it gets vicious -- Alice refers to the stank in the house, saying, "Maybe the illegal substances you use in our home (i.e. WEED) has weakened your sense of smell."

Sidney responds, "The only illegal greenery was with the illegal immigrant you brought on our premises to cut down the trees ... Maybe the overuse of alcohol has affected you and your husband's judgment."

It goes back and forth like that for 136 PAGES. Lucky for the rest of us, the case is still pending in court -- which means more awesome documents might still be filed.


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Her talk show was worse than Arsinio's.

942 days ago



942 days ago


Monique is obnoxious, her show sucked. I believe all the bad stories about her.

942 days ago


wow...there are a few racist comments on this site this is 2012 not 1900 grow up and realize times have changed, I thought why is she renting in Atlanta? maybe she was renting because she was not sure if she wanted to make Atlanta her permanent her talk show was based there and is now cancelled, so that was a smart move I wouldn't want Atlanta Georgia to be my permanent home either, so renting was a good move I am sure she will move back to California where she has more opportunities. Best of luck Mo.

942 days ago


My Hubby only makes 120k a year & i'm a SAHM. Compared to what she makes, it nothing. We live comfortably and own 2 properties. How the heck does a person who makes a lot more $ than us, in that type of situation. People make me sick. There are people out there losing their homes & not eating. Grow up. Welcome to the world of entitlement.

942 days ago


What did the landlord think was going to happen when he allowed a Sasquatch to move in to his house? Obviously it is Monique that caused all of it but she'll never accept blame for it. It is a really ghetto thing going on here.

942 days ago


Why hire a lawyer if you're going to talk?

942 days ago


Do some of you with these racist comments even know what color the landlord is...while your busy posting these dont rent to blacks comments........because in atlanta 9 times out of ten the landlord is black too....atlanta is a place where the rich black outweigh the rich white 10 to 1. This is not about race ..just about somebody skipping out on people do it , white people do it, mexicans..etc. Evictions have no prejudice my friend. Its so funny to me god..white people have to be the most parinoid people in the world ....scared of blacks.....y ...i tell you y because of GUILT.....old scardy cat jacking up your rent so blacks cant rent bascially holding your own self back....a-hole.

942 days ago


That sh*t is crazy. But some of them landlords are shady as hell. They'll give you a raggedy ass house, and then try to sue for for something.

942 days ago


Mo' unfortunately you will pay for this one as no Judge would (or should) let you skip out on a binding contract. You should have followed the Legal recoourse available to tenants in this situation......and why the f..k is you renting anyhow?!

942 days ago


Has is occurred to her that the house didn't smell that way until she moved in.

942 days ago


"Academy Award-winning actress" That's STILL HILARIOUS. What a joke.

942 days ago

shawna mezo    

man thats sad and then u turn it to racist comment somebody need to fo real get a life ....................................

942 days ago


Isnt this the crazy lady who doesnt shave her legs and went with a forest on her legs to the oscars... No wonder she has problems with people. Shes LOCOOO !

942 days ago


50 comments and no one has mentioned VH1's Charm School?
I'm disappointed...

942 days ago
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