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'Precious' Star Mo'Nique

Weed, Illegal Immigrant

Accusations in Dog Crap Lawsuit

3/25/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Precious" star Mo'Nique's dog-stink legal battle with her landlords just got downright PERSONAL -- with the Mo's husband accusing the landlords of being alcoholics ... and them accusing him of smoking weed in the house.

TMZ broke the story -- Mo's Georgia landlords sued the Academy Award-winning actress and her husband Sidney Hicks last year, claiming they walked out on their rental contract, still owing $370,000 in unpaid rent.

Mo and Sid responded shortly after -- claiming there was a reason they reneged on the contract -- the house smelled like dog crap, wet dog, and urine ... the septic tank was an overflowing mess ... the security gate was broken ... the list goes on.

Now, new docs have been filed in the case, including a massive collection of emails between Sidney and one of the landlords named Alice -- in which Sidney claims the landlords should be "embarrassed" by the state of the home.

Alice responds, mocking Sidney over Mo'Nique's canceled talk show -- writing, "We do understand that your business has been greatly affected by the cancellation of your weekly talk show. However we do not want the publicity and heartache/hardship for either of us."

Sidney shoots back, claiming Alice "has a poor man's mentality ... you talk tough when you are owed but run when you owe."

And here's where it gets vicious -- Alice refers to the stank in the house, saying, "Maybe the illegal substances you use in our home (i.e. WEED) has weakened your sense of smell."

Sidney responds, "The only illegal greenery was with the illegal immigrant you brought on our premises to cut down the trees ... Maybe the overuse of alcohol has affected you and your husband's judgment."

It goes back and forth like that for 136 PAGES. Lucky for the rest of us, the case is still pending in court -- which means more awesome documents might still be filed.


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weird al yankovich    

I never liked this girl. After that reality show ( which I can't even remember the name now) with all the trashy girls from flavor of love ... We were really able to see through her on that show and she's definitely a bad egg ...
She should go back to wherever she crawled out of ....


941 days ago


Thanks TMZ for removing the racist comments.

941 days ago


I personally Know Alice, the tenant. The house is located in Roswell, GA. Huge beautiful house. I have been there! This house is far from crappy! Monique just doesn't care to pay her damn bills. She realized she could not afford to live in luxury any longer, and makes up bogus excuses' as to why they need to be released from their Legal Binding contract. By doing so, her and her husband Sidney, found it appropriate to bash Alice and her home. This whole situation is because Monique can't afford this house, not because it is crappy. I personally can't wait for all e-mails to be released... Sidney is a terrible person and will hopefully get put in his place by our legal system. In closing, I just hope that one can realize that this house is not what they make it to be. Don't believe how nice it is? Schedule a visit to the magnificent property, see for you self!.

941 days ago


She wouldn't be the first actress to win an Oscar and still act like a piece of ghetto trash refusing to take responsibility for bad behavior...I'm talking to YOU Judi Dench!

940 days ago


Why must every topic become about race? It's so redundant and small minded. I don't like Monique. I think she is the stereotypical loud, obnoxious Black female...which affects all Black females in a negative way. I'm glad her show was cancelled because we've got enough Black women acting like bafoons on national TV right now. But this issue is about someone who didn't pay their rent....end of story.

940 days ago

leila matsombe    

some celebrities need to start realising that they are role models to many kids out there> they should start acting responsibley. am starting to dislike Mo'nique her presonality is not one to like and besides why is she still renting does it never cross her mind to buy a house.

940 days ago


I know the house and the address is 12430 King Road, Roswell, GA 30075
Google earth it and see for yourself.

940 days ago


I do not believe what I am reading! I have said this before and I am going to say it again Monique should I stuck to comedy! No wonder her talk show was cancelled it was soooooo boring!!! Sooo boring! Please go back to comedy Monique!

939 days ago


There was obviously breach of contract here, but when does it become an issue on illegal immigration. LEAVE the hard working men/women out of your ****!

934 days ago


One of my close friends worked for Mo'Nique as her executive assistant. Yes, the landlords are correct and Sidney needs to stop lying. They always smoke weed in the house, hotel rooms, while on jobs, etc. He needs to stop with the comments and man up for once.

932 days ago

millicent imes    

WOW! Is all I can say to this MESS! First thing I'm gonna say is when you loose sight of self; and become self-absorbing, egotistical and self righteous, these are the type of things that start to happen in your life. God ain't no JOKE.. and 1st Until you begin to Honor your Mother and days are well as your misery.. All your New FAMILY AND FRIENDS THAT you have ALL OF THE SUDDEN, become SUCH a BIG part of your life..are BRINGING You DOWN! and yes Your Husband was right when he made the statement.."Everybody else Can't be Wrong" So I guess it does show to be you live to condemn all the People who TRULY Loved you and Enhanced your Life, you see what you get STUCK with....As the saying goes...You lay down with DOGS you awaken with FLEES. Sista as you stated..WOW Mill; you should have seen ALL the Supported Messages I got with the Opera talk show..WELL Sista I hope your reading THESE as Well..You have allowed someone who truly cares nothing about you to destroy your LIFE..However; as sad as it may seem.. GOD ain't done yet.. He is going to STRIP you so far down..That is only him that will be able to Keep you together! This DUDE that you call a Husband is the same one that told were nothing; Ohh by the way you have always been the prettiest fat girl he has known...Well once he seen the means to his end was to get on the Bandwagn and change his tune..and at the same time...We need to have an OPEN Marriage.(What the **** is that) I and everybody knows that's a one way street..and Only people that has LOW self worth, Low Self esteem, would allow themselves to be in a SITUATION as Such! Just Remember sister...the same one's you meet (Family, Friends) that you passed UP are the same ones that's going to be there..AS you come BACK down; which you are WELL on your way...Hope you are reading THESE COMMENTS as you so PROUDLY Read and Boosted about the Opera show. With Loving, Caring and OPEN Arms... I will always be here!... Cause; when all is said and DONE... You'll be BACK..Love you! Oh and by the way..If you were still with Steve, #1 EVERYBODY (as you thought) CAN't do what he has done for..(your learning that the HARD WAY! Mo, you are no longer thinking with your Sober Mind..You are caught up in Vicious and Toxic situation..When you stop regretting the decisions you made about your Family SUPPORT, you will start focusing on the REAL ISSUES./PROBLEMS and WE are NOT the Issue nor your enemies..You need to go back and RECAP on how you got where you WERE and start looking at WHERE you are NOW..and Swallow that FALSE Fake Ass Pride and start making better decisions..If Steve were still there ALL these BS would have NEVER Happened...Think about it! You..Renting a HOUSE...PLEASE.. I always said someone must have given you something BAD.. Because Babee this Irrational Behavior that you have been displaying is not the Smart, Intelligent, person that Monique USED to Be.. baby Girl it's time to REMOVE the MASK and do what you gotta Do! Never Let anyone...Remove you from FAMILY...Because in the end...THAT'S ALL YOU GOT! **** WHAT YOU HEARD!!!! SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE..Keep your HEAD UP In spite of..

924 days ago

Nosy and Concerned    

First of all, IT MAKES NO SENSE to pay RENT ...$370,000 worth of rent and not own the place! Why not just buy your own house...ATL is CHEAP (especially in comparison to California) so that house must be palatial.

Secondly, if its that bad...MOVE! and handle that crap outside of the house...NOT WHILE ACCRUING more high paid rent...

the emails are hilarious! nonetheless, they should have just moved if it was that bad! I couldn't take those smells for more than 24 hours...and they were there for months! that does not make sense AT ALL to me...

779 days ago
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