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Rob Kardashian

Detained by Police

After 'Joke' Goes Wrong

3/26/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian handcuffed.Rob Kardashian tried joking around with a paparazzo in Miami early Sunday morning ... and he ended up handcuffed and nearly arrested as a result ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Rob tell TMZ he was out with some friends when he saw a photog taking pictures from across the street. We're told Rob thought it would be funny to start sprinting towards the photog ... but the photog didn't laugh and instead ran away screaming for help. 

According to our sources, Rob followed the guy into a smoke shop to try and clear the air (no pun intended) but the police saw the whole thing and decided to get involved (see video below).

0325_rob_k_videoWe're told cops interviewed both Rob and the photog -- even putting Rob in the back of a police car. But after Rob explained to them it was all a misunderstanding, he was released.

And that's why you never chase after strangers.

According to the Miami Beach PD, it went down pretty much just like that. The report says Rob ran after the photog, but never threatened him. The police determined there was no altercation, so they let them both go.


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They should have brought him in, strip searched him, then given him the bag of flour.

885 days ago


Anybody know if Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner are still together. We haven't seen or heard anything about him in ages, or seems like ages.

885 days ago


A new STAR has arisen- ROBERT KARDASHIAN!!

885 days ago


I'm getting turned on...

885 days ago


This is just another KKlan SET-UP. No way were there cameras following Rob. No way! Mommy manager is hard at work, LOSER!

885 days ago


How could only one camera caputer all this.
Its like min moive.
Scene oneA DRUNKEN rob K-trash starts running threw heavy traffic and allmost gets hit by an suv reachs the side walk
scen tow threats to kill a pap.
scene tree runs into ta store
scene 4 officer pulls his hands behind his back
Rob yells what for what for and starts resitng arest
the officer yells stop resting rober restit the officer
yells top resting all while
being filmed by a crew of at least 3 people.
Oneof whom chases along dside rob to film him running threw trafic.
Rob was full of liqued courage.
scen 6 gets hand cuffed and thrownin aback of a squad car starts crying like a baby that he wants his mommy.
The officer doesnt wantto deal withhim any more and turns him lose back on to the streets.
Robs cameraman rushs to get the video posted on TMZ.
Rob is pleased with himself he got himself in the newsand, got to demostrate his athitic ablitys.
APB out on a rapid kardashine chasing down paps to
get on TMZ>
If Tmz refused to post any more k- trash on the site the whole family would go into withdrawls.
No telling what they might do to get on tmz.
Hell they would probaly kill someone.
There fame seeking has been raised to a new dangerous
level. getting more and more desparte to be in the news by the minute cuz the whells came off their brand and they instinkveily know its over for them.
This smells of desperation.

885 days ago


So,who were ROB'S "friends",and why did they just disappear??
No footage of the "friends?" Very curious?

885 days ago

Asian 101    

This ***** tries sooooo hard to look like a tough guy hahahahaha........

885 days ago


I am now at the point where anything they do, I assume it is STAGED. I thought Rob was going to law school, is he waiting until he is 50? Did Bruce really leave Mama Kris, God I hope so.

885 days ago


Rob has very good cardio!

885 days ago


Oh I see tmz edited to vidos toghter.
BUtt what is strange is I dont think the dude was takeing Robs pic he was jst a Random Tourist taking pics
Of the night life. Rob in his drunken and herion induced state of mind thought he was so famous that the tourist
must have be a paps following him around the streets Of maiami.The guy was probaly just a tourist and when rob started chasing him he thought it was some gang member trying to steal his camera or mug him.
Robert is sick in the mind like all the ohter kk robots.
He was tripping for nothing.
How fun well all get to see kim k humliated
and we get to see Robert in Hand cuffs in the back of a police squad. way to go k-trash.
Too bad his father went to rott in hell for letting OJ go free. Hed be mortifed to see whats become of his kids.

885 days ago


I hope the guy sues him and gets everything Rob has...Oh wait, he mooches of his sisters!

885 days ago

Fat Mike    

Obviously the photographer was a woman or gay. Grow a set, losers!

885 days ago


If kim press charges on the flour in her hair witch was like a joke then the person that Rob sacred the hell out of and terriozed should press charges on him.
Dumb kardashines have a double standard.
Of how they treat others then how they want to be treated.
Kris jenenr has insteld in them a sense of entiltement.
I noticed Rob is wearing one of the Rolexs Kim passed out from her ill gottn gains fromt he c tradieng her wedding gifts for . Rob is wearing Kris;s half of his share of the wedding gifts on his risk>

885 days ago


TMZ you guys think you're very clever with that closing remark. "And that's why you never chase after strangers."

Yea tell that sh!+ to that fat **** George Zimmerman.

885 days ago
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