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Rob Kardashian

Detained by Police

After 'Joke' Goes Wrong

3/26/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian handcuffed.Rob Kardashian tried joking around with a paparazzo in Miami early Sunday morning ... and he ended up handcuffed and nearly arrested as a result ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Rob tell TMZ he was out with some friends when he saw a photog taking pictures from across the street. We're told Rob thought it would be funny to start sprinting towards the photog ... but the photog didn't laugh and instead ran away screaming for help. 

According to our sources, Rob followed the guy into a smoke shop to try and clear the air (no pun intended) but the police saw the whole thing and decided to get involved (see video below).

0325_rob_k_videoWe're told cops interviewed both Rob and the photog -- even putting Rob in the back of a police car. But after Rob explained to them it was all a misunderstanding, he was released.

And that's why you never chase after strangers.

According to the Miami Beach PD, it went down pretty much just like that. The report says Rob ran after the photog, but never threatened him. The police determined there was no altercation, so they let them both go.


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One down, but a few more to go.

878 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

So I heard Miami police are as bad as NYPD police. They think they can push you around for no reason what so ever.

878 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Police brutality, does exist. Regardless of the situation they should not be man handling him.

878 days ago


So here we go again folks.........Another publicity shot for the News.....these trashians just love to be in the news anyway, anyhow they can.....they all just get me sick......i hope he goes to jail.....hate them all....yukkkk.

878 days ago


Rob is hot, but I cannot handle the tattoo's. Men, women, and children don't tattoo your body. It's unnatural.

878 days ago


Cop - Don't you have anything better to do? Maybe arrest the crack whore down the street? Or the guy who just did a beer run at the Circle K?

878 days ago


Bullsh##t TMZ ...He was mad as He## chasing that guy for filming him and he got caught and started making excuses saying it was a joke ..LOLOL I don't buy it ...They don't want anyone REALLY filming their fake show ...I thought it was a REALITY show and they want everything filmed LOL Yeah RIGHT ...Why does TMZ always take up for them ? Hum ..

878 days ago


Dear Rob,


People who are sick of you

Dear TMZ,

Why are you reporting on Rob? He is not a celebrity,


878 days ago

Sergio Michel    

I'm no Rob K fan, but I think what happened to him in this sitch is pure BS. First off....clearly this guy with the Camera WAS NOT a Paparazzo or part of the press. Any good Pap would know when to and WHEN NOT to film a celebrity. A heated personal argument between two people (involving a celebrity or not is irrelevant) should not be intruded upon and can only lead to further conflict. Filming people during their candid moments uninvited and out of context is Unconstitutional and an Invasion of Privacy. A true Pap or Media person, would know not to agitate their subject (especially when they're in an argument), and would wait for a better opp to approach and ask questions or at least take stills instead.

Just b/c people are famous and recognizable, does not give any random ass with a camera phone the right to infringe on their personal time and life. This is a Constitutional Republic where our individual privacy is protected. Yes, there is freedom of the press,... but you HAVE TO ACTUALLY be part of the Press to enforce that right. Even then, a true media professional, knows WHEN NOT TO shoot.Russel Brand & Chris Brown recently had similar idiots get in their faces inappropriately, (they may have REACTED wrongly, but they were justified in reacting), but in the end, it was those idiot's fault for being fresh and rude and just getting in their faces at a moment that they were not in the best mood. They are to blame for the negative responses or any ill action they got.

Leave the camera work to the professionals. Not only am I a touring musician and performer myself, but I'm the Ring Announcer for Celebrity Boxing, and KNOW how NOT to approach a wound up famous individual. I can assure you, MOST Celebs will sit down and chat with you on tape or take a pic with you if you ask them nicely and in a respectful manor.About the, "He's trying to kill me!" part, that guy should be put in jail for Aggravated Stalking, Invasion of Privacy and get charges on some sort of Bearing False Witness Counts. Rob did not deserve this, b/c he did'nt do anything. So, people, leave the camera work to the pros or you run the risk of getting yourself hurt. Take my advice, would be picture takers, either ask Celebs to be in your shot kindly, or leave 'em alone before you pop out your recording devices.

878 days ago


The product that the Kardashians offer, is not that unique.T.V show,clothes,perfume? It is not logical how they have been handed fame,success,wealth. It's unnatural for what they have to offer.There has to be some other exchange of goods and services going on,e.g,to executives,producers etc.People just don't receive that much undeserved favor for nothing.It is not beyond the realm of imagination, what probably is really going on,to garner all this partiality.Just an observation.

878 days ago


I am not a Kardashian fan but to be fair, I will side w? Rob on this one. I don't think Rob is a media whore. The guy wants a private moment & the annoying paps has to ruin it. If a celeb does not want to be taped or photographed,the paps should respect that. Come on, if it was his sister Kim, she would have been all over it! She calls the paps on herself all the time!

878 days ago


Those Kardashian people will do ANYTHING to stay in the news!!!!!!! Every single we hear about them is planned by Mama Pimp I believe. I'm so sick of seeing them, hearing about them, looking at all their ugly, plastic faces and distorted bodies. Old Mama Pimp is smart, but man she is hard on the old eyes as she's an old hen with a face that has been made over 1.000 times. Go away Kardashians and don't come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

877 days ago
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