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Whitney Houston's Death

Who's to Blame?

3/25/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The L.A. County Coroner's findings on Whitney Houston's death has not settled the case -- by a long shot.  Fingers are pointing in all directions, casting blame. 

So we gotta ask ...


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Dianne kruger    

It's a shame she was a mother and role model to many what a shame. A grown women with a brain god gave her.

911 days ago


TMZ, Thank You for keeping everyone updated on important news events. In my opinion, no one is to blame for Whitney Houston's death because Whitney made her own individual choices about her life. I thought Judge Jeanine on FOX NEWS overall discussion with her legal guest panel, a Fox News Reporter and Patty Mahany, (Sandford City Commissioner)was very informative. I disagree with Patty about people allegedly attacking the Sandford police and that everyone does not have all the facts. Its obvious by her alleged discussion with the "LEAD DETECTIVE" in reference to critical police information about the case, she seemed interested in getting the direct scoop. Is this prejudicial to the case and illegal?! The new neighborhood witness John allegedly might have seen a brief fight/ altercation between Zimmerman and TRAYVON but he did not say he was present during the initial confrontation or when TRAYVON was brutally killed. Hypothetically speaking, if Zimmerman being a stranger to TRAYVON agressively pursued him like an alleged "RACIST MAD MAN WITH A 9MM WEAPON" this 17 yr old innocent teenager had no choice but to defend himself. Why was the Sanford Police report so contriversial?!Like most people you can listen to her music and hear the sultry, magnificent and iconic voice of the "Lovely Song Bird" Whitney Houston. TRAYVON MARTIN's mother knows the sound of her "blessed son voice." WHEN WILL THE PROSECUTION OFFICE COMPLETE THE FORENSIC VOICE COMPARISON OF TRAYVON MARTIN AND GEORGE ZIMMERMAN?! Martin Luther King Jr., said, "Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere" I hope there is some solace and strength for TRAYVON's parents to lean on GOD's word and know that he is safely" Up Yonder with our LORD." From my perspective, justice will be achieved through the 911 alleged racist tape, TRAYVON's girlfriend's statement and the neighbors that witnessed George Zimmerman(G.Z.) allegedly standing over, straddling and heavily pressing/ pushing down on the back of TRAYVON. I wonder if the prosecutor's office can attach "MALICE" because allegedly Zimmerman might have wanted to make sure TRAYVON was deceased before the police arrived. ARREST GEORGE ZIMMERMAN! No Justice! No Peace! The 911 tape is raw and real. IT IS WHAT IT IS! The legal counsel for Zimmerman discussed he has African American friends and does volunteer community work. SO WHAT?!!! This does not mean he's not prejudice/racist. No one can change/ slice/ dice or erase G.Z. preconceived negative perception and thought patterns during the horrific cir***stances for TRAYVON. Some Catholic Priest allegedly were molesting innocent children in the church. These priest were giving sermons within the Catholic Church. What about "THE COACH" Jerry Sandusky?! Allegedly, it has been proven that there are some police officers who are dirty cops! Can you explain to the viewing audience.. Why the police might have subconsciously embraced G.Z. as one of their own?! In my opinion, regarding G.Z. injuries, his additional foul play might be involved. Its no secret that people have stabbed, faked car accidents, fallen down stairs, poisoned and shot themselves, etc..., in order to deflect attention in attempts not to be charged with murder. I'm grateful to President Obama for being faithful by expressing himself as a man with "A Heart of Equality, Peace and Justice." I would like to convey my sympathy to the Reverend Al Sharpton for the recent passing of his mother. TMZ staff, HAVE A WONDERFUL and BLESSED DAY.

911 days ago

Tim Parker    

Dear Whitney- May her 'Soul Rest in Pe'ace. Whatever the cause, it is both a very sad loss and great tragedy.

911 days ago


only you can get yourself off an addiction. Others can support you but that's it. You need to be willing to change your life. It's tragic and sad. We are all responsible for our own life, nobody else.

911 days ago


First of all:

The bathtub was too deep.

And there was way-too-much H2O in it.

911 days ago


It's high-time the Beverly Hills Hotel?

Added a "Faucet-Control-Staff."

911 days ago


Something has-to-be-done:

About how-fast-the-H2O-comes-out.

Those faucets are dangerous.

911 days ago


Another little-known-Whitney-Houston-Bathtub-Fact:

-Ray J?

-Was seen EXITING via a side Beverly Hills Hotel entrance?

-wid a PAIL...

911 days ago



-Bobbi Brown?

...Was seen LURKING at the Reservoir...

-Known to FEED/SUPPLY the Beverly Hills Hotel.

-NOW do you get it?!

911 days ago


I,like many people believe that Whitney Houston killed herself.....Even though they covered up the coke before she died, that person whoever it might be did have a part in her death, and should be prosecuted....but bottom line is she killed one put a gun to her head to say take the coke....a very sad ending to a sensational singer, who had it all at one time in her career...very sad....but now she is in peace....we all have pressures to deal with every single day in life, but to kill yourself, just isn't right...she was a beautiful woman, even up until the time of her death, and if she didn't want to live, she should have at least thought about her daughter Bobbi Kristina before she took the coke that cost her life....may she always R.I.P. a legend is gone, but the music continue on.....

911 days ago


Additional cover-up suspicion:

-During the last nine days?

- There's been furious/tremendous electronic contact -

...Between Bobbi Brown and Ray J.

-One's been seen at the Reservoir.

-Another's been seen exiting the hotel and wid a pail.

911 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Enablers are to blame. But always remember, the enablers only look for the weak ones. And that Whitney was. Always trying to be all hip, always trying to be the life of the party. They ain't gonna approach a strong woman like Oprah. She don't invite trash into her house. She ain't gonna let a man bring her down. That's why it pays to be conservative and a little old fashioned, at times. That way, it wards ppl. off, You digg what I'm saying? Cause you're not their type. You look too boring. And sometimes they feel uncomfortable being around you. And sometimes, a little scared. I'm like that um yah. Cause they don't really know whats on your mind. There you go, now you know how to lift yourself up, when you are down.

911 days ago


last-of-it from The_Nof:

...draw your own conclusions, Mark Fuhrman.

911 days ago


Drug addicts cause problems for everyone around them, family, friends, employers, employees, and the ones that can't afford it cause problems to society with their criminal activity. The sad part about it is that the druggie never gets blamed, it's the husband, wife, or parents fault. When they finally die then the wife or husband gets tortured even further, STOP THE MADNESS!

911 days ago


Every good sub-plot has it's own Twist:

..."Keep Daddy Out Of The Mix"

-"And It's All MINE."

-signed, Bobbi-Kristina

911 days ago
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