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Whitney Houston's Death

Who's to Blame?

3/25/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The L.A. County Coroner's findings on Whitney Houston's death has not settled the case -- by a long shot.  Fingers are pointing in all directions, casting blame. 

So we gotta ask ...


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If I Was Gordon Lightfoot p.s.:

"Let's see here I getz me six million next year."

"Nine millionz the year after that..."

"Sixteen million when I turnz 21..."

"All I gotz to do is run Daddy down..."

"Change my name and whatnot..."

"Do Oprah a-couple-more-timez..."

910 days ago


If I was a well known person using drugs, it would be a talked about headliner. Whitney was responsible for her anything that went in her body. I don't care if she was introduced to the biggest drug lord in Columbia she didn't have to purchase it use it. All the yes people or family couldnt members couldnt have stopped herY until SHE WAS READY

Its too easy to blame someone else. Take responsibility for your actions

910 days ago


How-I-Know p.s.

My own sister be the same as Bobbi-Kristina...

-ALL she gotz to do is run ME down ...

...And the LAND be herz!

Yep, she surez be mad at me!!!

910 days ago


"Let's see I think I'll putz me a new couch over there ..."

"Build me a nice new addition/sun roof..."

"Putz me in a CEMENT pond..."

910 days ago


Most likely, Bobby Brown had no strong malicious intent. He probably has a good heart, and at the end of the day is a benign soul.

However, objectively, Bobby Brown is - probably unintentionally - partly responsible for influencing his wife's future. if you chronicle Whitney Houston's life, and literally watch a succession of YouTube videos of her interviews, guest appearances, performances, and even the interviews of other celebrities and high profile people who knew her before her marriage to Bobby Brown, then it will be indisputably apparent that he definitely affected her life in very critical - and very unfortunately - incredibly damning ways. He was ultimately a malignant influence in her life. Maybe he really had her best interests in mind from his own personal view, but ultimately, if you take the time to have the omniscient and big-picture perspective of what became of her life, then it is very clear that Bobby Brown was a big consequence of her poor judgment and bad decision-making. As objective as anyone can get, her overall life story is a true tragedy, and Bobby Brown is a true contributor to her untimely demise. Bobby Brown probably cared about her personal welfare more than he demonstrated. But, he really set the groundwork for her to easily access her weaknesses; whether or not he had ever noticed enough to help change the destructive patterns she shared with him. He just wasn't a positive force in her life.

Imagine being a true friend of Whitney Houston and having to watch her make such bad choices in life; it would be so painful. So, if you add in Bobby Brown's role in her life, he would just personify the feelings and thoughts humans attach to the idea and concept of the expression of "adding salt to the wound." Even if she was destined to be a raging drug addict, he still would have only ever exacerbated her condition. She never knew what falling in love felt like, and Bobby Brown was the first (and sadly, the only-ever) person who represented and gave value to the experience of falling in love for the first time. The first love is always a very profound part of someone's life. Unfortunately, Bobby Brown wasn't the ideal - just wasn't the right - person for her to spend her life with. But it seems that neither of them really knew any better until it was too late. And Whitney Houston was in an endangering state of denial throughout - yes it actually really was! - a turbulent marriage that just wasn't going to do any favors for anyone at the end of the day.

If approaching her life as a mere story, it is only human to recognize the people - including her own self - who prevented her from a healthy and happy life. Fan and haters alike, along with apathetic people, will see how she really was a gem of a person, if taking the time to just watch her throughout her life in the public eye. She was just a very good person who happened to be too innocent - to a fault - despite how everlasting her potential for an optimum, fulfilling life really was. She was only human. And she was really a blessing to the world. Tragically, she did not choose good avenues for her personal life.

Kevin Costner is actually the only man in her life who she would have been with forever. Watch interviews, and a very revealing hour-long special on her, and it becomes painfully obvious how you can even see her life as a tragic love story. As cheesy as it might be, she really had a fairytale ending in store for her. But, alas, fate just didn't budge for her nor Kevin Costner in the end. He makes it very well-known, and ever-so shameless, that the real singular love of his life is Whitney Houston. And I can only imagine that she would have done more than obliged to his sincere and genuine love. The man really valued her, and cared more for her than she maybe ever recognized.

I am such a sucker for the romance of life. But if you have a big heart, I really believe that you would find that she was more deserving than she ever realized. It seems to be a simple truth that Kevin Costner knew how demonstrate this more than anyone else in her life was really just able to. I believe her life ended up to be a sad love story. Yes, this is very masturbatory (awkward word), but she dreamt of having a beautiful family with essentially a Prince Charming figure in her life. Instead, she ended up with a human-sized spasm from hell: Bobby Brown. Again, he probably was a good guy at heart, but that doesn't always mean he couldn't have been hellish in her life (which he just was). Now, you can't exactly say that she was a hellish figure in his life when you consider all the facts on the ground. So, as far as her idea of a perfect life, and making ALL of her dreams come true, it's really the case that Kevin Costner was always the Godsend and a true equal of hers.

Playwrights have written great tragedies for authentic reasons. And, Whitney Houston, herself altogether, is a harsh cautionary tale that people should really try to understand instead of pass hasty judgment upon. She is human. She was a very extraordinary woman. She just didn't know how to apply her own virtues for the best.

Watch these videos, even with mere empathy and no automatic sympathy necessary, and my God did she get the short end of the stick: -- she has indisputable class, and he just doesn't seem to notice how trashy his behavior is. -- absolutely adorable and pure love. -- says everything.

YouTube "Whitney Houston vs Serge Gainsbourg" -- HILARIOUS - whether or not you care, you should watch this anyway, purely for its comedic value. And just be endeared by her innocence. This really shows how pure she naturally was.

Watch the [in]famous Diane Sawyer interview and the famous Oprah one (2009).

I'm so shameless about all of this. But I figured why not go out of my way to try to shed some light - modest or not.

I am seemingly obsessive because my best friend is living a parallel life, and I can't do anything to help anymore. Addiction is - first and foremost - a disease. Drugs are more powerful than the people who use and especially abuse them. The awareness of this nasty disease is very important and terribly overlooked. People don't choose to have addictive personalities. Their only choice is to admit they are addicted, and that they have to fight for their lives. It's an overwhelming struggle. Friends and family are significant influences, and it is so critical that their support be constructive and loving. It is so heartbreaking when innocent people are abandoned because of troubles that were never originally asked for.

I couldn't cut this short because I really believe that anyone has the potential to make all the difference in someone's life. This is all about life and death - not liking a person or not liking a person.

I'm not a Whitney Houston fan. I never have been. When I heard she died - I wasn't surprised at all, and I didn't really care at all. Then, as I watched the news and saw the real legacy she has left behind for the world. Her legendary Star-Spangled Banner performance at the Super Bowl is the very handiwork of an angel sent from God.

I was raised a Catholic and became atheist because it only made sense to me. But regardless of my faith, Whitney Houston represents the belief and hope for an enduring love - the kind that God is told to only ever have readily available for us.

We are all human and should remember that we were given hearts for a reason we should find our own answers for, and we have all been given the chance to have considerate minds. We should all give our own fellow people the opportunity to be understood at the very least.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

(Longest comment ever!)

Peace out.

910 days ago


Bobbi Kristina's Gordon-Lightfoot-Moment, continuing:

"I'll needz me an-underground-conveyor-belt to the SUPER-market..."

"A plantation..."

"And somez Plantation WORKERS ... that I have sign one of them there CONFIDENTIALITY agreements..."

"Yep, sure gonna be Fly around here..."

910 days ago


Well, we have followed her career from being on top of the world to bottom of the barrel it is extremely sad, no one is to blame Whitney was a drug addict before Bobby Brown and after Bobby he made it easier for her to be her self with him because he didn't judge her he accepted her for her.

RIP Whitney you have no more demons to fight.

910 days ago




Nice way to treat a death so trivially.

910 days ago

BB not bb    

Well she snorted coke and drowned in the bathtub? Well maybe it was bad coke. That is the risk you take when you buy street drugs. You just never know when the dealer decides he wants to cut in some poison and doesn't care are maybe even wants to kill the buyer. It could have been bad cocaine.

I believe there was cocaine in the hotel room and the guests tried to hide it before the cops got there. I don't know it any of them used the same batch.

As far as Bobby Brown, it was like the good girl marrying the bad boy. The bad boy never respects the good girl. Somehow he just snares her by being vulnerable enough to make her think she can trust him, but he is always out for himself first. It is too much pressure for a good girl to handle all of the misdeed of a bad partner.

I think you have to know what kind of person you are and really look for someone similar or there will always be conflict.

910 days ago

vern dufford    

This poll is so DAMN STUPID!

910 days ago

Alice Burgess    

What about Clive Davis? Per Whitney's voice coach, everytime her throat would get just a 'little' better Clive would want her to sing public. He never let it get to it's full strength. I think she knew she wasn't ready and needed drugs to help her get through all the hipe. She was scared because she never got truly healthy.

910 days ago


She died from her own stupidity. I also blame her family who had to know what was going on but did nothing to stop it. Just like MJ, they stood by while they destroyed themselves. I just hope her daughter learns from her mistakes.

910 days ago


in response to
Blue Giant: about an hour ago
"Enablers are to blame. But always remember, the enablers only look for the weak ones. And that Whitney was. Always trying to be all hip, always trying to be the life of the party. They ain't gonna approach a strong woman like Oprah. She don't invite trash into her house. She ain't gonna let a man bring her down."
to that part of your post
Oprah did invite trash into her home and she did let a man bring her down and she was a cocaine user...somewhere in her 20's I believe-she's talked about it herself but it took a long time for her to disclose it to the public (Maya Angelou telling her "you know better, you do better" was a big reason she came clean and it didn't affect her popularity because of how whe disclosed it quoting Miss Angelou
lucky for Oprah she did not continue on that route
Oprah may have had stronger will power,
maybe she decided to surround herself with better/different people,
maybe she did not have superstar status until she was a bit older, and had religion in her life
..whatever the reason or combination of reasons ..she became who she is today and Whitney became the chronic drug addict whose habit killed her

910 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

When you get right down to it, there is only one person to blame for Whitney Houston's death, and that is Whitney Houston.

910 days ago


Food for thought backed up by medical studies:
It doesn't take huge amounts of cocaine to cause death in someone with heart disease. There was no need to hide cocaine because the post mortem would show all medicines and illicit drug use. And who says that there ever was a huge stash? Whitney could have used what she had.
There was no cover up. Whitney is the one who suffered from the addiction. She was using illicit drugs before she met Brown;her addiction only worsened due to the life style the couple led.
Whitney Houston was a successful star but tragically flawed through addiction.
Addicts can not be blamed for their illness-- this is what doctors who treat addiction say. It is a hard road to staying clean and many people fail. Poor Whitney; she failed in her fight against addiction.

910 days ago
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