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Whitney Houston's Death

Who's to Blame?

3/25/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The L.A. County Coroner's findings on Whitney Houston's death has not settled the case -- by a long shot.  Fingers are pointing in all directions, casting blame. 

So we gotta ask ...


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MOVE ON... I'm certain if it were one of those TMZ losers it would be hush hush and "respecting the family's privacy."

943 days ago


I loved Whitney but I can't blame other people. She picked up and used. She'd been through rehab, so she knew the dangers and costs.
I'm sad.

943 days ago


Im sure all the MJ "fanatics" would tell you it was down to her doctor!

943 days ago


Too bad Whitney didn't hire a doctor to administer her illegal drugs, or we could all be blaming him.

943 days ago


whitney made bad choices in life and so unfortunely this one turn out traggic for her..

943 days ago


ok, The 20% of you who said, Whitney a bigger loss then Michael, that's Michael Jackson! Michael JACKSON! love or hate That's MICHAEL JACKSON Mo Fo ! You people should be on the big screen right now, starring in the new blockbuster comedy....The Three Stooges!!...Come on man!!...

943 days ago


WHITNEY HOUSTON is to blame for WHITNEY HOUSTON's death.

943 days ago



943 days ago


Should have had Pepsi instead of Coke.

943 days ago


I wish everyone would quit blaming Bobby for Whitney's choices. She did drugs long before she met him and they were both addicts sharing a love for a habit and enabling one another. Yes, he and others enabled her, but she also enabled him and made her own choices. No one held a gun to her head. Place accountability where it should be, with Whitney. I'm sorry she died but it's no surprise about the results of the cause of death. Sad for everyone.

943 days ago


How can people say her life was more tragic than successful? It had a tragic end, but the successes outweighed the tragedy. She was the biggest pop star in the world for 15 years, broke countless records, was the most awarded singer of all time and was a trailblazer for countless women, African-Americans, etc. She couldn't have been more successful, despite the tragic end.

943 days ago


All high-profilers (from Donald Trump, to Dianne Sawyer, to Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew Pinsky, to Oprah Winfrey, to Kevin Costner, etc.) have voiced that she didn't have the right crowd around her. She just didn't keep good company. Her disease (addiction/substance abuse) just didn't get the kind of attention it really needed. For whatever reasons, she didn't have successful resources. She was treated like an accessory by those who didn't have a full understanding of how it is very crucial that substance abusers are monitored in controlled (healthy) environments. The people she chose to keep company with was a much bigger culprit than most people seem to realize. She needed help... and her surroundings weren't anywhere near to being helpful.

All of the high-profilers tend to side more with the Whitney Houston they knew pre-Bobby Brown.

Unfortunately... her insecurities didn't exactly manifest early on in her life and career. It wasn't until she tried pleasing and accommodating others that she really lost sight of herself and the values she learned in her upbringing.

Bobby Brown ate her alive. It isn't an attack on his character... but he really dragged her down... and what kills is that she allowed him to and perhaps even unknowingly encouraged all of it.

Madonna even called out the people around her as the ones who shouldn't have allowed her to keep hurting herself rather than citing that Houston asked for it. Sure, Whitney Houston really messed up everything in the end... but Dr. Drew and all of them keep stressing that Whitney Houston only ever needed help. People just have to care more about the fragility of life. People also need to be way more careful now that it has been proven over and over again that death from substance abuse can always be prevented.

Am I the only one who thinks Bobby Brown and his family have no contact with reality whatsoever? They're not the wisest people. But they come on very strongly and imposed too much of their self-serving antics onto Whitney. She was supporting Bobby Brown and his children from other previous relationships. He was using her credit card to treat his mistresses. He wrecked her porsche and did not show much humility about it. He spat on her. I don't think anyone in this world would have mentally and emotionally survived all of that trauma without some sort of self-assurance or self-worth to stand for.

She shot herself in the foot by trying to prove that she could save her marriage. Bobby Brown brought too much bad luck in her life.

I hope people have more compassion. She had fame and fortune, but that is entirely irrelevant to what really mattered to and for her. She's just public enough to set an example for a world-wide audience.

I think Dr. Drew is right about all of this. I also think having Oprah, Diane Sawyer and Donald Trump all kind of imply that Bobby Brown was a huge problem, that it should already speak volumes about how important it is to avoid his type.

I'll pray for him too.

Oh Whitney, you were such a loved and loving person. If only you loved yourself first.


Dreadfully ironic.

943 days ago


No one forced her to do cocaine! She is the reason she is dead. Doesn't matter if the enablers are there or not, she would have gotten cocaine no matter what.

943 days ago

Drug Peddler    

When one has one too many *****h moments, as Houston did, one ends up dying like one.

943 days ago


Here's one of my theories of what happened to Whitney. It's possible that Whitney had an adverse drug reaction that caused others in her room to panic thinking she had overdosed. People with heart attacks or drug overdoses usually vomit and pass out. With the bed sheets being missing from her room, I'm thinking that she had either vomited on her sheets or someone used them to clean it up and then got rid of them with the rest of her dope. Usually, when a person overdoses, you put them in a bath tub or a shower to revive them with water, until the paramedics come, right? Someone may have dunked her a few times in the water to revive her and over-zealously "accidentally drowned" Whitney. Missing bed sheets and missing drug paraphernalia suggests that there was a tampering of evidence. I've never heard whether hotel video surveillance was used to determine who was in and out of her room. However, Pat Houston's explanation to Oprah did not quite add up with regards to how her brother Ray (not Ray J) was trying to revive Whitney before the paramedics, when she arrived (from running errands) but the paramedics actually removed Whitney from the bath tub subsequent to Ray's efforts. How do you perform CPR or revive on a person in a tub of water? Was water even in the tub when paramedics arrived? Hmm. So many questions. Someone is not telling the whole truth, especially considering that there were no remnants of coke in her room. All I know, if my theory is correct, then whoever was there should have immediately called 911 before anything else. And if the drugs were there to be found, let them be found. Maybe if Whitney would have survived such a close call, she would have entered a mandatory and successfully rehab. Naw, but someone was too busy covering up their own butt and really did not have Whitney's best interest at heart. My prayers go out to Cissy and Bobbi Kris for their loss and if I were Bobbi Kris, I would only trust Cissy because her love of Whitney is undoubtedly real. She should cut the deck on the rest of them opportunists.

943 days ago
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