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Kim K's Flour Bomber

Militant PETA Member

3/26/2012 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Cho, the Kim Kardashian flour bomberKim Kardashian's flour attacker is a mega-influential PETA activist -- despite the animal organization denying ANY connection to the anti-fur activist's recent flour bombing stunt.

The woman's name is Christina Cho -- and she has a history of staging dramatic anti-fur protests in PETA's name. Back in 2010, she grabbed the mic from Donna Karan at a Women's Conference event in NYC, condemning the use of fur in fashion (below).

PETA reported on the protest -- referring to Christina as a "PETA member" and "superstar activist." Christina even won an award from PETA in 2010 for her work for the organization.

Christina's younger sister Michelle is a top PETA official in L.A., who credits Christina with leading her to PETA and a life of activism.

As we previously reported, PETA is adamant it wasn't behind Christina's outburst last week -- when she dumped flour on Kim Kardashian at a red carpet event -- telling TMZ, "It was not [us]. We were given the video by an anti-fur activist on the scene."

As we first reported, Kim is planning to press charges over the incident.


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Jim in Cali    

Finally. Time for this PETA clown to spend some time in JAIL. Assault and battery should never be taken lightly. Press charges Kim!!!

904 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

just let guys wear furs. then all this bullying will end, i'm sure. as long as it is a 'bitch only' privilege, the world's going to want to break it, badly....

904 days ago


I love this chick! she did the right thing! go girl !next time use urine or paint!! LOVE IT!! props to her

904 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

PETA is only for nutcases they murder animals and yet protest for them? Utter stupidity. PETA are evil and so are the loony members. They won't talk about the evil things they do to the animals they "rescue". I mean look at her in the police car-clearly she's got a few screws missing. I hope her dumbass gets plenty jail time! Press those charges Kim!

904 days ago

northern gypsy    

stop right there...sorry peta...whatever creditably you had (with me) has just been dashed...doesn't matter how you slice or dice it...when asked about your involvement you lied !!!

904 days ago


I think everyone knew she was connected to PETA. Besides, even if she officially wasn't, they have applauded her for her actions, which shows how extreme they have become. They take away from their real cause with extremists like this.

904 days ago


it was just some freaking flour for eff sakes, and she jumped on stage and spoke out about something horrendous. I admire her for taking a stand and she has accomplished more with that than the furry pig family will ever do. Go away already!! I hope this throwing flour on a Kardashian becomes a new sport.

904 days ago


Don't hide your face, Christina, you're a hero!!!

904 days ago


PETA does not put down suffering animals. They put down healthy animals that could otherwise be adopted and lie to get the animals to do so. Do your homework before you write something stupid. PETA is an environmental terrorist group in my book, and being flour bombed is dangerous. Have you inhaled flour? That cannot be good for the lungs.

904 days ago


Christina Cho is my hero.
I'd be willing to contribute to her defense fund, if that horrible Kardashian presses charges.

904 days ago


Every time I hear about a peta protest I grab my gun and go out and shoot some random birds and varmints for no reason then I leave their bodies to rot while I go and order 4 steaks and eat only 2 of them.

904 days ago


PETA members should be hunted like animals. I cant stand K-trash But peta is even worse.

904 days ago


She throws flour at the back of this hag and gets arrested.
Trayvon Martin is shot dead and zimmerman walks free...amazing.
kim kardashian is so thoughtful, now she is going to waste taxpayer's dollars on a bogus trial because she was pelted with flour. It just makes America hate her all the more.
I guess everyone at the Kid's Choice Awards that gets slimmed with the green goo should press charges against Nickelodeon as well, huh?

904 days ago


imsick of kim bt Peta was wrong. how stupid and why waste food in this recession? I couldve made 50 dozen cookies for a homeless shelter with that flour.

904 days ago


Christina the fool will run up on the wrong one and get a can of Bruce Lee broke out on that azz! I understand her care for animals and respect that. But, she needs to understand running up on people being obnoxious is unacceptable!

904 days ago
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