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Kim K's Flour Bomber

Militant PETA Member

3/26/2012 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Cho, the Kim Kardashian flour bomberKim Kardashian's flour attacker is a mega-influential PETA activist -- despite the animal organization denying ANY connection to the anti-fur activist's recent flour bombing stunt.

The woman's name is Christina Cho -- and she has a history of staging dramatic anti-fur protests in PETA's name. Back in 2010, she grabbed the mic from Donna Karan at a Women's Conference event in NYC, condemning the use of fur in fashion (below).

PETA reported on the protest -- referring to Christina as a "PETA member" and "superstar activist." Christina even won an award from PETA in 2010 for her work for the organization.

Christina's younger sister Michelle is a top PETA official in L.A., who credits Christina with leading her to PETA and a life of activism.

As we previously reported, PETA is adamant it wasn't behind Christina's outburst last week -- when she dumped flour on Kim Kardashian at a red carpet event -- telling TMZ, "It was not [us]. We were given the video by an anti-fur activist on the scene."

As we first reported, Kim is planning to press charges over the incident.


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ANYONE who condemns the Kardashians is A-OK in my book!

910 days ago


Militant PETA member and AMERICAN HERO

910 days ago


hey christina next time try using some quick dry cement and aim for her mouth.

910 days ago


Good thing Kim does not have Celiac disease.
This was a very serious assault and that peta girl should be prosecuted to the fullest!!

910 days ago


We love Christina Cho!

Thank you for your valiant act against the no-talent Kardashians.

There is no way that an LA jury would ever vote to convict any crime against the Kardashian's. It would be a justified crime against inanity.

910 days ago


This women should get charged with assult. Good Kim is pressing charges..This is NO WAY to make a point about fur.

910 days ago


I don't support PETA or their ways, but I'm glad we don't have to look at your sorry nekked a** anymore in their ads either! DON'T WEAR FUR, ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS YOU UPTIGHT FAT ASS RICH WOMEN

910 days ago


This is even more interesting. I thought they hired an actor - turns out they were smart enough to hire an anti-fur activist to muddy the waters even more! Perhaps they only had to promise to pay expenses, since it would be a PR stunt of mutual benefit. They get to make Kimmie a poised and witty victim, the flour dumper gets publicity for her cause.
Yes, kiddies, it was still set up by the K Klan. There are much messier and less bulky things than a bag of flour to use that would be much easier to conceal if you weren't already in cahoots with the alleged victim. But Cho knew she would not be stopped. Security was actually making sure she was unimpeded, if you look at how it played out. She agrees to play nice and just dump some easily brushed off flour in a way with minimum impact, and they help her do it. I'm actually feeling a little admiration for the K Klan, didn't think they were that klever.

910 days ago


I can understand why Kim was so upset. She's already proved that she doesn't want anything white on her.

910 days ago


btw was kim this upset when her bff jonathan was floured bombed??

910 days ago


By the way-screaming that the flour bomber was a "militant PETA member" doesn't mean PETA was involved in the action. Might as well blame the Lutheran Church if a "devout Lutheran" did it. PETA hasn't denied involvement before when they really are involved. This sounds like a private cooperation between Cho and the K Klan - giving both what they want, while making it a very polite and easy protest from Kimmie's standpoint. Imagine if somebody had actually thrown blood on one of her pricey furs, instead of just dumping flour on her non-fur outfit (made of the most easily cleaned material, no less) in the most convenient way possible. Then we would have seen normal Kimmie Rage.

910 days ago


The act of throwing anything onto anyone is actually assault and battery. Me thinks she may find herself with a broken nose or worse if she does that to the wrong person.

910 days ago


All it takes is one celeb's security specialist to Detain the Assailant with Authority (read that as double leg takedown into a wall), and there will be far fewer of these tiny little ex-sorority girls willing flour-bomb or dye-bomb those in the spotlight for 'the cause'.

910 days ago

john johnson    

hey kim...ya look dirty, let me smack da dust off ya ass.

910 days ago


So............? So what if the flour person is with Peta or Duncan Hines ?

Kim is still a douchebag

910 days ago
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