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Lindsay Lohan

All Smiles

After Final Probation Meeting

3/26/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0325_lilo_wm_exLindsay Lohan flashed an ear-to-ear grin after her final meeting with her probation officer last week in Santa Monica ... as can clearly be seen in this photo obtained by TMZ. 

According to our sources, Lindsay was ecstatic at the end of the meeting -- because instead of usually setting the date of their next appointment, LiLo's probation officer told her they are all done. 

Lindsay is on track to finish the last of her probation requirements this week before her final hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner on Thursday

What could possibly go wrong between now and then?


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What could possibly go wrong between now and then?

What could possibly go wrong between now and then?

What could possibly go wrong between now and then?

What could possibly go wrong between now and then?

What could possibly go wrong between now and then ?

What could possibly go wrong between now and then ?

What could possibly go wrong between now and then ?

Do you think TMZ set the hook fot the next story deep enough ?

So you think TMZ is hinting at something ?

Could you say it again TMZ I didn't understand you ?

"What he me Willis ?"


941 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Lindsay Lohan lied? I can't believe it.....she probably lied her face off to the cops too. No biggie for Linds, the only person I've ever heard of on probation who could drink all she wants and have lots of police contact--she's probably allowed to lie to the cops too.

941 days ago


The night of Lindsay Lohan's alleged hit and run incident, the troubled actress claimed that she never went into the Sayer nightclub to wish a friend happy birthday because she was "freaked out by all the paparazzi," however, has exclusively reviewed surveillance video that was taken from the alley that night, and there was absolutely no paparazzi or photographers there.

As we previously reported Lohan, 25, was driving away from the Sayers Club in Hollywood almost two weeks ago in her new black Porsche when she says she was blocked by a horde of paparazzi and club patrons from the nearby Hookah Lounge.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Arrives At Court With Mom Dina

As Lindsay was trying to make a U-turn among the crowd at the late night hotspot, she allegedly hit the Hookah Lounge manager, Thaer Kamal, and his car and then sped off. Lindsay tweeted the next day, "Scrape? This is all a complete lie. I've been at community service. Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn't even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd."

The surveillance video reveals that Lohan's friend was initially behind the wheel of her brand new Porsche, and she was having trouble maneuvering out of the alley. LiLo, who was in the passenger seat, can be seen getting out of the car and trading places with the driver. As Lindsay was getting out of the Porsche to get in the driver’s seat, Kamal is standing close to his car because he was concerned that his car was going to be hit. Kamal and Lohan clearly engage in conversation. There were absolutely no other paparazzi or photographers in the alley as Lohan claimed. Interestingly, there are also no photos of the alleged incident, which would have supported Lohan's claim.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Mug Shot Hall Of Fame

Lindsay's rep released a statement the day after the incident, which contradicts what the surveillance video shows, "Lindsay stopped by the club to drop in on a friend's birthday party. When she arrived, there were so many photographers there that she decided to leave and never even got out of the car. At no point was there ever any indication that her car hit anyone or anything. We are confident this matter will be cleared up in the next few days."

"Make no mistake about it, Lindsay was definitely inside the Sayers Club that night. When Lindsay got out of the passenger seat of her Porsche to get in the driver’s seat, she exchanged a few words with Thaer. He came out into the alley because he heard a car making a lot of noise, and he was concerned that his car was going to be hit," a source tells "When Lindsay got out of the car, he smelled alcohol on her breath. He didn't think she should be driving, and told her so, and she replied 'f*ck you.' Lindsay hit Thaer with her car as she was attempting to get out of the alley and also bumped his car."

Kamal was standing out of range in the surveillance video when Lohan allegedly struck him with her car.

PHOTOS: LiLo Attends Jay-Z Concert Night Before Court

As Lindsay's car drives away, it stops briefly, and LiLo can be seen talking to what appears to be a lone female for about 2-to-3 minutes. After the conversation ends, the Porsche disappears from the surveillance footage.

Lohan reportedly believes she has no worries heading into her final progress report hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner on Thursday, March 29. However, the Mean Girls star could have some explaining to do about her version of events of the alleged hit & run incident. Furthermore, Kamal will be giving an extensive sit down interview with cops this week and giving investigators copies of the surveillance video, as well as medical records and other do***ents pertaining to that night.

"Thaer just wants the truth to come out, that is all. He was injured and unable to work, since the incident. Thaer wants Lindsay to be held accountable for her actions," the insider says.


941 days ago


Guess that answers the question as to why we have this dumb assed story this morning don't it.............

ROL is the winner of who gets to see the surveillance tape first...interesting that in the end of the article is shows her talking to the lone female....... Setting up the lying wittiness can almost bet on it...and what the hell is a 16 yr old hanging around nightclubs by herself at almost 1 in the morning ?...I would be the same as Lindsay...selling and buying sweetie selling and buying.....

941 days ago


Lindsay herself, has always been tmz sources nothing new there. The only reason Lohan has gotten tabloid press is strickly because of the stupid crap she pulls to get attention. Not because she's relevant in anyway.

Lohans, comeback? How do you have a comeback when you were never missed?

Her concrete carpet is done and so is she. Well, she's been done. Not to worry she will do stupid stuff to get the tabloid attention back. Never in a good way.

C'mon, to put herself in a situation (true or not doesn't matter) that could have joepardized her probation, all that prooves is this is still nothing but a joke and game to her. Lohan and her attitude has not changed one bit. I'll do whatever I want because I can get away with it. She has so far. She hasn't matured at all. Jeeze she's 26 for god sakes.

Lohan is going to endup hurting somebody. She can't drive sober let alone wasted. There is nothing sober about her. She simply doesn't care. That makes her reckless which makes her dangerous.

Wonder how long before she gets herself fired from the Liz movie? If Lindsay comes even close to pulling her very well known very publizied BS like not being prepaired, showing up late and hungover, not professional, spoiled brat tantrums, disrupting and delaying production she's gone. Her career is so far in the toilet she does anything to screw this up her career or lack of will be royally flushed down the toilet. But of course that would be everyone elses fault.

She's still a pathological lier and can't be trusted as far as you can spit. Always her own doing.

941 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Hope she still has that attention whore smile on when the police sit down with her hit and run victim. Liars always get caught.

941 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hopefully the loss grief and sadness the H8tuds while experience because of fewer Lilo stories, will finally take them away to a better place, 6foot under.

941 days ago


Slammer time for Lindsay? Hope so! Not to be mean; rather it may be the only thing that saves her from her family or

941 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

I've never been in trouble with the law. But isnt lying to the cops a felony??

941 days ago


LINDSAY HAS NO TALENT! To really appreciate what a bottom feeder Lindsay is in terms of talent check out this red headed hoofer!
Real talent and energy…enjoy, eh? Stayin Alive, Indeed! Maybe in jail she can get her GED, study acting and get straight, eh?

941 days ago


CBS is reporting that famed attorney to the stars
Shawn Holly Chapman had to be rescued and talked down from a ledge were she standing outside the window of her 10th office building.... Police and Rescuers both report that she was distaut and muttering ..".Almost Free , Lord Almost Free....Thursday Thursday I could have been Free.." Ms Holly has been taken to Cedar Sinai Hospital and placed under a 5150 suicide watch ...Ms Holly Chapman has been the attorney for former actress Lindsay Lohan who legal antics have keep her tried down for the last three years.

941 days ago


There goes Lohan again. Getting caught up in her own lies she can never get stright let alone backup. Swear to God she must have flavored socks because she always puts her foot in her mouth.

Don't forget people...Lohan has no problem sueing anyone she can to make a quick buck. Look at E*Trade, they threw up a few bucks just to make her go away. She took the money and went away. The Dubai NYE promoters one of the biggest parties on the planet Lohan claimes her name was being used to promote the party, yeah in your dreams. Pitbull, give me a break. It's ok for Lohan but when it's done to her it's extortion. Please Lohan give it a rest. No one believes a word you say.

Ease up on this guy. Nothing Lohan wouldn't do.

Of course this guy was never going to sell the tape. No one is going to pay money for it. Remember the stolen necklace video Lohan claims the store sold to make money off of her? The video tape didn't even get $20k major chump change. Sure the store is going to ruin their reputation over $20k don't think so. This is how non-relevant Lohan is.

941 days ago


of course she is all smiles, she is Higher then Buzzlightyear..
and the fix-a-flat,concrete, and super glue has done wonders to her smile.
as far as the WIG color it does a great job of covering up her crome dome

941 days ago


LINDSAY HAS JOINED TERRORIST ORGANIZATION! In a confidential news release the Tarzana TaliBan have claimed that Lindsay has become a home grown tourist that runs people down in alleys and cross walks! After she does the hit she yells "MEETMEATTHEBACKBAR" and then runs or drives away! She plans to do fifty hits a week. That would be grams to you, eh?

941 days ago


Technically, legally Lohan has complied. I think Sautner want's Lohan off her docket and Holley want's to be able to dump her client from hell.

Should this be over Thursday Lohan starts from scratch and should she get or I should say when she gets herself in trouble she can get a different lawyer.

Don't forget Holley tried to dump Lohan before, too far into the case(s) the Judge wouldn't allow it. Also don't forget Lohan has never once listened to Holley or heeded her advise. When Lohan did go to jail Lindsay and Lohans badmouthed Holley to no end saying she's a lousey lawyer didn't do her job and so on. Lohan is not Holleys only client but has to be her worst.

Holley has always done her best but you have a client that won't listen to anything you tell her to do and just does whatever they want always expecting the lawyer to fix it and make it go away...Jeeze Holley can only do so much.

941 days ago
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