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Lindsay Lohan

All Smiles

After Final Probation Meeting

3/26/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0325_lilo_wm_exLindsay Lohan flashed an ear-to-ear grin after her final meeting with her probation officer last week in Santa Monica ... as can clearly be seen in this photo obtained by TMZ. 

According to our sources, Lindsay was ecstatic at the end of the meeting -- because instead of usually setting the date of their next appointment, LiLo's probation officer told her they are all done. 

Lindsay is on track to finish the last of her probation requirements this week before her final hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner on Thursday

What could possibly go wrong between now and then?


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LMAO !!!!!!

That ROL story caught Lohan Inc flat footed !!!
..been up since early morning and just now 5 commnents all between two people one Lohan loonie and a h8ter....!!!
We are going have some scrambling going on as soon as the west coast wakes up I garuantee. !!!

944 days ago


TMZ reporting set up pampered stories while everyone else is reporting what really is going on.

944 days ago


LINDSAY TO DO HUSTLER KAMAL TOE! After a failed to inspire Playboy spread, Lindsay has agreed to pose for Hustler and pay off the person she ran down in an LA alley. The joint project is called the Kamal Toe Shoot, features Lindsay and the proceeds will pay off Kamal. The up close and personal shoot will happen on, where else, the Love Canal in NY, eh? She is going hard core!!!

944 days ago


She looks so beautiful in this photo. Her sweet smile makes my heart melt. Love her so much!!

944 days ago


That picture looks like it was taken with one of those little Kodak Digital’s from the ‘70’s

944 days ago


andyscandy: 20 hours ago
Lindsay scored some Roles last night..
Rolls or roles is a nickname for,
Don't forget....."rollin' with Molly". =o/
Hey everyone! Here's my biweekly post. It's 2:52 am, Mon 3/26
Can't wait to see what time it finally posts here on the board! Lol

GC, Ketjo, AC, BRW, jeebus, nikki....anyone I forgot I apologize greatly. Once you start aging the ole' memory is the first thing to go. " A mind is a terrible thing to lose!!!!!!!1. Lol
Take care everyone, hope your weather stays good. We had 2 inches of snow here in central Wa the other night. Woke up and took my daughter to school, back home about 8am. By 11:30, the snow was GONE and it was close to 60!!!!!! Freaky a$$ weather this year!
Alrighty, later guys! Talk to ya'll later on!!
Tmom. {o:
***it is now 3:16am. Originally posted this on the last thread, but I thought I'd bring it over here to make sure everyone sees it!!
Alright you kids, settle down and behave!! DON'T MAKE ME TURN THIS CAR AROUND!!!!!!!1. =o}
G'night all!!! =op

944 days ago


Idiot looks like a fool posing because she's finally going graduate formal probation (only because her hand was held like a 5 year old). You're not wearing a cap and gown, which by the way would have taken less time.

944 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Can't wait for the new surveillance tape. Why it seems like just yesterday that we were watching surveillance tape of Lindsay committing grand theft......oh the how she has grown......

944 days ago


Blo Was partying at CM over the weekend. Apparently her bubble travels.,,20581543,00.html#news

944 days ago


She was off formal probation when her case was transferred to that incompetent dyke Judge Sautner

944 days ago


LINDSAY PERFUME? Lohan Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Lindsay’s signature fragrance “Lindsay”! It will be marketed in Dollar store$. According to VooDoo the stuff smells just like Lindsay: Vodka, Marlboros and vintage tuna, with an after whiff of BO. A Scratch and Sniff will be applied to all the returned Playboy magazines that were sent back by disgusted readers, eh?

944 days ago


The Radar Online article was interesting. Do you think an arrest will be made? I don't know the procedures for that.

Also, she changed her hair but her face doesn't look like the old Lindsay.

944 days ago


Sautner wants Lindsay OFF her docket.

The other case may or may or may not become a criminal matter, but Sautner will be free of Lohan by then and she'll be another Judge's problem.

If Sautner blows smoke up Lindsay's ass for barely completing her CS on time after screwing the Women's Center on thursday, that will be dissapointing.

944 days ago


BTW, that looks like a cell phone pic. Or is the blurry grainy distance to make her look better?

944 days ago


She could get busted for coke again.

944 days ago
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