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Lindsay Lohan

All Smiles

After Final Probation Meeting

3/26/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0325_lilo_wm_exLindsay Lohan flashed an ear-to-ear grin after her final meeting with her probation officer last week in Santa Monica ... as can clearly be seen in this photo obtained by TMZ. 

According to our sources, Lindsay was ecstatic at the end of the meeting -- because instead of usually setting the date of their next appointment, LiLo's probation officer told her they are all done. 

Lindsay is on track to finish the last of her probation requirements this week before her final hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner on Thursday

What could possibly go wrong between now and then?


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There's a problem here    

... annnnd in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ...

949 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Dear Green Lantern Guy,
My God, don't you have a life? I just noticed that you are on here virtually 24 hours a day writing posts. This one from about 9 hours ago (from my perspective) another from about an hour ago about that hag Madonna.
Get a grip on reality man. These people couldn't care less if you live or die - really, they don't.

949 days ago


Not even 200 and its dead dead dead.......time to roll out another one Harvey...Nobody's buy this one.....

949 days ago


Judge Stephanie Sauter has been the best mother that Lindsay ever had. And second-best mother to Lindsay has been her father. I sincerely wish Lindsay continued healing and success. I commend her on taking some accountability competing her probation.

949 days ago


Hope on Thursday Shawn Holley can finially be able to dump Lohan her client from hell. That would be the best outcome.

Holley doesn't need Lohans money or anymore of her stupid BS. She's much to good a lawyer to be wasting her time on a client that never once listened to her takes her advice and doesn't do a thing to help herself. No lawyer want's a client like that. Hey, you won't, don't want or going to listen to me, take your crap someplace else. Don't want it.

Good Luck to Shawn Holley. Maybe she will now have the option to be able to dump Lohan.

949 days ago


What could go wrong you asked? Surveillance video tells a different story?

949 days ago


So Lindsay Lohan will no longer have to walk into a clothing boutique and say, "Yes, I'm looking for a cute outfit to wear to my next probation hearing."

949 days ago


Good for you Lindsay, We new you could do it, just remember it can still be hard at times. Hope to see you acting again and staying clean, Good luck

949 days ago

diana sabia    

claro, la clase es eso, contención. una mujer con clase ha de ser contenida, fría, de pasiones templadas, práctica, poco dada al sentimentalismo, mesurada.
no una furia desatada arrancándose los cabellos de celos y escupiendo y dando patadas como una loca. no?

voy aprendiendo, no?


949 days ago

diana sabia    

creo que es lo mejor, cualquier chica con intereses, sabiendo a lo que te dedicas, y que podría hacer un montonazo de cosas interesantes, estaría feliz como una perdiz. sonriente como una china enigmática ante tus jugueteos peterpanianos por ahi.
sip. SERÉ PRAGMÁTICA. PODEMOS SER AMIGOS NO?, buenos compañeros. podría cogerte cariño.
el amor mata, no crees? esas pasiones desatadas wagnerianas, shakespereanas, machbetianas... están bien para la escena, pero no para la vida real.

949 days ago


Tmz just happened to know when Blohan would be leaving the p.o.'s office? Bitch, please!

949 days ago

the real diva    

until they meet again......probaly in a week or two when she is in trouble again.

949 days ago


I didn't realize her last probation hearing was in 1977, when that picture appears to have been taken.

949 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has been complying, for the most part just by the skin of her teeth. Yet, complying. Only because she needs to be able to use her passport and be allowed to leave the states. That's the only reason. That simple. Everyone knows jail time is a joke.

The Liz cable TV movie will be shooting in Canada (not the states) until Judge Sautner signs off and gives the Ok, Lohan has to stay in the states.

Screw all of her BS she's pulled on movie sets. All her legal garbage she's gotten away with in LA. Lohan pulls any of her BS in Canada let's see how much Lohan get's away with. Canada is not LA. Yes, Lindsay Canada is a country.

949 days ago


Nikki: 6 hours ago
"I've never been in trouble with the law. But isnt lying to the cops a felony??"

I don't think lying to the cops is a crime but lying to the Feds is. (source: The Closer)

949 days ago
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