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'NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette

Ex Investigated for Allegedly

Violating Restraining Order

3/26/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0321_pauley_perrette_EX_01It's always awkward when you're out to dinner with your fiancé and your ex-husband shows up -- but if you're "NCIS" star Pauley Perrette ... the cops get called.

Sources tell TMZ ... Perrette was at Shintaro Tuesday night -- a sushi joint in Hollywood -- when her ex-husband, Coyote Shivers, showed up ... and started snapping pics of her.

Problem is -- Pauley currently has a restraining order against the guy ... so when she saw him, the cops were called. But by the time police arrived, we're told Shivers had split.

According to our sources, cops are now investigating whether or not Shivers violated the restraining order that Perrette has against him. 

Attempts to reach Coyote were unsuccessful.


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Fact Check    

This report should be corrected. Here are what facts I am allowed to give you:

Pauley Perrette was at Shintaro deliberately trying to run into Coyote Shivers and his wife of 2 years. She knew he'd likely be there because court do***ents show she monitors his twitter. He and his wife dine there all the time, and they often tweet about it. If you look at his twitter his "favorites" are his own tweets posted from Shintaro itself, with pictures and everything. It was Pauley Perrette who knew they'd be there and was following them there. Pauley Perrette is very jealous of his current wife, who is much younger and very successful, and Pauley Perrette does this sort of harassment all the time. She has been following Shivers for years so she can call the cops on him whenever she manages to get close to him. Remember it was Coyote that filed for divorce from Pauley, not the other way around. As Coyote also tweets: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

TMZ and anyone else interested should watch Perrette being cross-examined about this in open court currently set for April 23. One of the many things she will be forced to explain is why, in order to get a restraining order in the first place, Pauley Perrette testified under oath that Shivers "chased her and she ran for her life" when the recently unearthed VIDEO shows Perrette was actually drunk in her pajamas, alone and surfing the internet at the time. It will very interesting to say the least.

920 days ago


jokes that right themselves. there was an episode of ncis where her character had the same issue an before if got deadly he like her ex got the shivers b/c gibbs(mark harmon) stepped in. would love if thats what happens here

920 days ago


Probably another divorced bitch using restraining orders as a weapon.

920 days ago

Ivy Nascimento    

Did you guys tried to talk with the restaurant staff to know WHICH COUPLE goes there all the time, to maybe found out who are the real stalkers? I WONDER...

920 days ago


Bored this morning & going through news.. If you check out Coyote Shivers facebook or twitter... yeeeah. Dude seems like a whack job. Just my opinion but really.. Wow.

920 days ago


Her ex-husband has more than a few restraining orders against him from various women. Liv Tyler's mom, Bebe Buell, has one against him as well. Just google Pauley Perrette and stalker and you'll see a whole mess of information about it.

920 days ago


I feel so bad for Pauley! This guy sounds like a total nut! Keep the faith, Pauley

920 days ago


thks bella u got me search and i found the truth and proves he is a real jerk!!,2933,216205,00.html

920 days ago


Where the He!! was Gibbs?!?!?!? LOL

920 days ago

There's a problem here    

A man named Coyote Shivers and a woman named after Polly Parrot? These two deserve each other.

920 days ago


AaaaaaOOoooooooooooooooooooooo! Brrrrr.

920 days ago


This psychopath, Shivers, even tweeted a photo of her fiance getting up from the table. Clearly Pauley was there FIRST. She has numerous restraining orders against him and he has none against her, because he's freaking crazy.

And I would assume all the negative comments on here are actually Coyote or his crazy new wife. And she'll be next. He uses women for their money then stalks them. If he has all this proof of her stalking him, WHY DOESN'T HE JUST SHOW IT?! He's got nothing! He has a scrap of paper that says, "I will kill you" that he shows over and over again and that clearly was written by himself. No letter. Just 4 words. Probably cause the douche can't write a full letter trying to stalk himself.

Pauley's fans know the truth

Abby 4 Ever!

920 days ago


To "fact check" it is perfectly obvious who you are. You did the same thing to Bebe for years. Someone should put you in a cage and lose the key

920 days ago

Just me    

Oh please! Get your facts straight! Pauley is the one doing all she can to run into her ex, she knows where he is because of his and his wife's Twitter. She is the one that needs help in all of this!

920 days ago


You should check your facts. Coyote Shivers went to Shintaro with his wife of 3 years, who he always has dinner at Shintaro with. His tweets show that not only has he been do***enting going there for years, but that SHE KNEW they were going to be there. How come you didnt mention he was having dinner with his wife? Pauley Perrette shows up where they tweet they are at to call the police and call the press, just like she is doing right now. She portrays an image that couldn't be anywhere close to who she really is. She has been harassing his wife, a Brazilian bestselling author and reporter, since they got together and I know this FIRST HAND. She even tried to have her deported to make Shivers suffer.

920 days ago
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