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Rob Kardashian


'He Tried to Kill Me'

3/26/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The incident that led to the Rob Kardashian vs. Paparazzo arrest didn't appear to be a "joke" when it was happening ... because the photog told police, "He tried to kill me" ... and it's all caught on tape.

TMZ broke the story ... Rob was handcuffed and arrested early Sunday morning after chasing after a paparazzo and cornering him in a bong shop.  Rob insisted he was just "joking" with the pap.

But new footage has surfaced ... which shows Rob was in a very heated argument with a super attractive female moments before the incident. It appears Rob gave chase to the pap AFTER he realized the argument was being recorded.

The pap ran to the nearby smoke shop to hide out ... but Rob spotted him and followed him inside. Cops saw the chase and darted inside the shop ... bursting into the store as Rob was closing in on the photog.

Once the pap sees the cops ... he yells out, "He's attacking me ... he chased me ... he tried to kill me." During the video, Rob never lays a hand on the pap.

The officers grabbed Rob and asked him why he was in the shop ... to which the reality star replied, "I'm shopping."

Kardashian was placed in handcuffs and warned, "Don't resist."

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Rob confirmed to cops that he gave chase because he "did not like the paparazzi filming him."

Eventually, cops determined there was no altercation, and let both men go.


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Hey TMZ, that's not being "arrested." Idiots.

949 days ago


I got a feeling this will end up on their stupid TV show. Heck, it was probably planned. So what he got arrested, he gets some "face time" and maybe a spin off show. Mamma Kris is probably in talks with E! already.

949 days ago


The only joke featured in this story is the boy Kardashian. No talent family rolling in money. A sign of the apocalypse to come!

949 days ago


OK, so Rob K. can't help who his family is. With that said:

1. What kind of a baby are you that you run and clearly LIE to the cops that he was attacking you? Really dude? Really, the baby in my family would stand up for themselves without lying better than you do!

2. That girl seemed more like she was going to hit Rob than him hit her. With her pointing her finger in his face and getting that close, I am not one for hitting women, but when you act like that, some chicks do need a little smack of reality. Domestic violence is domestic violence NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SEX IS. duh

949 days ago


Re: Rob K's arrest: How does a guy go from having an emergency appendectomy three days before to even be able to walk around, much less be on the other side of the US and getting into a confrontation, one doesn't just bounce up after that kind of surgery, something smells fishy

949 days ago


Khole k is making he rown sex tape it s her having sex with animanls.she mateing with her look alike big foot>

949 days ago


Why didn't he say while being arrested and accused "It was just a joke man, lighten up."

949 days ago


so theyre dating rita ora and rob interesting

949 days ago


Dude the only one who came out looking like a dirtbag was the papp! seriously he should be arrested for false allegations!! stupid papp!

949 days ago


Welcome to Miami Rob! All the cops down here are ass holes Specially in South Beach. :)

949 days ago


That is his Girlfriend, Jay-Z new artist Rita Ora

949 days ago


TMZ is dumb as f&*%.. GTF out of here with this trash and get some real jobs!!!

948 days ago


TMZ is dumb as f&*%.. GTF out of here with this trash and get some real jobs!!!

948 days ago


"super attractive female"
ew wtf rita ora is NOT ATTRACTIVE

948 days ago


Why don't you post the name of the photographer? He sounds like a lying s***bag to me.

947 days ago
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