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Madonna ... Talking Ecstasy

Out of Desperation?

3/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Madonna's joke about Ecstasy might have fired up the audience at a concert -- but it's pissing off Deadmau5 and lot of other people ... who think she's being irresponsible just to make herself relevant.

Plus ... how we uncovered the identity of Kim Kardashian's flour bomber -- and Khloe decides to rip PETA over the attack. Also, Camille Grammer is no longer on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- but Brandi Glanville joins us to explain why almost all of the ladies are worried about getting 86'd.


(0:31) Madonna promotes drug use at a music festival -- and gets ripped by Deadmau5 for it. KDAY's DJ Dense calls in to condemn her as well.
(2:01) Breaking news -- Bobby Brown arrested for DUI!
(10:01) LiLo ... probation almost a thing of the past.
(12:01) Camille Grammer booted from "Housewives" -- her publicist and Brandi Glanville call in to talk about it.
(19:01) Kim K. pressing charges against her flour attacker ... and breaking news ... Khloe cuts ties with PETA.
(23:01) We asked about Whitney's death ... you answered.
(28:10) Brian Austin Green allegedly roughs up a photog ... and the photog claims Megan Fox egged BAG on.
(33:00) Simon Cowell's frightening home invasion ... and how he handled it head-on.
(39:01) Justin Bieber is about to buy a new house ... but no one thinks it fits his style.
(42:01) The Fiat Challenge ... Max vs. Peter.


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I'm curious. If a lawyer (let's say Mark Geragos ) asserts that his client has a tape of a hit and run and demands money for it, yet there is no such tape, is the lawyer breaking the law by continuing the demand for money, or is he protected if he does not know the tape is not real because he didn't ask his client or see the tape himself (the same way an attorney who never asks their client it they're guilty would not be suborning perjury if their client lies on the stand)?

938 days ago


Harvey, I am about to throw up. Do you have to put the Kardashians on your website every day. This porn star/fame whore and her mother love the attention. Do they pay you for every time you put them on your site? That family is HATED.

938 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Enough of the Kardashians! Everyone needs a day off once in a while from those whores. ENOUGH!!!!

938 days ago


Did you notice the Daily Mail had several pictures of her 15-year old daughter smoking? Wonder if Mommy Dearist would be cool with that and her using Ecstasy too at a concert?

938 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Damn its the Kockroachian skank again

938 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Hey Madge, what happened to that horrible, bogus British accent you were inflicting on the masses a couple of months ago.
While we're at it, since you're such a fan of "Molly" did you bring some home for your fifteen year old bastard child to take? Just wondering, since you seem to be so into the drug scene of teenagers.

938 days ago


She should shut up and lip-sync.

938 days ago

Sin D    

It is obvious you NEED 2 B wasted to even TOLERATE that computer gernerated slop. Ever hear what these DJ's make? know why? Cuz it cost VERY little to put on a show. A laptop and a loud sound system and lights....thats it.

938 days ago


Harvey the video of Rob Kardashian's "arrest" (detainment) seemed to be as staged as Kim's getting flour poured on her.....what's your opinion?
Do you think the Kardashian's have convinced themselves that people believe anything they say or do?

938 days ago

Supr Dav     

Don't forget to keep us up to date about Greg Almond.

938 days ago


more on Ryan Braun?

938 days ago


you know who peta reminds me of-the klu klux klan. yes i said it. if they didn't like you they used violence. why does peta think that kim would have a change of heart because they threaten with violence. if i'm correct we still live in the united states. we all have the freedom to wear what we i've said before peta doesn't have the hutzpa to go after the big shots who distribute and sell fur. i'm glad kim is pressing charges. to all the haters-if you don't like kim then don't watch her and buy her products. to to the jon hamms, daniel craigs, and jason statham nice job of promoting yourself at the expense of kim's fame. you guys should give your pr reps a bonus for finding an easy way to kick start your so so careers. to quote jerry seinfeld"all actors have to do is memorize lines". by the way how many of you haters haqve companies that you run or work with many charities. the more you hate the more you hurt the innocent people who work for kim and the charity recipients who kim raises money for.

938 days ago


A young man in Florida was murdered with his killer still free and this urinal KK wants to have someone arreste.

938 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

Madonna needs to act like the 100 year old that she is. Mention of drug use to stay relevant? POLEASE! Oh, and dancing on stage at the Super Bowl with pompoms like a cheerleader...My desperate is she to stay young and relavant...She's pathetic!

938 days ago


DeadMau5 is a Prophet, Madonna's Drug Innuendo Just Shows Her Age

938 days ago
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