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Madonna ... Talking Ecstasy

Out of Desperation?

3/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Madonna's joke about Ecstasy might have fired up the audience at a concert -- but it's pissing off Deadmau5 and lot of other people ... who think she's being irresponsible just to make herself relevant.

Plus ... how we uncovered the identity of Kim Kardashian's flour bomber -- and Khloe decides to rip PETA over the attack. Also, Camille Grammer is no longer on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- but Brandi Glanville joins us to explain why almost all of the ladies are worried about getting 86'd.


(0:31) Madonna promotes drug use at a music festival -- and gets ripped by Deadmau5 for it. KDAY's DJ Dense calls in to condemn her as well.
(2:01) Breaking news -- Bobby Brown arrested for DUI!
(10:01) LiLo ... probation almost a thing of the past.
(12:01) Camille Grammer booted from "Housewives" -- her publicist and Brandi Glanville call in to talk about it.
(19:01) Kim K. pressing charges against her flour attacker ... and breaking news ... Khloe cuts ties with PETA.
(23:01) We asked about Whitney's death ... you answered.
(28:10) Brian Austin Green allegedly roughs up a photog ... and the photog claims Megan Fox egged BAG on.
(33:00) Simon Cowell's frightening home invasion ... and how he handled it head-on.
(39:01) Justin Bieber is about to buy a new house ... but no one thinks it fits his style.
(42:01) The Fiat Challenge ... Max vs. Peter.


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Flying Blind    

this guy walking around in the back with the headphones wants Charles' job. He makes sure he gets in camera view and then looks into the camera. Pick me pick me pick me.

942 days ago


The Kardaashians are a joke! They are throwing the word bully around, when this is not a case of bullying. How about Rob attacking that photog. But that is OK?

942 days ago


It is tragic that the 17 year old young man in Fla was shot. I can just imagine that he mouthed off and approached Zimmerman brassly. I know my son would probably done the same because teenagers have no respect for their elders. If Trayvon put his hands on Zimmerman then he provoked Zimmerman to defend himself. If the witnesses are able to show that the teenager touched Zimmerman then self defense comes into play. Tragic all around.

942 days ago

Flying Blind    

Ryan, Justin might hook up with you.

942 days ago


Why do you turn the sound off in between segments now? You didn't do it before you were on channel 11.
I miss the old days!

942 days ago


OK enough with the 'speaking French' jokes about Canadians. 80% of Canada is English speaking. Only one province and a few enclaves in several other provinces speak French.
I took French in school, but have not used it in decades. I lived and worked in LA for many years and most people had no clue that I was Canadian. I don't say 'eh' or 'hoose' or 'aboot' stop being ingnorant Americans and learn a little about what goes on with your HUGE neighbour to the north (and yes, I do use Canadian spellings with the 'our' instead of 'or'.

942 days ago


modonna great mom,and your daughter just seen smoking on nyc street,,way to go..

942 days ago


It's wrong in Peta's eyes to wear fur , yet it's okay to pollute our rivers and streams with that witches brew of synthetic fibers and the like ? Fur is a GREEN resource and the best warmth provider that man can't concoct . If you PETA types are squeemish about ranch grown pelts you should see how our food is being handled , is isn't pretty but we all need to eat and we all need to keep warm, sorry about that. I'm not defending the KKKKLAN at all , their just lucky idiots.

942 days ago


About Madge and her talking about the rampant drug use at concerts, funny how she's coming out now with this revelation, after her concert tour career is finished ; she should have been doing this when she was in her prime , when she could have reached more kids. F.O.S.

942 days ago


Dear Harvey ; It fits and thank you .

942 days ago

VC In Ohio    

I am livid over this. In an age where kids are trying drugs younger and younger, this is soo irresponsible on her part. Molly, MDMA is bad news. madonna always reinvents herself, it's one thing that MADE her so amazing. This though, I lost every bit of respect I ever had for her as an artist and as a person.Just to be what? Cool to a group of kids at the Ultra Fest. Then, dr. drew wants to make a cute little video on how MDNA is like a drug highly addictive. Who the hell does that. I mean, isn't he supposed to be helping people get off drugs and supporting them in thier recovery. If I were a patient of his that would be a direct slap in the face. Dr. drew and madonna need to reallllllly take a second look at what they are doing.

942 days ago


The F-annnnn idiot who said the Canadian speak only french up there should think twice about the lose speech. That like me saying those Southerners down in LA only speak spanoal. We are a multiply speaking nation who do not deport people because they speak the English language funny. As did the guy.

942 days ago


She teamed up with Avicii, check it out!

942 days ago


Just watched theis video on Rob K. And how is it that being chased by him is not illegal but pouring flour on Kim K. is? Confused???

942 days ago


Come on, stop ragging on Madoona. So what she referanced any drug. Now we going to jump on this because it's drugs, but a rapper has songs about drugs, rape, and popping a cop and it is self ecpression.

941 days ago
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