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'Alcatraz' Star


(We're Huge on DVR!)

3/27/2012 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It seems the show "Alcatraz" is destined for that long, inevitable walk to the execution chamber ... but one of the main stars tells TMZ ... the series is just too young to die!

Jonny Coyne -- the guy who plays Warden James on the show -- was grubbin' at the delicious Wood Ranch Grill in LA today -- when we informed him about the less-than-stellar ratings for last night's season finale.

Coyne tells us ... despite the numbers, the show is great ... and it would be "a shame" if it went to the chopping block ... especially because it allegedly does GREAT with people who own DVRs. 

But the most shocking part ... dude has a serious accent -- who knew?


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I've never wtched the show, but I agree that the Nielsen rating system is a joke in this streaming/dvr/online age. The problem is that network television is completely brain-dead with all the reality cr@p on their schedules.. The great shows are on the other channels. "Game Of Thrones", "Breaking Bad", "The Walking Dead", "True Blood", etc, would NEVER be supported on the "major" networks because they all have idiots in charge of them.....

941 days ago


We DVR the show and LOVE IT!
It's such an original idea and the production is wonderful! I agree that the Neilsen ratings are outdated and to be effective should show take into account those who DVR.
I hope FOX has the good common sense to keep this show on the is well written and the cast/production is suberb! I would hate to see it be cancelled.

941 days ago


I *love* this show! Cancelling it would be a mistake.

941 days ago


The show is awesome!! I DVR it too. They keep all this reality crap on tv and cancel good shows. I don't get it.

941 days ago

Reverend Flash    

I DVR it, too. I love the show. AND I knew (I could hear it in his voice) that Jonny Coyne was British (as is Sam Neill, if I'm not mistaken).

941 days ago


Nielsen rating system outdated? Yes.
But DVR and Streaming doesn't really interest sponsors, a major draw for DVR and streaming is that the commercials can be skipped. So you won't get a real overall number of viewers, but you'll get those that are forced to watch the commercials.

941 days ago


I love this show as well. It requires you to exercise your brain while watching it. I DVR it, and as with all my shows, I skip the commercials UNLESS a particularly clever commercial comes on. I watch clever and funny commercials. So, the Nielsen system has to go. I realize that advertisers are what pay the bills for these shows to air, so that is why only live viewers count for ratings, but....give me a clever commercial, or even product placement within the show, and I will watch it. Simple as that Nielsen and advertisers. And stop canceling my fave shows just because I refuse to waste my time watching dumb or annoying commercials!

941 days ago


I wonder what it's about.

941 days ago


I love this show!!! Please, don't cancel it. If I don't get it on my TV I go to the website and watch it. I messed up and didn't record it on Monday now I have to wait and now I'm being told it might be canceled. BUMMER. And if you don't like the show don't watch it.

941 days ago


We love the show ! Its different.I am so sick of all these reality shows. Please don't cancel it....Not too many great shows on regular TV.So give it a chance...

941 days ago


I like this show,DONT CANCEL IT.Its interesting and I want to know more about whats going on at alcatraz,where have those prisoners been ,The first season was a tease ,I want more fox cant end it now.

941 days ago


What the do they based the numbers off of? This show is amazing and have never missed an episode.We also DVR every episode so we can skip passed the stupid commercials.If they cancel this really amazing show so they bring in something stupid like a singing dancing show we are going to be super pissed.I'm tired of the crappy shows staying and good shows getting cancelled!

941 days ago


If people are DVR ing instead of watching live they're fast forwarding and not watching the commercials which is the point of TV. So Nielsen ratings are relevant to those who pay for commercial time.....And You're Fired.

941 days ago


The best thing about cable TV is that it's days are numbered. My kids just got an apartment, guess cable TV. The use a set top box to watch Netflix, Hulu and others so they can see what they want when they want it. I'm starting to rethink buying shows on iTunes. If I could buy subscriptions to the content I wanted, cable would be gone. Internet radio has already replaced regular radio except for NPR.

TV executives can cancel all the shows they want, it doesn't mean I replace the product they cancelled with their new offering. Instead, I go elsewhere, I'm not addicted to their garbage. I want intelligent TV!

941 days ago


Please leave this show alone ... Best show ever

941 days ago
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