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Dennis Rodman

I Can't Pay My Child Support Bill

... Because I'm BROKE

3/27/2012 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


2:18 PM PDT --
Rodman's rep tells TMZ ... the "sick" comment was a reference to the NBA legend's ongoing struggle with alcoholism.

The rep notes ... Dennis visited a doctor a few months ago and he's in "great physical shape."

Dennis Rodman
can't afford to pay more than $800,000 in back child support ... because he's dead ass broke -- this according to new court documents.

Dennis' estranged wife Michelle Rodman filed new papers this month, claiming The Worm owes $808,935 in unpaid child support for his 9- and 10-year-old children -- and an additional $51,441 in unpaid spousal support.

But Dennis' attorney responded to the filing, insisting there's no way the Chicago Bulls legend can pay those bills -- because "Respondent Dennis Rodman is broke and cannot afford any additional fees."

According to his lawyer, Dennis is also "extremely sick" and just isn't making the same bank he made back in his heyday. The lawyer does not specify the nature of Rodman's illness. 

According to Dennis' lawyer, the giant child support figure is based on an order Michelle obtained a while ago behind his back -- requiring Rodman to pay $50,000 a month in child support ... an order Dennis has been fighting since 2010.

Dennis' lawyer insists the monthly amount is "unjustified" because it isn't based on Dennis' actual income ... it's based on ludicrous estimates made by Michelle's attorney.

51-year-old Rodman is due in court today for a contempt hearing -- stemming from the child support bill -- and he could be sentenced to 20 days in jail for failure to make payments.

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Rodman and EVERY MAN Out there needs to LEARN about the recent US Supreme court Ruling (June 2011) Rogers


It's time to deal with CORRUPT courts

a Public service by AFCR.us
Send us an email.

907 days ago


Michelle you should have known that this dude was not good at his finances....the clue was all that partying and gambling....

907 days ago


I hear hes going to be in Delray Beach at the art Gallery Pop Culture Vault this week so I think he is just fine...

907 days ago


Stupid jackass should sell the crap he has stuck all over his frigging face and pay up. Who the hell would want to look like that?

907 days ago


hope he doesnt do nude pics to pay bills like octo-mommy,hope he ends up homeless selling oranges or better yet dennis end it all please!!!!!!!

907 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Kobe Bryant in 10 years.

907 days ago


The US Supreme court has ruled on this issue:
Turner Vs Rogers 2011

Rodman and EVERY MAN Out there needs to LEARN about the recent US Supreme court Ruling (June 2011)

It's time to deal with CORRUPT courts

a Public service by AFCR.us
Send us an email.

907 days ago

Rodney Vernon    

This is really sad and pitiful, who need $50.000 a month to raise 2 children. There are people raising 4 or 5 children with less than that a year, it just dosen't seem fair but I guess after alll those groupies, coke parties, and alcohol and all of Rodman's other vices (boys) she has a right to fight for the money she feels she is entitled to. I just think it's sad because rumor has it that Dennis is pos, he has been bisexual for a long time but I think his past has come back to haunt him.

907 days ago


50,000 a month is ridiculous it's children not a paycheck... I have a child by a wealthy man however when the court wanted to jump up his payments to a ridiculous amount I said no thank you...u pay 50,000 dollars a month? Regular men aren't required to pay that the entire year... I say not more than 1500 a month and half of private school activities and medical(If he's rich)... this is just sad... And if it's about keeping the child in a manner which they are accustom, it's easy honey make your own money... who cares what he did with his money, it's his money he earned it not the chickenhead he knocked up... My sister has a child by a former NFL football player she's a surgeon, he put her through school etc... Now she has to pay him child support. Most former athletes are not smart with their money and are just broke...Go get a sports casting job or something...

907 days ago


He should have stayed with Madonna. What a sugar mama

907 days ago


think he might admit he has a problem with alcohol now?

907 days ago


"obtained behind his back".. LMAO! Believe it or not, whn A mother files for chils support, she doesnt need the fathers approval NOR does she need to give him a heads up! And just bcuz he lawyer presented all tht info to the judge, there are other officials who contribute their own info tht is completely neutral! Who the heck is his lawyer cuz he is looking real stupid about now! Welcome to the real world Rodman, U have a baby or 2, u WILL pay one way or another.. Any real dad wuda been putting some of the $ u wz burning thru on ur tats and piercings aside for the future of ur offspring! Wht u should b looking into is if u can sue the poor souls tht made u look the way u do, and at the slim chance ur successful, PUT THT MONEY ASIDE FOR UR KIDS!

907 days ago


bigger they are the harder they fall

907 days ago


Hmmm, Dennis looks like the poster child for AIDS. He's getting awfully BLACK isnt he?

907 days ago

Big Red    

He's lying his NBA pension should be kicking in by now he's over 45. I bet he gets at least 150-200k a year off his pension annuity.

907 days ago
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