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'Kony 2012' Exec

Joked About Keeping

$900k Donation for Himself

3/27/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jedidiah Jenkins
One of the heads of Jason Russell's Invisible Children organization made a video after the charity won a $1 million grant ... in which he appears to be drunk and joking about keeping $900,000 for himself.

TMZ has obtained the clip ... featuring Jedidiah Jenkins, the Director of Ideology for the charity dedicated to hunting down African warlord Joseph Kony.

The footage appears to be shot in 2010 ... right after Invisible Children won the $1 million grand prize in the Chase Community Giving Facebook competition.

In the video, Jenkins is holding a handle of Smirnoff vodka ... and slurs to the camera, "I don't know if you heard this or not ... but we won a ... we won a million dollars so ... pretty rad."

After chugging from the bottle, Jenkins continues ... "a hundred thousand for Haiti and $900,000 in extra for me."

As for the Haiti reference ... the contest was held one week after the earthquake in Haiti and Invisible Children had promised to give $100k to Haitian relief efforts if they won the prize. We have no idea how the remaining $900,000 was spent.

A source connected to Invisible Children says the video is a joke that Jedidiah recorded and posted on a private YouTube page right after the group won the prize. We're told the bottle was filled with water, not vodka.

Invisible Children's rep has not responded to our calls for an official comment.

10:00 AM PDT -- Jenkins has finally commented on the video ... saying, "I was joking. It was made for my co-worker who was out of town when we won the prize."

Jenkins also says the Smifnoff bottle is filled with water ... not vodka ... explaining, "Who can drink that much Vodka? Definitely not me. I’d die. It’s clearly water. I’m not gonna apologize for being a human that jokes with his friends."


No Avatar


You **** bag you'll suffer the same fate as your pal jasson or worste and yeah you got africa killed but your still a fraud and now we know who you are and what ya look like sucker

904 days ago


All of the problems this organization has been plagued with is because these are well meaning humanitarians who are not equipped to run a successful corporation. It became bigger than they are and they are not professional enough. What scares me is that they made the comment. Often times, jokes are confessions. Time to hand this over to the big boys.

904 days ago


Since they were celebrating, I think Jedidiah Jenkins was trying to be funny. It's a good lesson though of what or what not to post on social networks nowadays. Almost everyone has a cell phone, so going out in public or a gathering in private is like Big Brother watching you at all times. Reality check.

904 days ago


First they go gay naked on a street corner. Then they steal the money. Elvis Costello, drunk gay version.


904 days ago


he is a douchebag but no way a pussie like him drinks vodka like that. that was some duff mckagan type of drinking no way this guy does it without even the slightest wince.

as for the whole "kony 2012" thing? they seem like a bunch of "look at me" jerk offs. jason russels showing us his precious little boy was stupid in trying to tell his story.if he really had any balls he would organize some vigilantes and go take this kony dude out presonally. the running through the streets naked thing? it screams either bath salts or meth.

904 days ago


KONY is a good guy, he enslaved thousands of black kids, in my book that's crime prevention. if the kids where free they would be animals running around the planet stealing and killing innocent people. GO KONY GO.

904 days ago

Ricardo Haitiano    

I am glad this video has been shown to the public .............this world i 've noticed for sometime now has gone mad.

904 days ago


Now I am not saying he is guilty, but put 2 an 2 together. Jewish + Money...Its not hard to come to the correct conclusion...lololol

904 days ago

Delaware D    

I want KONY gone too, but I just don't trust that charity.

904 days ago


A Christian con-artist??? Say it isn't so!!! These guys have been fleecing stoopid people for over 2000 years!!! He couldn't care less about those kids. He fancies himself the next "Jesus Christ Superstar", Joel Osteen, and I'm sure ignorant Christians will STILL line up to put him there!!!! Never met a more ignorant group of imbeciles.

904 days ago


Seems this organization just keeps exposing itself as a total joke. First their director and now this fool. Give back the money and go back to street panhandling.

904 days ago


Can you say scam? I've said it from the beginning when all the Hollywood types were jumping aboard the publicity train....SCAM.

904 days ago


hahahaha funny joke. genius.

904 days ago


Smirnoff Vodka super sized, the alcoholics choice of drink.

904 days ago


I believe it was a joke.

904 days ago
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