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Model Lauren Scruggs

REJECTS $200k Settlement

in Airplane Propeller Accident

3/27/2012 6:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Scruggs -- the model who lost a hand and an eyeball
Lauren Scruggs -- the model who lost a hand and an eyeball when she was struck by an airplane propeller last year -- claims she shot down a $200k settlement offer from the plane's insurance company ... and now she's suing for much, much more.

Scruggs filed legal docs in Dallas, Texas ... claiming the insurance company "verbally offered" to pay her $200k for the Dec. 3, 2011 accident ... and they explained it's the MOST the insurance company can pay out to a "passenger."

But Scruggs is calling BS ... claiming she shouldn't be considered a "passenger" because "she was not in the aircraft or getting in or out of it at the time of the incident."

The 23-year-old model argues she had "completed her exit from the aircraft prior to the time of the incident and was physically located on the tarmac when the incident happened. Until struck by the propeller, she was not in physical contact with the aircraft after her exit."

Scruggs is asking for unspecified damages ... but we're guessing she wants WAY more than $200k.


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That STUPID A$$ she walked into the prop!!! SCREW her dont give her a DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

942 days ago


That STUPID A$$ she walked into the prop!!! SCREW her dont give her a DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

942 days ago


I'm thinking $20 million is maybe a little better. A young girl losing both a hand and an eye?

Lottery winners get way more, and they only pay a dollar!

942 days ago


Only in American can you try and get rich off of your own incompetence. I hope they don't cave and, if this goes to court, I hope the judge has enough sense to give her nothing.

942 days ago


are you kidding, You are the dumb sh*t that walked into a bloody propeller. I mean how mean people can say they didnt see or hear a spinning blade and just walked on into it.

942 days ago


When u walk off a plane , you walk straight ahead-away from plane..there is no propeller in your how she walk into a moving blade thats spinning & generating noise. She should be blessed she still alive. There are Soldiers downrange losing their eyesight, limbs & life in this war. They cant SUE anyone. Really ppl.

942 days ago

Sarah Threet    

I knew it was a matter of time the lawsuit would be filed. It will be interesting how she thinks she wasn't a passenger, and all passengers have to exit the plane...maybe they should have thrown her out the window

942 days ago


I'm sitting in my office in McKinney, TX. The aiport old ONE EYE was at is about a football field south of my office. It absolutely infuriates me that she can sue an insurance company because SHE FAILED TO LISTEN TO THE PILOT when he told her not to walk the direction she was walking..afterall she's, blond, a model, she knew everything, right?! WRONG! Sue yourself, for putting YOUR OWN HEAD up YOUR OWN ASS you twit! BS lawsuits are why premiums are so high there LEFTY!!

942 days ago


What happened to her is horrific and all, and I don't mean to downplay that... but what about HER responsibility for what happened? She walked into the propeller herself to thank the pilot, didn't she? She can't hold the company 100% liable. She has to take some blame for it.

942 days ago


I never post, but... this nitwit walked into the prop from what i remember. She's at fault. Maybe the owner of the plane should sue her..... People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions..

942 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

This girl was and is Incredibly FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd drink her bath water........ just sayin......

942 days ago


How can you sue when you are a complete dummy that walks into the propeller. It's not like they flew into her. Ugh... I hate people sometimes.

942 days ago

Samantha Love Forever    

If she was not on the airplane then she is not a passenger. The airline services should have had assistants making sure noone got near the propellars. Is this the kind of airline service we pay for? Airline services who do not care what happens to their previous passengers who were once aboard the plane. Although they are no longer a passenger on board the plane, the airline services should make sure people do not get near the propellars. She is not being greedy! This has affected her modeling career, or better way to say it her way of making a "living." Now she will have to find a new career. $200,000 does not go far when you have lost your career and can no longer make money with your career (in her case as a model). The trauma has also affected her life. For the rest of her life she will live with this awful agony. She is only 23 years old, she has a long road of life ahead of her. Next comment posted needs to be typed with one hand and one eye shut. TOMORROW TRY USING ONE HAND AND ONE EYE ALL DAY. She will have to live like this the rest of her life. Airlines should make sure terrible events like this do not happen. God take care of this girl, give her peace, and surround her with your love. She will be in my prayers. It's not right to sue if it's something you know is unnecessary. But like I said she is not doing it for greed, her whole life is affected even her career. I'm sure she will suffer mentally and emotionally as well.

942 days ago


ok so if she turns this down, and it is really the max insurance will pay, then she has to sue the company directly, it will take a couple years to get to court - most likely if a company looses and she has a huge judgement it's a good chance they will just declare bankruptcy and then she will really have nothing

942 days ago


Civil actions require the plaintiff to show the defendant was negligent - 1. there was a duty owed 2. there was a duty breached 3. proximate cause 4. damages. She doesn't get past duty breached. The pilot told her TWICE to stay clear of the propeller. Case should be dismissed at the close of discovery, and that's why there has been a $200K "nuisance" offer. Its a BS case.

Today's American - make bad decisions and look to someone else to pay for your mistakes. Hope the presiding judge has some balls and tosses the case.

942 days ago
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